Sermon Notes

Sunday, September 21st



GUEST SPEAKER: Richard Rochkind

Service Times: 10:30 a.m./6:30 p.m.


Sunday, September 14th



GUEST SPEAKER: Art Mortimore

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, September 14th, 2014



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, September 7th, 2014




Diligence Should Be The 'Action Plan' Of All Believers. We Should All Be Highly Motivated To Do The Work Of The Lord In Whatever Way God Directs Us. The Lord Only Wants Us To Be Ready For Whatever He Calls Us To Do On A Daily Basis With The Singular 'Missions' Of Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Encouragement, Or Edification. It Is When We Become Idle That God Is Displeased. Paul Instructs Us On How To Remain Diligent.

I. Avoid Those Who Are Idle   (vs 6)

"We Often Become Like Those Whom We Associate With. Laziness Is A Sin. People Are Afraid Of The Word Lazy Because It Is A Harsh Accusation. Most Of The Problems Of Society Are Caused By Laziness And It Is Also True In The House Of God."

II. Carry Your Own Weight   (vs 7-12)

"God Wants Us To Be Responsible First Of All For Ourselves. It Is Hard To Be An Example Of Diligence If We Are Not Willing To Fulfill Our Own Personal Responsibilities."

III. Never Tire Of Doing What Is Right   (vs 13)

"Diligence Is Defined By Consistently Doing What Is Right. It Is Also The Means By Which We Should Live Our Lives Before God And Men."

IV. Warn Those Who Are Not Diligent  (vs 14-15)

"If This Is How We Should Live Our Lives, Then We Should Be An Example Of Diligence To Everyone, Especially To The Idle And The Disengaged. God Wants Us To Be Producing Spiritual Fruit Not Depending On Others For Everything. There Is Not Much Reward In That From God Or Men."


Sunday, August 31st, 2014



Speaker: Asst. Pastor Paul Alexander

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, August 24th, 2014


VISION CAST  (Continued)

MARK 4:26-32

Speaker: Asst Pastor Paul Alexander

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, August 17th, 2014



MARK 4:26-32

Today We Are Going To Talk About The Vision For Our Church. We Have Always Made Investments In People Because People Are What The Kingdom Of God Is Made Of. God Calls Us To Plant Spiritual Seeds Into The Lives Of People So That The Spiritual Kingdom Of God Will Grow. We Have Continued That Effort By Hiring An Assistant Pastor. We Are Investing In Their Lives And Ministries, As Well As The People They Minister To, In An attempt To Continue Planting Spiritual Seed In Peoples Lives. Our Vision For This Church Must Involve The Same Elements Of The Kingdom Which Jesus Describes In Our Text Today....

I. We Must Plant The Seeds   (vs 26)

"We Have To Be Diligent To Keep Planting And Ministering."

II. We Must Give The Crop Time To Grow   (vs 27)

"Patience Is The Key To Reaping Spiritual Fruit."

III. Remember That God Makes It Grow   (vs 28)

"God Is At Work Even If We Don't See Anything Happening."

IV. The Seed Does Not Have To Be Much To Produce A Harvest   (vs 31-32)

"Do Whatever You Can And That Will Be Enough For A Harvest."



1. What Drew You To Crossroads? What Brought You Here?

2. What Things About Crossroads Do You Like?

3. Using One Or Two Words, Write Down Some Things That You Think Describe Crossroads

4. What Are Some Things That You Would Like To See Happen At Crossroads?


Sunday, August 10th, 2014


GUEST SPEAKER: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, August 3rd, 2014




Here In Chapter Three, Paul Is Now Asking For Prayer From The Thessalonians. More Than This, He Is Asking God To Help Them All With God's Business. According To Paul, God's Business Involves...

I. The Spreading Of God's Message   (vs 1)

"God's Message Is Of Course The Good News Of The Gospel Of Peace, But It Is More Than That. It Is Also The Message Of Love. There Can Be No Real Understanding Of Who God Is, What His Purposes Are, Or A Clear Communication Of His message And Voice To Man, Without An Understanding Of God's Love. This The Thessalonians Experienced And It Kept Them In Their Faith."

II. Protection From Evil People   (vs 2)

"Paul Is Asking For Prayer That The Apostles Would Be Protected From The Plans And Actions Of Evil People. We Could Pray The Same Prayer For Our Own Lives. There Are Plenty Of Evil People Out There Who Do Not Care For God's Business, And Are Opposed To Us."

III. Protection From Satan Himself   (vs 3)

"If Evil People Are Opposed To The Business Of God, Certainly Satan Is. We All Need A Prayer Of Protection Against Him. Clearly, Evil People Are Under The Direction Of Satan Himself, Whether They Know It Or Not. It Is Part Of Satan's Plan To Use Anything And Everything Against Those Who Honor God's Name."

IV. The Direction Of Peoples Hearts   (vs 4)

"It Is Also God's Business To Direct His Children Towards His Love, Which Will Enable Them To Persevere. We Serve A God Of Love And That Love Is What God Is Molding Our Hearts With. God's Love Is The Key Element In Who We Are And In The Doing Of God's Business."


Sunday, July 27th, 2014




What Is A Firstfruit? The Firstfruit Is Anything That Is The First By-Product Of Any New Work. Your First Paycheck From A New Job Would Be A Firstfruit. The Thessalonians Were The Firstfruits Of The Gospel Message. They Were Among The First To Believe After Christ's Great Commissioning Of The Believers. As A Result, Their Spiritual Survival Was Absolutely Essential To The Continued Propagation Of The Gospel. The Same Is True In Your Family. Your Faith Must Remain Strong So That The Message Of Truth May Be Known To Your Family....

I. Hold Fast To The Teachings Of Truth   (vs 13-15)

"Never Compromise The Truth Of The Word Of God. Proclaim It With The Conviction That Comes With A Strong Faith In Christ. Your Family Needs To Hear The Truth And See That You Are Standing By It."

II. Be An Encourager Filled With Hope   (vs 16)

"Proclaiming The Truth Does Not Have To Mean Alienating The Listener. The Message Itself May Do That, But We Are Supposed To Present That Message With Encouragement And Hope, Especially When It Comes To Our Family. As Soon As Someone Feels Judged By You, Your Voice With Them Has Ended. That Must Never Happen With Family. We Must Always Have A Voice With Them."

III. Back Up Your Testimony With Good Words And Good Deeds   (vs 17)

"Most People Come To The Lord After They Consider The Words Of Truth Over A Long Period Of Time, Especially In This Generation. What We Say And How We Say It, Is Absolutely Essential In Reaching Them For Christ. Our Deeds Must Not Contradict That Message Either. Our Message Will Be Recieved Through A Combination Of Good Words And Good Deeds."


Sunday, July 20th, 2014




The Devil Is A Liar And The Father Of Lies. His Primary Goal In This World Is To Deceive Mankind With Deceptions Of Weath And Pleasure. Here In The Second Chapter Of Thessalonians, Paul Warns The Believers That A Lie Is Being Promoted By Satan That The Lord Has Already Come And Gone, And That People Are Wasting Their Time Serving God. Paul Reminds The Thessalonians Of The Truth......

I. The Lord Will Not Return Until The Anti-Christ Is Revealed   (vs 1-4)

"The Devil Would Love For People To Lose Their Hope And Give Up On The Coming Of Christ. After All It Has Been 2000 years Since Jesus Left. Christ Will Return Of Course, But Not Until The Anti-Christ Takes Over."

II. The Anti-Christ Will Not Be Revealed Until The Holy Spirit Departs   (vs 5-7)

Paul Reminds The Believers That The Anti-Christ Cannot Come To The Earth To Take Over Until The Holy Spirit Leaves The Earth In The People Of God. The Church Must Be Removed From The Earth Through The Rapture Before The Anti-Christ Will Be Able To Control The World. The Church Would Resist Him, So They Must Leave Before He Is Revealed."

III. The Secret Power Of Lawlessness Is At Work Deceiving People Now   (vs 7-9)

"In The Mean Time, Satan Is Busy At Work Deceiving People Through The Deceptions Of Wealth And Pleasure. Those Who Believe These Lies Of Fulfillment Will Be Easy To Deceive When The Anti-Christ Comes."

IV. We Must Believe And Love The Truth   (vs 10-12)

"We Cannot Put Our Hope In Temporal Things. That Is The Biggest Lie Of All. Finding And Believing Spiritual Truth Is What Saves Us."


Sunday, July 13th, 2014




Paul Begins The Second Letter To The Thessalonians By Complimenting Their Faith. He Wants Them To Know That God Has Considered Them Worthy Of Being Called Into The Kingdom Of Light Because Of Three Different Aspects Of Their Faith Walk. Paul Tells Them That They Can Know That They Are Considered Worthy Of The Call Because Of These Aspects. The Same Is True For Us....

I. They Are Willing To Endure Persecution And Suffering   (vs 5-8)

"The Thessalonians Endured A Great Deal Of Suffering And Persecution For Their Faith. It Would Have Been Easy For Them To Give Up And Go Back To The Way They Were Living Before Their Conversion. However, They Were Convinced Of The Reality Of God And Christ Which Gave Them Supernatural Power To Persever Under Difficult Circumstances."

II. They Believed The Eyewittness Testimony Of The Apostles   (vs 9-10)

"Of Course It Is The Beginning Of Faith To Believe The Testimony Of Those Who Saw Christ. However, It Is Also The Continuing Belief In Those Testimonies, As Well As Believing The Very Words Of Christ, Which Keeps And Maintains Our Faith In An Unbelieving World."

III. Every Good Purpose Promoted By Their Faith Was Fulfilled   (vs 11-12)

"This Aspect Of Their Faith Was Realized As A Result Of Paul's Prayer, But It Is Also An Eveidence Of God's Call On Our Lives That We Still Point To Today. We Know We Are Called By God, Helped By God, And Kept By God Through The Evidence That Our Good Purposes (Through Motive, Effort, And Result), Promoted By Our Faith, Succeed."


Sunday, July 6th, 2014


GUEST SPEAKER: Melissa Peters

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 29th, 2014




As Children Of Light We Should Have A Good Relationship With Everyone In Our Lives. God Wants Us To Be Mature In Our Relationships And Show Wisdom In How We Relate To Everyone, Including God And Ourselves. Yes, You Have A Relationship With Yourself, And Some Of Us Don't Treat Ourselves Very Good. However, If We Follow Paul's Directions, We Should Be Able To Have Good Relationships With Everyone...

I. With Leaders   (vs 12-13)

"We Should Have A Healthy Relationship With Those In Authority. Not Being Fearful, Disrespectful Or Rebellious, But Honoring Those Who Have The Spiritual Responsibility Over Us. They Must Answer To God Concerning Our Spiritual Maturity And Well Being."

II. With Others   (vs 13-15)

"Paul's Over All Concern About Our Relationships With Others Is That We Be Considerate, Patient And Kind To Each  Other.He Knows How Volitile We Humans Are And How We Can Treat Each Other. Our Overriding Concern Should Be For Each Others Well Being."

III. With Ourselves   (vs 16-18)

"If We Do These Three Things, Depression, Low-Self Esteem And Insecurity Will Not Debilitate Us. God Wants Us To Treat Ourselves With Honor And Respect. In Order To Do That Our Focus Must Be On God."

IV. With The Holy Spirit   (vs 19-22)

"Our Relationship With The Holy Spirit Is Probably The Most Important One That We Have. Hoe We Treat Him Will Determine Our Spiritual Temperament, Effectiveness And Maturity."


Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


SERVICE ON THE GREEN (Wellsboro Green)

Guest Speaker: Drew Simcox, First Baptist Church of Wellsboro

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 15th, 2014



Guest Speaker: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 8th, 2014



Guest Speaker: Rev. Bob Lyle

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 1st, 2014




God Expects Us To Live Godly, Self Controlled Lives In This Ungodly World. This Is Not Easy To Do With All The Temptations That Continually Bombard Us As We Pursue God And His Righteousness. Paul Mentions Several Reasons Why We Should Live Self Controlled Lives In This Present Age. All Of Them Are For Our Present And Future Good.....

I. So That We Will Not Be Surprised   (vs 1-4)

"There Is No Excuse For Any Christian To Not Know What Is Going On. We Should All Be Aware Of The Spiritual Realities That We Face Everyday. Since This Is True, We Must Live Our Lives Accordingly, With Self Control. Those Who Don't Show That They Are Unconcerned About What Is Coming And Are Going To Be Suprised By The End Just Like The Unbelievers."

II. So That We May Be Children Of The Light   (vs 5-8)

"We Live Self Controlled Lives So That The World Can Recognize The Difference Between Children Of The Light And Children Of Darkness. Children Of The Day Are Not Ashamed Of How They Are Living Their Lives. Children Of The Night Do Many Things In Secret And Are Ashamed Of Their Lifestyles, Although Some Will Not Admit It."

III. So That We May Avoiid God's Wrath   (vs 9-11)

"If We Live Self Controlled Lives We Will Avoid The Wrath Of God Which Is Coming Upon The Whole World Because Of Ungodliness. Self Control Proves To God, And To Ourselves, That We Understand The Mercy Of God. We Are Not Trying To Take Advantage Of God's Mercy Or Treating His Personal Sacrifice With Contempt."


Sunday, May 25th, 2014


GUEST SPEAKER: Lorynn Dowling

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, May 18th, 2014




In These Few Verses, We Learn More About The Future Than Virtually Anywhere Else In The Bible (Other Than Possibly Mathew Chapter 24). Paul Wants To Remind The Thessalonians That Their Hope Is Real. He Tells Them These Facts About Tomorrow Because He Wants Them To Encourage Each Other (vs 18). It Wouldn't Be A Bad Idea For Us Either...

I. As A Believer There Is Hope After Death   (vs 12)

"We Should Not Grieve Like The Rest Of The World Does When Someone Dies. We Know That Believers Are Still Alive. It Is As If They Are Only Asleep To Us. The Fact Is They Are Somewhere Else."

II. Those Who Have Died In Christ Are With Him Now   (vs 13-14)

"The Phrase 'Bring With Him' Indicates That Jesus Will Bring The Righteous Dead With Him At The Millennial Reign Of Christ. Those Who Have Gone On Before Us, Are In Heaven Now, With The Lord. To Be Absent From The Body Is To Be Present With The Lord."

III. The Living Are Taken To The Lord After The Dead   (vs 15-17)

"This Is Commonly Called The Rapture (Matt 24:40-41) Before The Great Tribulation, Which Comes Upon The World For Seven Years, Those Who Are Alive In Christ Will Be Taken Away To Be With God."

IV. Our Bodies Will Rise And Be Changed Through Glorification.   (vs 16)

"I Corinthians 15:51-52 Describes This Event In Detail. Our Bodies Will Be Changed To Incorruption. Our Bodies Will Become Immortal And Imperishable, Instantaneously. We Will Rule And Reign With Christ, On The Earth, As Immortal Beings, For A Thousand Years, And After That, For Eternity, In A New Heaven And A New Earth."


Sunday, May 11th, 2014




Paul's Instructions To The Thessalonians In Chapter 4 Begins With The Admonition To Seek To Please God More And More. The Implication Is That There Are Always Things That We Can Do To Either Improve On Our Lives To Please God Or Do Other Things We Have Never Done Before To Please God. In The Roman Culture Of The Day, Sexual Immorality Was Not Even Considered A Vice, But Simply A Choice. The Christian Community Brought A New Concept Of How To Please God To Roman Society. This Was A Radical New Way Of Looking At Divinity. Paul's Directions For Pleasing God Was A Completely Counter Cultural.

I. Purity   (vs 1-8)

"The Idea Of Purity Was Not A Concept Which Most Of The Roman World Accepted As A Means Of Pleasing God. Their Idea Of Freedom Did Not Include Avoiding Their Lusts. The Idea That You Could Please 'The Gods' By Being Devoted To One Woman Or A Life Of Celibacy Was Not Really A Consideration."

II. Brotherly Love   (vs 9-10)

"The Christian Idea Of Brotherly Love Was Also Foreign To Roman Culture. The Idea Of The Brotherhood Of Man Through The Family Of God Was New. The Favor Of The God's Could Be Won Or Lost On A Whim, So Pleasing Them Was Non-Descript. But The Idea That God Loved Man And That Man Should Love Each Other As A Way Of Pleasing God Was Radically Different."

III. Respectability   (vs 11-12)

"In Roman Society, Respectability Was Mostly Related To How Much Money And Power You Had (Which Is Basically Where America Is Now). Paul Suggests That Respectability Is Actually Earned By Living A Life Of Character. Unfortunately, That Would Be Vastly Different From The Experience Of The Average Citizen In Roman Society."


Sunday, May 4th, 2014




Paul's Call As A Pastor Is Evident By How He Addresses The Thessalonians In Chapter Three. His Compassion And Love For Them Is Clear By The Way He Longs To See Them And By His Desire To 'Supply What Is Lacking' In Their Faith. Paul's Desire For The New Converts In Thessalonica Is Similar To How We Should Feel About Each Believer.....Like A How A Pastor Feels About His People.

I. We Should Help Strengthen Each Others Faith   (vs 2)

"Paul Sent Timothy To Strengthen The Disciples In His Absence. The Very Least  Of Our Duties As Servants Of Christ Is To Help Strengthen Each Other Spiritually. Our Obligation As Members Of Christ's Body Is To Do Our Part To Make The Body Strong."

II. We Should Look Forward To Our Fellowship Together   (vs 6-10)

"In That Same Way, Our Fellowship Together Can Be An Avenue We Can Use To Help And Strengthen One Another. Fellowship Is Unique In That All Who Participate Should Be Receiving Something From The Holy Spirit."

III. We Should Increase Our Love For Each Other   (vs 11-13)

"Loving Each Other Is A Part Of Strengthening Each Other. However, Our Love Should Be Increasing As We Get Older In The Lord. That Means That We Should Be Developing More Wisdom And More Patience For Our Relationships With Other Believers. As We Do, Our Ability To Minister To Each Other Will Increase As Well."


Sunday, April 27th, 2014




For Us Who Believe, God's Word Is Constantly Working In Us To Mold Us Into The Image Of Christ. For The Early Church, That Working Of The Word Helped Them Not Only Find Truth, But The Word Strengthened Them To Overcome Their Enemies That Opposed Them. The Word Of God, Once Planted, Had The Power To Change Their Hearts And Lives Forever. The Word Of God Enabled Them To Do Several Things....

I. They Became Imitators Of God And The Believers   (vs 14)

"The Word Of God Made Them Willing To Become Like Christ. They Imitated The Believers In The Other Churches And Pursued Godliness Because Of The Word That Was Planted And Continued To Be Planted In Their Hearts."

II. They Were Willing To Be Persecuted   (vs 14)

" The Word Of God Also Made Them Willing To Suffer For The Cause Of Christ. They Believed And Knew That The Word Of God Was True And That Made It Possible For Them To Even Suffer In Their Bodies To Stand Up For What They Believed In."

III. They Held On To Their Hope   (vs 19-20)

"The Word Of God Made Them Willing To Hang On To Their Faith And Allow It To Grow. Paul Reminded Them That THEY Were The Reason Paul Himself Was Willing To Suffer So Much (For The Hope And Glory Of Seeing Them In Heaven). Paul's Constant Joy Was The Thought Of The Thessalonians Making It Into The Kingdom."


Sunday, April 20th, 2014



JOHN 20:24-29

This Passage Of Scripture Is Usually Not One Of The First Scriptures You Think Of When Talking About The Resurrection Or The Celebration Of Easter. After All, We Are Talking About Someone Who Did Not Believe That Jesus Was Resurrected; Someone Who Needed Proof Before Believing Anything Miraculous. Someone Who Was So Discouraged That He Could Not Even Believe A 'Good Report'. Someone Like Us. Which Is Exactly Why The Doubting Thomas Story Is Included In The Resurrection Account. He Is A lot Like Us.

I. Thomas Would Not Believe The Eyewitness Account Of Others  (vs 25)

"Like Some Of Us, Thomas Would Not Believe The Eyewitness Account Of Those Who Saw A Miracle With Their Own Eyes. People Like The Security Of Knowing For Sure That Things Are Real And Stable. That Is Also True With Peoples Believe Systems. Unfortunately, That Is Not How Faith Works."

II. Thomas Professed His Unbelief And Doubting Heart  (vs 25)

"Like We Do Many Times, Thomas Would Not Believe And Did Not Mind Telling Everyone About It. We Do This In Our Own Lives And Struggle With The Miraculous When It Comes Against Our Own Unspiritual Concepts. Thomas Was A Disciple, Yet He Could Not Accept The Possibility Of Something That Had Never Happened Before."

III. Thomas Believed When He Had His Own Encounter With Jesus  (vs 26-28)

"Like Us, We Will Not Believe Until We Have A Personal Encounter With Christ. God Reveals Himself To Each Of Us Personally, Which Establishes Our Faith."


Sunday, April 13th, 2014




The Message Of The Gospel Is True. That Fact Is Not Only Proven By The Presence Of The Holy Spirit In Our Hearts And The Evidence God Provides For Us Every Day; It Is Also Proven True Through How We Received The Message Of Grace. In Our Text Today, Paul Reminds The Thessalonians How They Received The Gospel, And Just As Importantly, How They Did Not Receive It, As A Proof Of It's Genuine Origin.

I. They Did NOT Receive The Message Through.....

Error                     (vs 3)

Impure Motives      (vs 3)

Trickery                 (vs 3)

Pleasing Men          (vs 3)

Flattery                 (vs 4)

Deception             (vs 5)

Greed                   (vs 5)

Personal Gain         (vs 6)

II. They DID Receive The Message Through.....

Suffering               (vs 2)

God's Help             (vs 2)

Opposition             (vs 2)

God's Approval       (vs 4)

Gentleness            (vs 7)

Love                    (vs 8)

Sacrifice                (vs 8)

Hard Work            (vs 10)

Holiness                (vs 10)

Righteousness       (vs 10)

Encouragement     (vs 11)

Comfort                (vs 11)


Sunday, April 6th, 2014




The American Church Rarely Goes Through The Kind Of Persecution That The Church In Thessalonica Experienced Or Even The Persecution That The Church Suffers In Other Countries Around The World Today. Much Of That Is A Result Of God's Blessings On America Because Of The Faith Of Her Founding Fathers And Her People Throughout Most Of Her History. That Is Starting To Change With The Continued Slide Towards Immorality. Soon The Kind Of Persecution Suffered By The Thessalonians May Be Laid At Our Doorstep. It Would Be Wise To Remember How The Thessalonians Handled It....

I. They Relied On The Word And The Joy Of The Holy Spirit  (vs 6)

"Here Paul Encourages Their Faith By Honoring Them When He Says That In Spite Of Persecution And Severe Suffering, They Maintained Their Faith. They Were Able To Do That Through The Word Of God And The Joy Of The Spirit."

II. They Became Examples To Others Under Persecution   (vs 7)

"Because The Thessalonians Did Not Give Up On Their Faith, They Became Examples To All The Believers In Macedonia And Achaia. When Persecution Comes, Those Who Keep Their Faith Always Inspire Others To Keep Theirs As Well."

III. They Continued To Preach The Gospel   (vs 8)

"Not Only Did They Stand Firm In Their Faith, The Thessalonians Continued To Preach The Truth, In Spite Of The Worst Persecution In The Area. So Much So That Everyone In The Entire Region Had Heard About The Gospel And The Faith Of The Thessalonians."

IV. They Continued To Look Forward To The Return Of Christ   (vs 9-10)

"Throughout Their Persecution It Seems That The Thessalonians Continued To Look Forward To The Return Of Christ. Their Hope In God Was Emboldened By The Promise Of Christ's Return And Enabled Them To Hope For A Better World. They Also Knew That They Were Saving Themselves From The Wrath Of God By Hanging On To Their Faith."


Sunday, March 30th, 2014




Paul Started The Church In Thessalonica. He Had To Leave The Area Only Three Weeks After Starting The Young Church Because Of The Persecution Of The Jews. Therefore, The Young Church Had To Stand Alone In The Face Of Persecution From Idol Worshipers And The Local Jewish Community. Paul Attributes Their Survival To Three Basic Attributes Of Those Chosen By God....

I. Their Work Produced By Faith   (vs 3)

"Here Paul Recognizes That The Thessalonians Have Survived The Persecution Around Them In Great Part Because They Were Doing The 'Work' Christ Called All Of Us Too...To Believe In The Lord Jesus Christ (John 6:29). This Work In Fact Did Come From Their Faith In God And Is Sustained By The Power Of The Holy Ghost (vs 5).

II. Their Labor Prompted By Love   (vs 3)

"Paul Reveals Here What Is The First And Best Motivation For Helping Others: Love. Any Spiritual Labor We Do For God Must Be Prompted By Love For Others Or Our Labor Will Probably Be In Vain. This Kind Of Spiritual Labor Not Only Kept The Thessalonians Strong, But It Added To The Number Of The Church As The Lord Directed."

III. Their Endurance Inspired By Hope   (vs 3)

"Of Course The Endurance Of The Thessalonian Church Came Also From The Hope That Was In Christ Jesus. They Were Looking Forward To His Return And Their Deliverance From The Wicked Culture That Surrounded Them. These Three Characteristics That The Thessalonians Possessed Are Also Possessed By Every True Believer Called And Chosen By Christ."


Sunday March 23rd, 2014




Here At The End Of Colossians, Paul Addresses The Community Of Believers With Exhortations And Encouragements For The Body Of Christ. We Have Many Of The Same Type Of People In Our Own Christian Community Who We Should Fellowship With And Draw Similar Encouragement From.

* Tychius: Minister And Co-Worker With Paul: Encourager Of The Brethren.

* Onesimus: Fellow Believer And 'One Of Us'

* Aristarchus: Prisioner For Christ; Example To The Believers.

* Mark: Barnabas Cousin, Trusted Believer After Early Failures.

* Justus: Encourager And Comforter Of The Apostle.

* Epaphras: Evangelist, Intercessor, Worker For Christ.

* Luke: Doctor, Author, Servant Of Christ.

* Demas: Fellow Christian

* The Brothers In Laodicea: Faithful Believers

* Nympha And The Church In Her House: Important Church In Colosse

* The Church In Laodicea: Body Of Believers Needing Teaching.

* Archippus: Believer Encouraged To Finish The Work He Has Begun.

There Are Believers Just Like These In Our Own Christian Community Who Need To Be Listened Too, Taught And Edified. We Are All Among Them. Our Job Is To Be Aware And Sensitive Towards Others Gifts And Needs.


Sunday, March 16th, 2014




In These Short Verses Paul Instructs The Colossian Believers Not To Abandon Prayer And Evangelism But To Be Devoted To Them. His Desire Is That They Perform These Religious Duties For The Sake Of Spiritual Fruit, Not For The Sake Of Religion. Paul Is Very Specific About How They Should Practice These 'Spiritual Duties'....

I. Devote Yourself To Prayer   (vs 2-4)

A. Pray, To Be Watchful: Guard Yourselves, Your Heart And Your Mind

B. Pray With Thanksgiving: Humble And Appreciative

C. Pray For The Lost: Pray For Opportunity

D. Pray For The Messenger: Boldness Without Fear

E. Pray For The Message: Clarity And Consistency

II. Be Evangelistic   (vs 4-6)

A. Be Wise In How You Act Towards The Lost

B. Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity

C. Let Your Conversation Be Full Of Grace And Truth (Salt)

D. Have An Answer For Everyone

Prayer And Evangelism Is The Spiritual Duty Of Every Believer, As The Lord Leads Each One By The Spirit Of God. As We Pray, God Will Give Us The Wisdom And Opportunities We Cannot Manufacture Ourselves.


Sunday, March 9th, 2014




Obviously The Most Significant Relationships Each Person Has Evolve Around Family And Friends. These Relationships Are Also The Ones That bring The Most Joy And The Most Stress Into Our Lives. Fathers And Mothers (No Matter How Old You Are), Husbands And Wives, Children And Colleagues, All Present A Unique Set Of Challenges (and Some Times Issues) That Must Be Managed. Here Paul Suggests That All These Relationships Can Be A Blessing If We Remember To Have The Right Attitude With Each One....

I.  Husbands And Wives   (vs 18-19)

"Love And Respect Go Hand In Hand When It Comes To Couples. A Man's Greatest Need Is Respect And A Woman's Greatest Need Is Love. When There Are Problems In Relationships, It Always Comes Down To Someone Not Loving Or Respecting Someone Else."

II. Parents And Children   (vs 20-21)

"Parents And Children Must Understand The Importance Of Authority And Honor. A Child Will Always Honor A Parent Who Understands How To Use Authority In A Loving And Nurturing Way. Parents Who Have Children Who Honor Them Have Usually Earned It."

III. Employer And Employee, Friends And Acquaintances   (vs22, 4:1)

"When It Comes To Everyone Else, The Most Important Thing Is To Do What Is Right With Everybody, Being Fair And Just In Our Dealings With Others, Whether It Be Your Boss, Your Employees, Your Friends Or Mere Acquaintances."


Sunday, March 2nd, 2014




How Does One Find Peace? How Can We Find Peace In A World Where There Is No Peace Among Brothers And Nations. Our Peace Must Be The Peace Of Christ. An Inner Peace That Cannot Be Disturbed By Any Outside Source. This Peace Comes To Us In Three Ways; By Setting Our Hearts And Minds On Things Above; By Putting To Death Whatever Belongs To Our Earthly, Human, Sinful Nature, And By Letting The Word Of God Dwell In You. Then The Peace Of God Will Rule Over Your Life And You Will Not Be Disturbed By The Things That Disrupt The Peace Of Others.

I. Set Your Hearts And Minds On Things Above   (vs 1-3, 12-14)

"We Set Our Hearts And Minds On Things Above by Focusing Our Lives Around The Things That Create Peace. Things Like Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness And Patience. These Things Promote Peace Among People And Help Us Imitate Christ. As We Live Our Lives Developing These Attributes, We Will Become Known As Peacemakers And Lovers Of Peace. As A Result, Peace Will Rule In Our Hearts And Minds."

II. Put To Death Whatever Belongs To Your Earthly Nature   (vs 5-11)

"In Order To Set Your Heart And Mind On Heavenly Things, You Must Rid Yourself Of The Things That Promote Discord. All Sins Of The Flesh Promote Discord In Ourselves While Evil Desires Such as Anger, Rage, Malice, Slander, Lying And Filthy Language Promote Discord Among Others. We Must Take Off Our Old Selves And How We Used To Live And Put On A New Self Which Thinks And Acts Like Its Creator."

III. Let The Word Of God Dwell In You   (vs 15-17)

"In Order To Accomplish Both Of These Goals And Live A Life Of Peace Inwardly And Outwardly, We Must 'Let' The Word Of God Dwell 'In' Us. God's Word Must Be Something We Live By, Not Just Agree With. It Must Be Applied To Our Life. Only In This Way Will We Have The Power To Look To Things Above While Discarding The Things Of The Earth."


Sunday, February 23rd, 2014




Many Times When People Come Into Relationships With Christ They Begin Growing In Their Faith. As They Grow, They Come Into Contact With Many Different Teachings About Christ And Different Teachers. They Also Begin To Fellowship With Other Believers. In That Process, It Is Easy For People To Fall Under The Influence And Expectations Of The Wrong People. Cults Are Primarily Made Up Of Such People. Paul Gives Us Several Ways To Escape The Judgments And Expectations Of Others...

I. Stay Focused On Christ   (vs 6-7)

"Paul Admonishes The Colossians To 'Continue To Live In Christ' And To Be Rooted And Built Up In Him So That They Would Be Strong And Able To Discern What Is Important."

II. Do Not Be Controlled By Man's Religious Rules   (vs 4,8,16-19)

"There Are People Out There Who Will Judge You Or Disprove Of You If You Do Not Follow Their Personal Religious Rules. We Must Reject Their Form Of 'Religion' And 'Spirituality'. We Must Not Let Them Influence Us Or Keep Us From Following Christ Through The Spirit."

III. Remember Christ's Expectations: Freedom By The Holy Spirit   (vs 9-15, 23)

"You Are Free From Condemnation And The Written Code And All It's Regulations. You Are Free To Serve God Through The Power Of The Spirit (Without False Expectations Or Human Judgment); Christ Expects You To Rely On His Power To Please Him And To 'Restrain Sensual Indulgences'."


Sunday, February 16th, 2014




After Expounding On Who Jesus Really Is, Paul Makes Sure The Colossians Understand That Their Reconciliation To God Depends On Them Continuing In The Faith. He Points Out To Them That Christ Suffered For Their Sake And In Fact, Others Are Also, In Order That They May Be Reconciled...

I. Reconciled By Christ   (vs 22)

"We Are Reconciled To God Through Christ's Physical Body Through Death So That We Are Presented To God Holy And Without Accusation Of Any Kind. Paul Makes It Clear That It Is His Calling To Make Sure That The Saints Accomplish This Reconciliation."

II. Reconciled By Faith   (vs 23)

"Paul Also Makes It Clear That This Reconciliation Depends On Us Continuing In The Faith, Which Simply Means We Do Not Lose Our Confidence Or Hope In Christ. It Also Implies That We Are Maturing In Our Faith As We Pursue God."

III. Reconciled By Suffering   (vs 24)

"Not Only Are We Reconciled By Christ Through Faith, But This Has Been Accomplished Through Suffering As Well. First Of Course Through The Suffering Of Christ, Then Secondarily Through The Suffering Of Paul, And Finally Each Saints Personal Suffering Through Persecution And Denial Of Self."


Sunday, February 9th, 2014




Sunday, February 2nd, 2014




Sunday, January 26th, 2014




The Secret To Spiritual Success Is The Concept Of Contentment. Being Content Is Not Easy To Accomplish Because People Are Basically Selfish And Self Centered. They Are Always Seeking Something More That What They Have And Seem To Be Constantly Seeking Something Else To Make Them Happy Or Satisfied. In Our Text Today Paul Says That He Has Discovered The Secret To Being Content In All Circumstances.

I. Contentment In Times Of Need   (vs 12)

"We Can Find Contentment In Times Of Need Because We Understand As Believers That Everything Comes From God. Our Lives Are In God's Hands And He Has The Right To Do Whatever He Wants. We Trust That He Always Has Our Best Interests At Heart And Sometimes Even Our Want Serves God's Purposes For Our Well Being."

II. Contentment In Times Of Plenty   (vs 12)

"Of Course People Will Always Be Content In Times Of Plenty, Right? Wrong! It Is Absolutely True That There Are Times When Having Too Much Can Actually Be A Curse. That Is Unless You Know What Really Is Important In Life."

III. The Secret   (vs 13)

"For Those Who Have Found Contentment In This Life, The Secret Is In Knowing That We Can Truly Go Through Both Times Of Need And Plenty If We Are Trusting In God. Paul Says 'I Can Do All Things Through Him Who Gives Me Strength'. I Can Be Poor Or Rich Or In Between Because That Is Not What Matters."


Sunday, January 19th, 2014



GUEST SPEAKER: Rachel Linscott


Sunday, January 12th, 2014




Much Of Our Spiritual Life Will Evolve Around What We Allow To Come Into Our Minds And Remain There. It Is From Pool Of Information Which Becomes The Resources For Our Spiritual Success Or Failure. God Clearly Directs Us Throughout His Word To Be Cautious In What We Put Into Our Minds And To Be Continually Renewing Our Minds. In Other Words Get Out The Bad And Replace It With The Good. Here In Philippians, Paul Tells Us Specifically What To Put In Our Minds, Which Also Implies What Not To Put Into It.....

I. Whatever Is True......Not False

"Honesty And Integrity"

II. Whatever Is Honorable......Not Disgraceful

"Respectability And Responsibility"

III. Whatever Is Right.......Not Wrong

"Morality And Ethics"

IV. Whatever Is Pure......Not Unholy

"Motives, Priorities And Righteousness"

V. Whatever Is Lovely.......Not The Inappropriate

"Propriety And Creative Order"

VI. Whatever Is Admirable.......Not Questionable

"Imitate God And Good Examples"

VII. Whatever Is Excellent......Not Careless

"Spiritual Fervor And Passion For God"

VIII. Whatever Is Praiseworthy......Not Shameful

"The Fruit Of The Spirit"

As We Go Through Each Day We Must Decide If The Things We Are Thinking About Honor God. If They Do Not We Must Eliminate The Bad And Keep The Good For Our Spiritual Health.


Sunday, January 5th, 2014




For Paul, There Is A Simple Formula For Standing Firm In The Lord. It Is Maintaining A Mature Attitude In A Persons Approach To Christian Living. He Expresses This Attitude In Three Easy Steps. Theses Are Specific Things That We Must Do In Philosophy, Followed By Action.

I.  Press On   (vs 12)

"This Philosophy Can Be Best Expressed With The Phrase 'Keep Going'; Or Maybe 'Don't Give Up'. However You Say It, The Idea Is That We Must Overcome By Continuing In The Faith, Obeying Christ. Those Who Quit Or Give Up Are Not Fit For Service In The Kingdom Of God (Luke 9:26). In Fact, We Keep Pressing On Not Only To Overcome The World And Satan But Also To Keep Serving Others, Gaining Our Reward."

II. Forget What Is Behind  (vs 13)

"Here Paul Expects The Believer To Forget Everything That Is Behind; Everything In The Past, Good And Evil, For The Sake Of Keeping Our Eyes On Winning The Prize Of Our Calling Towards Heaven. We Cannot Be Distracted By Past Failings Or Satisfied With Previous Successes. God Wants Us Focused On The Work Before Us."

III. Live Up To What We Have Attained   (vs 16)

"It's Not Just About Staying Focused And Working Hard For The Lord. It's Mostly About Living Up To The Truly Spiritual Things We Have Already Attained. We Do This By Keeping Our Motives And Our Hearts Pure. Working For The Lord Means Nothing If We Are Doing It With Impure Motives And Wrong Priorities."


Sunday, December 29th, 2013


GUEST SPEAKER: Lorynn Dowling

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, December 22nd, 2013




Paul Continues His Discourse On Spiritual Maturity And Effectiveness By Turning The Philippians Attention To  Issues Of True Spirituality. Unlike Some Who Turn Spirituality Into A Pursuit Of Self Glorification, Paul Reminds The Disciples In Philippi That True Spirituality Is Not About Them....

I. The Spiritual Worship By The Spirit Of God   (vs 3, 9-11)

"True Worshipers Worship By And Through The Holy Spirit. Their Focus Is On What The Spirit Desires And Not Their Flesh. The Holy Spirit Gives Us Desires For God That We Cannot Manufacture On Our Own. They Are The Desires Of A Child Who Desires To Know And Please His Or Her Heavenly Father. These Desires Cannot Be Attained Through The Flesh."

II. The Spiritual Acknowledge And Glorify Christ   (vs 3, 10)

"Those Who Are Genuinely Spiritual Have Their lives Focused On Acknowledging And Glorifying Christ In Everything They Do. That Leaves No Room For Our Self-Seeking Ways. It Is Easy To Turn Our Spirituality Into An Avenue To Glorify Self. Our Focus Must Be On Christ."

III. The Spiritual Put No Confidence In The Flesh   (vs 3-8)

"When We Glorify Ourselves At Any Point, The Focus Is Off Christ And Upon Our Talents, Abilities, Gifts And Intellect. Once We Make That A Habit, We Are No Longer Relying On Christ For Our Salvation And Provision. We Are On Our Own, And We May Not Even Know It. At That Point We Have Created Our Own Spirituality Apart From Christ."


Sunday, December 15th, 2013




Sunday, December 8th, 2013




Paul Goes On From Talking About Putting Others Before Ourselves To Encouraging Us To Work Out Our Salvation With Fear And Trembling. In Other Words Paul Is Asking Us To Live Lives Of Sincere Faith And Love, Being Sure To Follow And Apply The Word Of God To Our lives And To Do Everything Out Of Respect And Awe For God. Paul Also Gives Us Two Excellent Examples To follow In This Regard In Timothy And Epaphroditus.

I. Follow And Apply God's Word   (12-18)

"As We Follow And Apply God's Word To Our Lives We Can Be Sure That God Is Working In Us To Direct Both Our Will And The Things We Do, For His Glory. This Means Being The Example We Need To Be To 'Shine Like Stars In The Universe As We Hold Out The Word Of Life". This, Of Course, Requires Following And Applying God's Word To Our Lives."

II. Have A Sincere Faith And Love   (19-30)

"Both Timothy And Epaphroditus Are Good Examples Of Servants Working Hard For The kingdom. Their Sincere Faith And Love Is Revealed Through Their Service To The Church And To Paul Himself."

III. Do Everything From Respect And Awe Of God   (19-30)

"The Fear Of The Lord Should Be A Motivator For Us As We Work Out Our Salvation. It Is Not So Much That We Fear His Wrath, Even Though That Is A Real Element Of God's Glory. We Know We Are Living Under His Grace And Are Protected By His Love. It Is The Awesomeness Of God That Should Move Us To Earnestly Seek To Please Him, As Paul's Co-Workers Have Shown Us."


Sunday, December 1st, 2013




Although Unity Is The Theme Of Ephesians And Joy Is The Theme Of Philippians, Paul Shows The Philippians That His Joy Would Be Made Complete If The Believers Were In Unity; At Least Enough Unity To Get Along Without Effecting The Purposes Of God. Here Paul Gives Us A Few Ideas About What It Takes For Each Of Us To Experience The Joy Of Unity.

I. Be Like Minded   (vs 1-2)

"Being Like Minded Means Three Things According To Paul: Having The Same Love Of God, Being One In The Spirit, And Having The Exact Same Purpose In Mind. This Kind Of Unity Brings The Joy Of The Spirit."

II Consider Others More Important Than Yourself   (vs 3-4)

"When We Consider Others More Important Than Ourselves, There Is No Room For Division. We Are Able To Put The Needs Of Others Above Our Own Pride, Which Always Causes Division."

III. Have The Same Attitude As Christ   (vs 5-11)

"Servants Never Get Their Own Way. They Never Have To Be Right. An Attitude Of Servanthood Will Enable Us To Stay In Unity And Present Few Opportunities To Personally Promote Disunity Through Our Self-Interest."


Sunday, November 24th, 2013



SERVICE TIME: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, November 17th, 2013


GUEST SPEAKER: Melissa Peters

SERVICE TIME: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, November 10th, 2013



SERVICE TIME: 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Banquet)


Sunday, November 3rd, 2013


GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Brett Kennedy

SERVICE TIME: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, October 27th, 2013




When Paul Wrote The Book Of Philippians, He Was In Prison For The Sake Of The Gospel. He Had Suffered Much Up To This Time For The Sake Of Christ. But Now His Freedom Was Also Taken Away. This Afforded Him The Opportunity To Write One Of Several Prison Epistles. Here Paul Reminds The Saints That Joy Can Be Experienced Even In The Midst Of Suffering.

I. Suffering Produces Joy In Us   (vs 12-18)

"Even Though Paul Was In Prison For The Gospel, He Was Filled With Joy Over The Prospect That The Gospel Was Being Preached Anyway. It Was Not Only Being Preached In His Prison, But Throughout The Entire Region, Specifically Because Of His Imprisonment."

II. Suffering Produces Joy In Others   (vs 19-26)

"Here Paul Proclaims That His Suffering Is Producing Joy In The Other Believers, Whom He Is Serving. His Staying On Earth Is Helping The Believers Grow And Rejoice In Christ, Even If it Means He Must Put Up With The Brutalities Of An Evil World."

III. Suffering Produces Joy In Spiritual Labor   (vs 27-30)

"Paul Now Reveals The True Source Of Joy; Their Spiritual Labor In The Faith. Paul Encourages Them To Continue To Proclaim Christ Even Though They Are Beginning To Suffer Like He Has. It Is Their 'Contention For The Faith' In The Midst Of Opposition And Suffering, That Has Produced Their Joy, And His."


Sunday, October 20th, 2013




Philippians Was Written By Paul The Apostle To Encourage The Believers In Philippi To Be Filled With Joy And To Rejoice In The Lord. He Encourages Them To Do So By Controlling Their Thought Life And Focus On Having The Right Attitude. At The Beginning Of This Chapter, Paul Expresses His Desire For The Philippians To Continue The Good Work God Has Started In Them By Developing Four Specific Spiritual Attributes....

I. Love   (vs 9)

"How Do You Develop Love?: By Learning What Love Is, By Learning How To Love God's Way And By Growing Deeper In Your Spiritual Insights About Love. It Is An Intentional Process."

II. Discernment   (vs 10)

"Paul Encourages The Philippians To Develop Discernment By Learning About Love. The Better You Are At Loving Others, The More Discerning You Will Be."

III. Purity   (vs 10)

"Purity Is Developed As We Follow Through With Love And Discernment. As We Love Others And Develop True Discernment, We Will Also Develop A Pure Heart."

IV. Righteousness   (vs 11)

"Of Course Righteousness Is Developed As The Fruit Of Our Lives Glorifies God. Ultimately, We Will Be Filled With The Fruit Of The Spirit Which Produces A Spiritual Harvest."


Sunday, October 13th, 2013




God Also Has A Plan For Our Spiritual Survival; And Not Just For Our Survival, But For An Abundant Life. In Order For That To Happen We Must Win The Spiritual Battles That Lay Before Us. Here Paul Describes In Detail Who Our Enemies Are, What Our Spiritual Goals Should Be And What Our Weapons Are To Fight With. God Does Not Leave His Children Without Power To Defeat Satan.

I. Who Is Our Enemy?   (vs 10-12)

"Paul Tells Us Two Things About Our Enemies. First They Are Not Human. Second They Come From Two Places: This Dark World And The Heavenly Realms. That Means We Must Fight Them With Weapons That Are Not Human, But Spiritual."

II. What Are Our Spiritual Goals?   (vs 13)

"Paul Also Tells Us That Our Primary Spiritual Goal Is To Stand Up Against The Onslaught Of Satan's Attacks. And Not Just To Stand Up But To Overcome. Our Goal Is To Be Triumphant And Live A Free And Victorious Life, Serving The Lord With Confidence And Power."

III. What Are Our Weapons?   (vs 14-20)

"Our Weapons Are Spiritual And Come From A Spiritual Life. They Are Truth, Righteousness, The Gospel, Faith, Our Salvation, The Word Of God And Prayer. These Are Spiritual Weapons That Will Destroy The Work Of Satan And Cannot Themselves Be Defeated By Anything. They Also Help Us Live An Abundant Life If Regularly Used."


Sunday, October 6th, 2013



EPHESIANS 5:22-6:9

It Is At This Point In Ephesians That Paul Gets Very Specific About How We Are To Treat Each Other. He Uses The Perspective Of An Authoritarian Hierarchy To Help Us Submit To Our Own Personal Responsibilities Toward One Another. If We Are Going To Be Like God, We Must Treat One Another With Love And Respect

I. Wives   (vs 22-24,33)

"This Command For Wives Has Long Been Rejected By Many Feminist And Even Some Very Godly Women. Correctly Interpreted, Paul Is Saying, As He Does In Verse 33, That A Wife Must Respect Her Husband. The Focus Is On Obeying And Submitting To The Lord, Which Always Produces Good Attitudes In All Situations."

II. Husbands   (vs 25-33)

"This Command Focuses On A Mans Responsibility As The Natural Head Of The Household. Paul Spends Much More Time Reminding The Man Of His Responsibilities Than He Does The Women. Love Is Always The Key To Every Good Relationship."

III. Parents And Children   (6:1-4)

"Paul Uses The Same Approach With Children As He Does With Husbands And Wives, Reminding Them To Obey The Lord First. Then He Reminds Them Of The Reward Received By Obedient Children. He Also Speaks To Adults, Commanding Them To Be Responsible Parents."

IV. Employers And Employees   (6:5-9)

"Finally Paul Speaks To Slaves And Masters Concerning Their Responsibilities Towards One Another. Today This Can Easily Be Applied To The Workplace. Ultimately, Showing Proper Respect For Everyone Is An Excellent Way To Serve God And To Be Like Christ."


Sunday, September 29th, 2013


REVIVAL with Evangelist Steve Danser

Service Time: 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.


Sunday, September 22nd, 2013




Since We Know That Man Is The Polar Opposite Of God, We Know What To Avoid As Children Of Light, In Our Efforts To Imitate Our Heavenly Father. We Should Avoid The Improper, The Impure And That Which Is Out Of Place For God's Holy People. These Things Are Fruitless Deeds Of Darkness And Should Be Exposed Instead Of Fulfilled. We Must Guard Our Lives Against Them. Paul Exhorts The Believers To Find Out What Pleases The Lord By Understanding His Will. We Can Do This By Being Determined To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit Everyday."

I. The Improper   (vs 1-3)

"What Is Improper For Believers? Paul Gives Us Several Examples. His List Contains Sexual Immorality And Greed, Just To Mention A Few. Another Definition Of The Improper Is That Which Is Inappropriate. Believers Know When What They Are Doing Is Improper Or Inappropriate. We Must Guard Ourselves Against Such Things."

II. The Out Of Place   (vs 4)

"Those Things That Are Out Of Place Include, But Are Not Limited To, Obscenity, Foolish Talk, And Course Joking. God Wants Us To Guard Our Tongues Because As James Says, 'If You Are Never At Fault With What You Say You Are A Perfect Person." What We Think And Who We Really Are Often Come Out Of Our Mouths And Reveal Our Hearts."

III. The Impure   (vs 5-21)

"Impurity Is Compared To Idolatry In Verse 5. That Is Because Those Who Are Impure Have Given Their Love To Something Other  Than God, Which Has Corrupted Them. Those People Are Immoral In More Than Just The Context Of Sinful Behavior. Their Hearts Treasure Is In The Wrong Place. As  A Result, They Are Lead Into Fruitless And Shameful Deeds That Corrupt Their Whole Being. That's Why Being  Filled With The Spirit Remedies All Of This."


Sunday, September 15th



Guest Speaker: Bob Mitchell

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, September 8th



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, September 1st, 2013




We Know That God Is Real Because Of His Holy Nature. Only A False God Or A Man Made God Would Give Man License To Do Whatever He Wants To Do. The Proof  That God Is Real Is Found In His Very Nature; In The Fact That He Is Not Like Man, And That He Calls Man To Be Like Him. This Is What We Are Taught. In Order To Do This We Must Live A Life Of Truth So That We May Be Like Him. We Must Be Truthful In Three Ways...

I. Be Truthful About Who God Is   (vs 17-21)

"We Must See God For Who He Really Is. The Life Of God Is Clearly Found In The Life Of Jesus. People Want To Define God In Whatever Way Is Convenient For Them So That Can Live Selfish Lives, But We Must Be Truthful About The Fact That All Life, Now And Eternal, Is Found In The Holy Divine Nature Of God."

II. Be Truthful About Who You Are Without Christ   (vs 22-24)

"Man Rejects God For Who He Is Because God Is The Exact Opposit Of What Man Has Become. The World Refuses To Look At Themselves Honestly Because Their Deeds Are Evil. If We Are Ever Going To Become Like God We Must Acknowledge That Not Only Is God Holy And Perfect But That We Are Not."

III. Be Truthful About Your Dedication To Christ   (vs 25-32)

"The Final Step To Being Like God Is To Be Honest And Truthful About Our Dedication To Christ. We Must Sincerely Turn Towards The Life Of God, Embracing It And Pursuing It With Our Whole Hearts. If We Are To Be Imitators Of God We Must Acknowledge And Accept The Life Of God As It Is And Conform Our Lives To It."


Sunday, August 25th, 2013



GUEST SPEAKER: Melissa Peters

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, August 18th, 2013




Paul Urges The Believers Here In Chapter 4 To Stay In Spiritual Unity With One Another. Unity Is God's Plan For The Kingdom And The Operation Of The Church. God Knew That The Church Would Easily Be Divided By Doctrine, Polity, Theology, Ordinances And Practice. Thus Paul Urges The Believers In Ephesus To Keep The Bond Of Peace By Staying In Unity. He Asks Us To Remain In Unity By Doing Three Things......

I. Live A Life Worthy Of Our Calling   (vs 1-2)

"We Do This By Being Completely Humble And Gentle With Each Other, Bearing With One Another In Love. When We Do This We Show That Unity Is A Priority For Us And That We Are Obeying The Law Of Christ As True Disciples."

II. Remember Our Commonalities   (vs 3-6)

"We Keep The Unity Of The Spirit By Remembering We Are All One Body With One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, And One God And Father Over All Of Us. This Will Prevent Us From Being Divided Over ANYTHING."

III. Focus On Our Gifts   (vs 7-13)

"Paul Tells The Ephesians To Know And Apply Their Gifts In The Body Of Christ. He Calls Them To Do Their Part In The Body By Serving One Another And Focus On That Instead Of The Petty Things That Tend To Divide Us."

* THE RESULT OF UNITY   (vs 14-16)

"The Result Of Unity Is God's Plan For The Kingdom Revealed; But It Is Only Revealed When Unity Is Present. That Result Is Spiritual Maturity And Growth Through Love, As We Each Do Our Part In The Body Of Christ. This Is How The Kingdom Is Supposed To Operate."


Sunday, August 11th, 2013




If Ever There Was A Prayer That Pastor's Should Pray For Their Congregations, That Prayer Would Be Found In Ephesians Chapter 3. Here Paul Prays Four Specific Things That Will Help The Saints In Ephesus Get Closer To God, Which Should Be Every Pastor's Desire. These Are The Four Things Your Pastor Is Praying For You....

I. That Your Faith Is Strengthened By God's Power   (vs 16-17)

"I Pray That God Will Strengthen You In Your Inner Spiritual Being So That Your Spiritual Roots Go Deep In The Holy Spirit. I Pray That Your Faith Is Strong Enough To Withstand Anything The Devil Throws At You And That You Will Be Able To Believe For The Impossible."

II. That You May Be Rooted And Established In Love   (vs 17)

"I Pray That You Mature Spiritually In Love, So That You May Be Able To Administer The Grace Of God Appropriately To Those In Need. I Pray That You Remember The Love You Have Received So That You May Be Able To Have Mercy And Compassion For Others."

III. That You May Come To Know The Extent Of God's Love   (vs 18)

"I Pray That You Would Receive A New Revelation Of God's Love. That You May Understand How Expansive It Is For Everyone So That You May Imitate It."

IV. That You May Be Filled Up To The Maximum With God Himself   (vs 19)

"I Pray That God Fills Each Of You With His Loving Presence, So That You May Know Him In A Way That Goes Beyond Your Ability For Understanding Or Reasoning. I Pray That You May Know God In The Spirit To The Point That It Surpasses Anything You Can Know About Him Intellectually."


Sunday, August 4th, 2013



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, July 28th, 2013




In Chapter Three Paul Goes Beyond The Actual Purposes Of God's Plan For The Church And Man To Why God Has These Plans; Plans That Were Kept Secret From Other Gerarations Only To Be Revealed In Full To The People Living In 'The Church Age". God's Intent Is Revealed In Three Ways....

I. God's Initial Intent Was To Establish The Church   (vs 1-6)

"The Secret Mystery Of God's Initial Intent Was To Establish The Church, Made Of All Who Believed. All Of Mankind Would Be Invited To Become Part Of God's Church, The Beginning Of God's Intentions For His Creation."

II. God's Progressive Intent Was To Administer His Grace   (vs 7-9)

"It Has Always Been God's Intention For The Church To Administer The Grace Of God To Those Seeking Mercy. His Intention Was That The Believers, Throughout The Church Age (Time Of Repentance), Would Progressively Administer His Grace To Each New Generation Until The Full Number Of Believers Would Come In."

III. God's Ultimate Intent Was To Defeat His Enemies   (vs 10-13)

"God's Ultimate Intent Of All His Plans Would Be The Defeat Of His Enemies. The Church's Struggles On This Earth Are Not Against Flesh And Blood But Against The Great Spiritual Forces That War Against God In Heaven. To The Degree That The Church Is Spiritually United, It Will Successfully Fight The Battle, With God's Help, And Portray To God's Enemies The Wisdom Of His Plans."


Sunday, July 21st, 2013




It Was God's Plan From The Beginning To Create A New Type Of Human Being. The Type That Would Love And Honor Him From Their Own Free Will; From A Noble Heart That Pursues And Desires God. The First Of That New Human Being Was Jesus Christ. He Became That 'New Man' By Abolishing The Law Through His Sinless Flesh And Then Dying For All Sinners Once And For All. His Resurrected Body Is The First Of A New Kind Of Man, Which God Will Create Through The Holy Spirit Of Christ. He Did This In Three Specific Ways....

I. By Bringing Together The Jews And The Gentiles   (vs 11-14)

"Previously, Before Jesus Came, God Only Dealt With The Jews, Who Often Rejected Him And Refused To Serve Him. The Gentiles (Non Jews) Were Totally Rejected By God. Jesus Came To Bring Both The Jews And The Gentiles To God So That They May Both Share A New Life With The Lord."

II. By Abolishing The Requirements Of The Law   (vs 15)

"Because Of Christ's Sacrifice, There Would Be No Need For Man To Live Up To An Impossible Standard Of Perfection. Through Jesus, God Made It Possible For Man To Start Over Again In A Sinless State, Serving God With His Whole Heart."

III. By Making Peace Between God And Man   (vs 16-22)

"When Jesus Died On The Cross, He Paid The Sin Debt For All Mankind. He Made It Possible For Those Who Receive The Gift Of Life To Be In God's Presence. This Also Made It Possible For All Those Who Believe, To Become A New Man (Person) In Order To Possess The New Kingdom."


Sunday, July 14th, 2013




In Order For God To Fulfill His Purposes For The Church, Part Of His Plan Was To Create A New Race Of Beings Who Would Have An Indestructible Life; A Life Which Would Be Given And Sustained By God Himself. This Life Would Be Given To All Who Would Call On The Name Of The Lord. They Would Be Made Alive Through The Life Of God's Son, In Order To FulFill God's Purposes On Earth Through The Church. Paul Explains This Process In The First Part Of Ephesians Chapter Two....

I. Alive But Dead   (vs 1-3)

"It's Hard To Imagine People Who Are Alive But Dead, Yet That Is The Spiritual Condition Of Most Of The People Who Are Living On This Planet Today. They Are Objects Of God's Wrath, Waiting For The Day Of Destruction. We Were All Like Them At One Time, Sort Of Like Spiritual Zombies, Following The Cravings Of Our Sinful Nature, Waiting To Be Destroyed."

II. Alive With Christ   (vs 4-6)

"And Yet While We Were In That Condition, God Loved Us, And Had Mercy Upon Us. He Made Us Alive With Christ And Delivered Us From The Curse And Bondage Of This Dead Life. Because Of Christ's Indestructible Life, We Have That Same Life, With Him."

III. Alive For Good   (vs 7-10)

"This Was The First Step In God's Plan For His Church. It Was The Beginning Of A New Creation And God's Purpose For The Coming Ages. Our New Life Is The Result Of God's Excellent Workmanship And With That Indestructible Life, God Calls Us To Do His Good Work In The World."



Sunday, July 7th, 2013




Because God Has Given Us Every Spiritual Blessing In Order To Fulfill His Purposes, Paul Offers Up A Prayer For The Saints. He Asks God To Give Them The Spirit Of Wisdom And Revelation So That They May Know Three Important Things That Will Help Them Do God's Work In The World.

I. Paul Asks That The Saints May Know God Better   (vs 17)

"Knowing God Is A Matter Of Revelation. God Must Reveal Himself To An Individual, Personally, Before A Relationship Can Begin. It Is Important That We Are Reguarly Recieving Revelations From God About Who He Is, In Order To Grow Spiritually And Be Effective And Productive In Our Walk With The Lord."

II. Paul Asks That The Saints May Know God's Hope  (vs 18)

"Paul Asks That The 'Eyes Of Their Hearts' Be Enlightened To Know The Awesome Things God Has Planned For All The Saints. It Is Important For Our Hearts To Be Touched By God. Hope Comes From The Heart. Or Rather The Heart Is In Need Of Hope To Move Us Forward. God Wants Us To Know The Hope Of God So That We May Share That Hope With Others."

III. Paul Asks That The Saints May Know God's Power   (vs 19-22)

"Paul Knows That The Saints Need God's Power To Do The Work Of The Lord. He Also Knows That They Need To Know The Power God Has Given Jesus To Be The Lord Of Everything. It Is Important Again For All Believers to Know Exactly Who Jesus Is In His Glory And Majesty. This Knowlege In Itself Will Bring The Saints God's Power, Because They Will Know The Sourse Of That Power."


Sunday, June 30th, 2013


GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 23rd, 2013



I JOHN 4:8


I. Who Is God?

God Is Love - I john 4:8

Love is.. - I Corinthians 13: 4-8, Genesis 1:27

II. What Does God Tell Us About His Earthly Life?

Mark 16:15

John 15:16-19

Matthew 11:28-30

Psalms 23:1-6

III. Our Reward For Standing Firm In Christ: Everlasting Life With God

Romans 8:18

Revelation 2:7

Revelation 21:1-4

Revelation 22:1-5 & 12-13


Sunday, June 16th, 2013



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.

(Rain Location: First Baptist Church in Wellsboro)


Sunday, June 9th, 2013



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 2nd, 2013




Paul Wrote The Book Of Ephesians To Help His Readers Better Appreciate The High Goals God Has Set For The Church Based On His Eternal Purposes. Here In Chapter One, Paul Explains The Blessings Given To The Church, Which Will Enable Her To Fulfill Those High Purposes. All Those Benefits Are Found In Christ.

I. We Were Chosen In Christ From The Very Beginning   (vs 1-6)

"Because Christ Is God's Chosen Son, All Those Who Believe In Him Are Choosen With Christ, From The Time Christ Himself Was Chosen: Before The World Began. God Foreknew Who Would Believe And Remain In Him And So He Predestined Us To Do His Work With His Power, Which He Also Prepared Before Hand For Us To Do."

II. We Were Given God's Plan And Purpose   (vs 7-10)

"God Has Made Known To Us The Mystery Of His Will Concerning Us And All Mankind. He Has Revealed His Grace And Truth To Us Through Jesus Christ And Has Enabled Us To Have A Part In Bringing All Things Together In Heaven And Earth Under Christ."

III. We Were Equipped With Power To Fulfill God's Puposes   (vs 11-14)

"God Has Placed Within Us The Holy Spirit As A Guarantee Of Our Salvation, Enabling Us To Understand All That God Has Given Us, While Having The Power To Fulfill His Will On Earth."


Sunday, May 26th, 2013




If We Are Going To Follow The Spirit We Must Sow To The Spirit To Reap The Benefits Of Following The Spirit. This Mostly Refers To Doing Good Works In Correlation With The Fruit Of The Spirit. This Combination Always Reaps A Spiritual Harvest For Ourselves And Others. When This Happens, The Spirit Is Pleased. Paul Tells Us How To Do This...

I. Listen, Learn, And Share   (vs 6)

"Those Who Sow To Please The Spirit Have Rightly Divided The Word Of Truth. They Have Listened To Their Mentors And Have Prepared Themselves For Works Of Service. These Works Of Service Are Enhanced And Made Genuine By The Developed Fruit Of The Spirit. Their Works Are Empowered And Anointed By The Fruit Of The Spirit."

II. Do Not Get Tired Of Doing Good   (vs 9)

"Once You Are Prepared To Serve And To Do Good Works, Do Not Give Up. If Our Good Works Are Empowered By The Fruit Of The Spirit We Will Not Grow Weary. If The Good Works Are Coming From Our Flesh, We Will Soon Quit Or Become Very Frustrated."

III. Take Every Opportunity To Do Good   (vs 10)

"Look For Opportunities To Do Good Works Of Service, Especially For The Household Of Faith. This Always Pleases The Spirit."

IV. Focus Your Efforts On The New Creation   (vs 15-16)

"Operate As If The Kingdom Of God Has Already Been Established On Earth. You Are God's Dispenser Of Grace And Truth."


Sunday, May 19th, 2013




Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, May 12th, 2013



GUEST SPEAKER: Andy Stanley, Video Series

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, May 5th, 2013



GALATIANS 5:16-26, 6:1-5

As We Talked About Last Week, We Must Treat One Another, And Those Outside The Church, With The Love Of Christ. We Do This In Order For Them To Understand Their Value To God And To Us. We Accomplish This Primarily By Living By The Spirit. When We Do This We Also Recognize That We Will Be Opposed By Our Own Sinful Nature. As Paul Said,'The Sinful Nature Desires What Is Contrary To The Spirit.' He Also Gives Us A Few Ideas About How To Live By The Spirit Of God....

I. Remember You Are Not Condemned   (vs 16-18)

"It May Seem Odd That This Is The First Thing That Paul Talks About Concerning Living By The Spirit. His Point Is That We Will Be Opposed By Our Own Flesh As We Try To Follow The Spirit. He Starts Off In Romans Chapter 8 The Same Way When Talking About The Spirit. There Will Be Times When We Fail God And Are Not Successful In Living By The Spirit. We Must Not Allow Condemnation To Stop Us."

II. Crucify The Sinful Nature   (vs 19-21, 24)

"Since Paul Says That The Acts Of The Sinful Nature Are Obvious, So To Must Be The Solution For Dealing With Them. Paul Tells Us To Crucify, Or Consider Dead, The Passions And Lusts Of The Sinful Nature. This Is An Act Of Intentionality. We Must Decide That They Are Dead To Us And That Our Passion For Christ Is Greater."

III. Allow The Fruit Of The Spirit To Grow   (vs 22-23)

"Since We Already Possess The Holy Spirit, In Order To Follow Him We Must Allow His Attribute To Be Developed In Us So That We May Obey The Spirits Leading."

IV. Do Not Compare Yourselves With Anyone Else   (vs 24-26; 6:1-5)

"In Order To Follow The Spirit, We Cannot Allow Ourselves To Be Lead Astray By Conceit, Envy, Or Provocation: These Things Are Inroads To The Flesh And The Sinful Nature."


Sunday, April 28th, 2013




Jesus Himself Said 'I Have Not Come To Bring Peace But A Sword'. If We Live In Freedom, As God Wants Us To, We Will Offend Everyone Else Who Are Still Slaves Of Unrighteousness. What Are They Afraid Of That Causes Them To Be Offended By The Gospel Of Peace? Paul Identifies Several Things That Rightly Offend People Still Living As Slaves......

I. The Acts Of Freedom Offends Them   (vs 1-6)

"As We Live Free From The Entanglements And Obligations Of Those In Spiritual Bondage, The Slaves Of Sin Are Offended By Our Freedom. They Are Inwardly Condemned By Their Own Inability To Live Up To Their Self-Made Standards Of Righteousness. Our Freedom Relies On Grace Not Personal Righteousness."

II. The Truth Offends Them   (vs 7-12)

"They Are Offended By The Truth Because They Do Not Want To Do What It Takes To Be Free. They Do Not Want To Surrender Their Will To God In Order To Be Free. They Would Rather Be Slaves To Sin. They Would Rather Live By Their Own Rules And Walk In Darkness. Thats Why The Truth Offends Them."

III. The Testimony Of Love Offends Them   (vs 13-15)

"As We Live Our Lives For God, We Offend Those Who By Their Own Actions, Are Not Living Lives Of Love. They Are Put To Shame By The Love And Grace We Have For Them. God's Love Is Like A Mirror Showing The Lost Their Own Souls. Of Course, If We As Believers Do Not Live Lives Of Love, There Will Be Nothing For The Lost To Compare Themselves Too. They Will Remain In Darkness, Because What We Say Does Not Match How We Live."


Sunday, April 21st, 2013




At The End Of Chapter Four, Paul Goes To Great Lengths To Remind The Galatians Of What They Are Giving Up To Live By Their Own Rules. He Uses Abraham's Two Sons To Illustrate The Extreme Difference Between Living By The Spirit And Living By The Rules Of Men. Even Abraham Tried To Do It His Way When Ishmael Was Born. But God Has A better Way To Live....

I. Live According To The Promise   (vs 21-23)

"Living According To The Promise Is Hard To Do. As Humans We Have A Tendency To Want To Take Things Into Our Own Hands And Do It. We Live For God In The Same Way. It Is Hard For Us To Let Go and Operate Totally From Our Love For God And The Promise He's Given Us, But This Is What God Expects."

II. Live Under Freedom   (vs 24-27)

"When We Do It God's Way There Is An Overwhelming Sense Of Freedom. Freedom From Having To Be Good Enough; Freedom From The Fear Of Failure; Freedom From Judgment Of Self And Others. Freedom From The Power Of Satan; And The Freedom To Walk In The Spirit."

III. Live By The Power Of The Spirit   (vs 28-31)

"When You Begin To Live According To The Promise And Are Free From The Fleshly Way Of Doing Things, You Are Able, For The First Time, To Actually Live By The Power Of The Holy Spirit. This Enables Us To Opperate Free From The Entanglements Of Our Own Righteousness And Earthly Judgments And Purley Follow The Spirit."


Sunday, April 14th, 2013




Spiritual Backsliding Is Often A Slow But Steady Process. It Can Happen To A Person Over The Course Of An Extended Period Of Time. Most People Who Fall Away From Their Faith Experience, Don't Even Realize It's Happening Until It Has Already Happened. Our Text Reveals At Least Three Things That Happen To People, Which Cause Them To Lose Their Faith.

I. They Turn Back To Worldly Principles   (vs 8-11)

"They Begin To Rely On Those Thingas That Are Not Sustainable. The Weak And Miserable Principles Of This World Do Not Last, And Yet People Base Their Lives And Ultimate Happiness On Them. These Principles Are Self-Serving And Narcissistic. Ultimately They Lead People Away From God Completely."

II. They Lose Their Spiritual Joy   (vs 12-17)

"As A Person Begins To Turn Back To Selfishness And Pride, They Start To Lose The Joy Of The Spirit. This Joy Belongs To All True Believers Who Have Experienced The Grace Of God. Instead Of Trusting In God, Which Brings Joy, They Start Relying On Themselves Only. The Joy Of The Spirit Comes From The Spirit, Not Ourselves."

III. They Alienate Themselves From God   (vs 13-20)

"Once This Process Gets Underway, People Begin To Ailienate Themselves From God, His People And His Word. They Become Uncomfortable Around People Of Faith And Start Feeling 'Condemned' By Them. They Lose Their Connection To Christ And Begin To Withdraw From The Things Of God. However, The People Of God Must Never Ailienate Those Struggeling With Their Faith. We Must Be There For Them, Supporting Them, Encouraging Them And Loving Them Unconditionally."


Sunday, April 7th, 2013




Paul Now Goes On To Explain To The Galatians That Being Freed From Slavery To The Basic Principles Of The World Is Not The Only Benefit From Being In Christ. They Also Become Natural Born Sons Of God Through The Holy Spirit. This Is More Than The Simple Adoption Of A Child Into A Different Family. It Is Being 'Born' Into The New Family Of God, As A New Born Baby Joins A Family. They Are Now, Through The Spirit Of The Son, Natural Born Children, Who Call Out Abba Father. There Are Three Distinctives Of Natural Born Children.....

I. They Are All Related   (3:26-29)

"The First Thing Paul Wants Them To Know About Being A Natural Born Child Is That They Are All The Same. It Does Not Matter Where They Come From, What Their Color, Creed Or Sex Is. They Are All Brothers And Sisters Because Of The Spirit Of The Son. They Have All Been Born Into The Same Family."

II. They Have All The Same Rights As Sons   (4:1-5)

"Since They Have Been Born Into The Same Family, They Have All The Rights As Sons. A Natural Born Child Has Rights No One Else Has. Cheif Among These Rights Is The Exclusive And Unconditional Love Of The Father. This Means The Natural Born Children Of God Are Treated Like A Loved Child Is Treated In Every Family; With Instruction, Patience, Discipline, Praise, And Reward. However, With God, These Things Are Done On Such A Perfect Level That Fallible Men Could Never Imitate It. Thats Because God Knows The Hearts Of His Children, And What They Really Need."

III. They Are All Heirs   (4:6-7)

"Because "Abba Father' Is A Term Used Only By The Natural Born Children When They Refer To Their Father, They Are Also The Natural Born Heirs Of All The Father Possesses. This Means The Undisputed Heir Of God's Divine Nature And Spiritual Life. They Have Everything God Has Because They Now Possess His Spirit And Divine Nature. Without That They Would Have Nothing And Be Outside The Family Of God."


Sunday, March 31st, 2013



LUKE 5:1-11, JOHN 21:1-14

Here Is A Picture Of A Man Who Lived Two Different Lives. One Before The Resurrection And One After. Peter Was Radically Changed By His Relationship With Jesus. After the Resurrection Peter Was Never The Same. This Could Not Have Been Made More Clear Than What Is Portraid In Two Similar Events, Which Occurred A Full Three Years Apart From Each Other.....

I. Before The Resurrection   (Luke 5:1-11)

"In This First Event, Jesus Is Calling His Disciples. He Ask Peter To Go Out Into His Boat, Into The Deep Water, To Let Down Their Nets For A Catch Of Fish. Peter Explains That They Have Worked all Night And Have Caught Nothing, But He Does What Jesus Requests. When They Catch Such A Large Number Of Fish That Their Boat Begins To Sink, Peter Realizes That Jesus Is A Prophet And That He Is Just A Sinner. Peter Wants Jesus To Leave Him And Go Away Because He Feels Unworthy."

II. After The Resurrection   (John 21:1-14)

"Three Years Later In A Second Event, Very Similar To The First, Peter And Some Of The Disciples Were Out Fishing After The Resurrection Of Christ. On The Shore, Jesus Appears. Like In The First Event, The Disciples Catch Nothing After Fishing All Night. From The Shore, Jesus Instructs Them To Try Throwing Their Nets Over The Right Side Of The Boat. When They Do, They Catch Another Large Amount Of Fish They Could Not Handle. When Peter Realizes It Is Jesus On The Shore, He Jumps Into The Water And Makes His Way To The Beach Before The Others. Peter Is No Longer Ashamed But Transformed By The Power Of God."

III. Application

"Not Only Was It Peters Relationship With Jesus That Changed Him From An Unworthy Sinner To An Excited Disciple, But It Was Also The Resurrection Of Jesus That Filled Him With Hope And A New Direction For His Life. This Is True For All Believers. It Is The Resurrection Which Makes The Difference From Following A Good Man Who Had Some Nice Ideas About How To Live And Following The Author Of Life."


Sunday, March 24th, 2013




Paul Now Begins To Explain To The Galatians What The Purpose Of The Law Really Was. They Had Begun Following It, Instead Of Christ, And This Was Not The Purpose Of The Law. It Was Not Meant To Be Followed As A Means To Salvation. In Fact, This Reliance On Doing Good Still Persists Today, Even Among Well Meaning And God Fearing Believers. So Paul Reminds The Galatians What The Purpose Really Is For All The Rules....

I. Rules Do Not Replace Love   (vs 17-18)

"Rules Can Produce Conditional Love. But God Loves Us Regardless Of What We Do. Grace Is God's Love Given To Us Even Though We Break The Rules. Grace Then Teaches Us To Make Every Effort To Please God (Titus 2:11-12).

II. Rules Exist Because Of Sin   (vs 19-20)

"God Made Rules Because Man Could Not Stop Sinning. In Fact That Is Exactly Why Society Has Laws. Rules Were Put Into Place By God Until Jesus Came. Then They Were No Longer Needed Because Of The Supervision Of The Holy Spirit And Our Faith. If We Love Through The Spirit We Will Perfectly Obey The Rule Of Law."

III. Rules Teach Us To Trust In Christ   (vs 21-25)

"Because It Is Impossible To Adequately Obey The Law, We Learn That Trusting In Christ Is The Only Way To Get To Heaven. God's Promise Is Sufficient To Bring Us Into Fellowship With Him."


Sunday, March 17th, 2013




In Chapter Three Paul Begins To Interteine The Power Of The Holy Spirit With Living By Faith. He Reminds The Galatians That They Received The Holy Spirit Because They Believed The Gospel Message That They Heard. As A Result Of Receiving The Spirit, We Now Have The Power to Live Lives Of Faith Without Relying On Our Own Reighteousness. We Do This In Several Ways....

I. Follow The Holy Spirit   (vs 1-5)

"The Galatians Stopped Following The Spirit And Started Relying On Themselves For Their Own Righteousness. This Meant Requiring Things Of Themselves And Others That Would Lead Them Away From God Working Through Them By The Spirit (Miracles, Ministry, ect)."

II. Follow Abrahams Example   (vs 6-9)

"We Receive The Blessings Of God By Doing What Abraham Did. He Believed God's Promises And Trusted In Him To Do What He Said He Would Do. He Did Not Rely On His Own Wisdom Or Effort And He Received The Blessings Of God."

III. Follow God's Plan   (vs 10-14)

"God's Plan Was To Redeem Us From Ourselves, Our Flesh, And Our Sin. To Follow The Law Instead Of The Spirit Is To Reject God's Plan Of Blessing. In Other Words, It Is Stupid (for lack of a better term) To Follow Your Own Plan And Reject The Blessings God Has Planned For You When You Live By Faith And Follow The Holy Spirit."


Sunday, March 10th, 2013


BGMC Sunday

GUEST SPEAKER: Commander Leroy Wilson

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday March 3rd, 2013




In This Chapter Paul Has Been Making The Point That The Message Of The Gospel Can Not Be Compromised. If It Is, Then God's Work Against Satan To Regain The Souls Of Men Would be Waisted And Christ Would Have Died For Nothing. Paul Does Several Things To Keep That From Happening: Things We Must Do Also.....

I. He Recognized Where There Was Scriptural Error   (vs 11-13)

"Paul Was Able To See That Peter Was Being Influenced By The Judaizers Who Wanted The Church To Follow Jewish Customs. He Recognized The Danger In This Error And The Impact It Was Having On The Church And It's Future."

II. He Was Not Afraid To Confront Those Errors   (vs 14)

"Paul Confronted Peter To His Face, Reminding Him That He Was Not 'Acting In Line With The Truth Of The Gospel'. Peter Had Stopped Living In The Freedom Christ Died To Give Us And Was Requiring Others To Do The Same."

III. He Corrected The Error   (vs 15-21)

Paul Showed The Believers That What They Were Doing Was Threatening To Destroy The Work Of Christ. He Wanted Them To See That Life Was Not Given To Them In Order To Fulfill The Meaningless Rules Of Man. Our Life In Christ Is Lived To Receive God's Righteousness, Not Man's Approval."



Sunday February 24th, 2013




The Message Of Truth And The Gospel Comes Directly From God And Must Be Communicated From Man, To Man. God Uses Man As A Vessel To Present That Message Of Grace And Hope To All Who Will Listen. That message Will Be Received By Some And Rejected By Others, But The Message Must Be Delivered Without Compromise....

I. Our Message Will Be Received By Godly Men   (vs 1-4)

"Paul Went To Jersualem After Receiving A Clear Revelation Of The Gospel And Presented It To The Godly Leaders Of The Church. God Knew That A Clear Understanding Of His Message Of Grace Needed To Be Presented, Without Compromise, Even To Those Who Were Considered Pillars Of The Church."

II. Our Message Will Be Rejected By Ungodly Men   (vs 4-6)

"Even As Paul Presented The Message of Grace There Were People In The Church Who Rejected It. Of Course, These Men Had Some Influence Over Even The Godly People And Could Easily Have Perverted The Message If Left Unopposed."

III. Our Message Is A Sacred Trust Regardless Of Who Receives It   (vs 7-10)

"Paul Knew How Important The Message Of Grace Was. He Realized That He Had Been Entrusted With A Sacred Message; A Message That Was Essential To The Life Of The Church. Even Today People Would Like To Pollute The Message Of Grace With Compromise And False Doctrine. We MUST Stay True To The Gospel Of Grace And The Holy, Sacred, True Message Of God."


Sunday February 17th, 2013




I. How Do We Know God Has A Plan For Each Of Us?

A. He Had A Plan From The Very Beginning   (Genesis 1:1-2)

B. God Tells Us So   (Jeremiah 29:11)

II. We Do Not Know God's Plans

A. Exodus 32:1 & 13-14 &26-28

B. Job 42:1-3

C. Jonah 1:1-3

D. Acts 9:1-6

III. The Plan Continues

A. Pieces Out Of The Book; God Always Has A Plan B

B. Psalms 32:8

C. Luke 12:32


Sunday February 10th, 2013




After Reminding The Galatians That They Are Being Deceived By Satan And His Servants, Paul Begins To Explain To Them That The Message Of The Gospel Is Not Something That Came From Men. He Reminds Them That It Is A Revelation Of God Through Jesus Christ. Paul Begins To Show The Galatians How Man Recieves Revelation From God.....

I. Revelation Has It's Origins With God, Not With Man  (vs 11)

"Paul Wants The Galatians To Realize That The Message Of The Gospel Comes Directly From God. Man Had No Part In Revealing It To The World. It Is The Mystery Of God. It Is The Revelation Of Himself To A Lost World."

II. Revelation Begins With A Personal Experience With God   (vs 13-16)

"Paul Goes To Great Lengths To Show The Galatians That The Revelation of The Gospel Was Given To Him Personally By The Lord And Taught To Him By The Holy Spirit. This Revelation Was Given To Him By Jesus Christ Himself."

III. Revelation Cannot Be Added On To Or Changed   (vs 17-20)

"Paul Also Stresses That The Revelation Of God Cannot Be Added On To Or Changed By The Will Of Man. He Tells The Galatians That No Man Influenced Him During The Time That This Revelation Was Given."

IV. Revelation Is Often Manifested In Unusual Circumstances   (vs 21-24)

"When God Reveals Things To Man, Many Times They Come When Men Are Not Expecting It To Come. They May Have Totally Different Plans For Their Lives Or Their Immediate Future, But Those Plans Are Interrupted By God's Revelation, Such As In Paul's Life."


Sunday February 3rd, 2013




Paul Wrote The Book Of Galatians In Part, To Defend The Gospel Against The Claims Of Some Jewish Converts Who Told Believers That They Needed To Fulfill Parts Of The Mosaic Law In Order To Be True Christians. This Of Course Added To The Gospel, Certain Works Of Man, Which Were Not Part Of The Gospel Of Grace. In Pau's Opening Remarks To The Galatians He Points Out Several Ways These Believers Were Being Fooled By A False Gospel. This Pattern , Or Plan, Is Still Being Used By Satan Today.....

I. They Were Quickly Deceived   (vs 6)

"Because The Galatians Were Relatively New Converts, Satan Wanted To Throw Them Into Confusion As Soon As Possible. What Better Way Then To Present To Them A False Gospel Which Relies On Man's Effort Rather Than God's Grace."

II. Someone Tried To Intentionally Deceive Them   (vs 7)

"In Order For Satan To Deceive The Believers In Galatia With A False Gospel, He Needed False Teachers. Funny How The Devil's Methods Never Change. Thats Because They Work. People Are Still Being Lead Astray By False Teaching."

III. They Did Not Hold On To Their Original Word Of Faith   (vs 8-9)

"The Galatians Committed The Cardinal Sin Of Faith. They Abandond The Original, God Breathed Message Of Truth, For A Different Message: A False Message."

IV. They Were More Interested In Pleasing Men Than God   (vs 10)

"Here Paul Is Accusing The Galatians Of Being More Concerned About What Men Think Than Pleasing God. He Reminds Them That If He Were Like Them He Would Not Be A Servant Of Christ. Today People Are Still Abandoning The Gospel Because Of Man's Opinion."


Sunday January 27th, 2013



Guest Speaker: Rachel Linscott

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday January 20th, 2013



Guest Speaker: Paul Bowse, Director Of The Homeless Initiative

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.

Sunday January 13th, 2013




We Are Going To Start A Series This Year On Four Of The Greatest Epistles Written By Paul To The Early Church. These Epistles Were Written To The Early Church In Order To Instruct Them Concerning Everything From Avoiding False Doctrine To Living Holy Lives. Each Of These Epistles Have A Different Message For The Church Of Jesus Christ...

I. Galatians: The Message Of Liberty And Faith (Galatians 4:22-25)

"Paul's Primary Goal In The Book Of Galatians Is To Refute The Claims Of Some Jewish Believers Called Judaizers. They Claimed That Believers Needed To Fulfill Some Of The Law Of Moses, Such As Circumcision, In Order To Be A Christian. Their Targets Were The New Gentile Believers, But They Threatened The Entire Christian Doctrine Of Salvation By Grace Through Faith."

II. Ephesians: The Message Of Godly Purpose And Unity (Ephesians 4:1-6)

"Paul Wanted The Church In Ephesus To Know The High Spiritual Goals God Had For The Church, Which Could Only Be Achieved Through Unity In Christ. This May Be The Main Reason Why It Is Taking The Church So Long To Fulfill God's Will On Earth."

III. Philippians: The Message Of Rejoicing In The Lord (Philippians 4:2-7)

"In This Book Paul Clearly Presents The Idea That Christians Should Be Living Joyful, Victorious Lives. Paul Proclaims That This Kind Of Joy Is Found Only In Jesus, The Son Of God."

IV. Colossians: The Message Of Christ's Supremacy Over Heresy (Colossians 1:15-20)

"Paul Spent A Lot Of Time Refuting Different Heresies That Sprang Up Throughout The Early Life Of The Church. In Colossians, Paul Makes Sure That The Believers Understand That Jesus Is Enough, And That Human Wisdom And Philosophy Are Empty Pursuits."


Sunday January 6th, 2013




Paul Started Each Of These Three Epistles: Ephesians, Philippians, And Colossians, With A Prayer For The Saints. These Prayers Are Good Fasting Prayers Because They Are Things We Should Strongly Desire For Our Own Church People. We Need To Know God's Love, God's Power, God's Purity and God's Will If We Are Going To Be Able To Please The Lord And Accomplish What He Wants For Our Church.....

I. Know God's Power And Love. (Ephesians 3:14-19)

"Paul Prays That The Saints Would Know God's Power And His Love. He Prays That God Would Supernaturally Reveal These Things To The Saints. He Knows They Will Need These Attributes Of God If They Are Going To Succeed As Believers."

II. Know God's Purity (Philippians 1:9-11)

"Purity Is Essential For Believers To Be True Children Of God. Paul Prays That They Will Be Filled With The Fruit Of Righteousness And That They Will Be Blameless Before God."

III. Know God's Will (Colossians 1:9-12)

"Paul Finally Prays That The Saints Would Have Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding To Know God's Will. It Is A Common Theme That He Wants The Saints To Be FILLED With These Godly Attributes. Being Filled Insinuates That These Attributes Are Abundantly Available To Each Saint For The Dispersment Of God's Grace."


Sunday December 30th, 2012



PSALMS 91:9-16

What Does It Mean To Make The Most High Your Dwelling Place? It Means That You Love His Holy Presence. It Means That You Trust God Completely With Everything. It Means That You Love The Lord And Acknowledge His Name Throughout Your Life. This Is A Life Style And A Particular Way Of Viewing The World. The Rewards For Living This Way Are Listed In Our Text. Lets Commit Ourselves To Make The Most High Our Dwelling Place In 2013 So That These Blessings Will Be Ours All Year Long.

I. The Angels Will Guard Your Way (vs 11)

"Hebrews 1:4 Reminds Us That 'All Angels Are Ministering Spirits Sent To Serve Those Who Will Inherit Eternal Life'. God Watches Over Those Who Dwell In His Presence And He Uses Angels To Help Do That."

II. The Lord Will Deliver You From Trouble (vs 15)

"'Many Are The Troubles Of The Righteous But The Lord Delivers Them From Them All.' God Also Helps Us When We Are In Trouble And Are Experiencing Difficulties In Life. God Wants Us To Remember To Honor Him When He Delivers Us From Trouble. Deliverance Is A Blessing Of Dwelling In God's Presence."

III. You Will Live A Long, Satisfying Life (vs 16)

"Most Of Us Would Like To Live A Long Health Life, Filled With Blessings And Honor. This Kind Of Life Can Be Lived By Believers If They Make The Most High Their Dwelling Place; If They Love And Acknowledge God Throughout Their Lives. Lets Recommit Ourselves To This Kind Of Lifestyle Again In 2013."


Sunday December 23rd, 2012



LUKE 2:14, ROMANS 5:1, JOHN 14:27, I PETER 3:11

The Proclamation Of The Angels To The Shepherds Was That There Would Be Peace Given To Men. That Peace Takes Three Distinctive Forms. The Peace Of The Father, The Peace Of The Son, And The Peace Of Man. The Coming Of Emanuel Insured That This All Encompassing Peace Would Be Ours.

For The Fourth Sunday Of advent We Are Going To Talk About The Peace That Christmas Brings...

I. The Peace Of The Father (Romans 5:1)

"The Peace Of The Father Is The Peace Which Now Exists Between God And Man Because Of Christ's Sacrificial Work On The Cross. The Birth Of Jesus Guaranteed That Peace Between God And Man Was Coming."

II. The Peace Of The Son (John 14:27)

"Jesus Left His Peace With Us When He Went To Heaven. A Peace That 'Passeth All Understanding', Given Through The Holy Ghost. The Peace Of Jesus Is Experienced Everyday By Believers As They Rest In The Security Of God, Free From Worry And Fear."

III. The Peace Of Man (I Peter 3:11)

"Now That We Are No Longer Enemies Of God And Have Received The Peace Of God In Our Hearts, It Is Up To Us To Pursue Peace With Everyone As We Live Our Lives To Please God."


Sunday December 16th, 2012



LUKE 2:8-14

The Angels Brought To The Shepherds Good News Of Great Joy That Would Be For All People. It Is The Good News Of Christ's Birth That Brings Joy Into Our Hearts. Our Joy Is Over Flowing And Has Many Ramifications.

For The Third Sunday Of Advent We Are Going To Talk About The Joy That Christmas Brings...

I. Revelation Brings Joy (vs 11)

"The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Brings All Those Who Know Him Joy. The Joy Of The Holy Ghost Is One Of The Greatest Revelations Man Has Ever Received Or Experienced."

II. Confirmation Brings Joy (vs12)

""God Knew The Shepherd Would Need A Confirmation That This Great Joy Was True. God Always Confirms To Our Hearts, With Joy, The Revelation Of Himself As We Grow In Him And Serve Him."

III. God's Favor Brings Joy (vs 14)

"Just The Thought That God Loves Us So Much That He Would Send Us His Son, Should Show Us That His Favor Does Rest Upon Us. God Wants Us To Know That He Is With Us Everyday, Even Unto The End Of The Age. Just This Thought Should Bring Joy To Our Hearts."


Sunday December 9th, 2012



JOHN 3:16

Christmas Is About The Love Of God, Which He Shared With Us In The Person Of His Son. Jesus Showed Us That love Himself Through His Sacrifice On The Cross. There Are Four Basic Elements Of God's Love Which can Be Seen In Our Scripture Text Today And Which Are Spelled Out In The Word Love...

For The Second Sunday Of Advent We Are Going To Talk About The Love That Christmas Brings......

I. L - Left Heaven

"Jesus Left Heaven And All The Authorirty And Power He Had There, To Show Mankind What Real Love Is All About: Putting The Needs Of Others Before Yourself."

II. O - Offered Himself Up

"Jesus Offered Himself Up As A Living Sacrifice So We Could Have A Place In Heaven. He Taught Us How To Love One Another Through His Personal Sacrifice."

III. V - Vindicated His Father

"In Showing Us His Love, Jesus Vindicates God Against The Lies And Hatred Of Satan. He Gives Back To God The Most Precious Creation He Ever Made. He Is Our Advocate Before God Against The Accusations Of Satan Himself."

IV. E - Everyone Who Believes, Receives

"Whosoever Believes In Him Shall Never Perish But Have Everlasting Life. Everyone Who Calls On The Name Of The Lord And Desires The Love Of God For Their Lives Shall Recieve It."


Sunday December 2nd, 2012



ISAIAH 61:1-4

The Advent Is The Season Marking The Four Sundays Before Christmas. The Word Advent Comes From The Latin Meaning 'Coming' Or 'Appearance'. The Advent Was Developed As A Way Of Helping Believers Prepare To Celebrate Both The First Coming Or Appearance Of Jesus At His Birth And The Hope Of His Second Coming At The End Of The Age. The Advent Celebrates The Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace Of The Christmas Season.

For The First Sunday Of Advent We Are Going To Talk About The Hope That Christmas Brings...

I. The Hope Of Salvation (vs1)

"The Birth Of Christ Gives All Believers Hope For The Salvation Of Their Souls. Through Salvation, The Holy Spirit Guarantees Our Place In The Family Of God."

II. The Hope Of The Renewal Of All Things (vs 2-3a)

"Not Only Do We Have The Hope Of Salvation, But We Also Have The Hope Of A New World. Sin Will Be Eradicated And All Things Will Be Made New."

III. The Hope Of The New Kingdom (vs3b-4)

"The Hope Of A New Home For God's Family Has Always Been Part Of The Christmas Story. God's Plan To Establish The New Kingdom Begins With The Hope That Christmas Brings."


Sunday, November 25th, 2012




It Is A Commandment To Be Thankful For Everything. Why Is It A Commandment? Because When We Are Thankful, We Are Blessed Even More In Our Lives By God Who Provides Everything. God Commands Us To Be Thankful So Our Lives Can Be Better And Abundantly Blessed Through....

I. Appreciation

"When We Are Thankful We Appreciate What We Have And Become Better Stewards Over Our Life And Relationships."

II. Recognition

"When We Are Thankful We Recognize Things About Others That Enable Us To Love Them And Help Them

III. Appropriateness

"When We Are Thankful We Are Less Likely To Be Disrespectful,Arrogant, Careless, Foolish Or Insensitive.

IV. Effectiveness

"When We Are Thankful, Every Area Of Our Lives Are Blessed And Are Continually Improving. When We Are Thankful We Become Effective And Productive Members Of The Body Of Christ.


Sunday, November 18th




The First Four Elements Of Worship Are Reverence, Devotion, Respect And Honor. Today We Will Discuss The Fifth Element Of Worship Which Is Emulation. We Will Define Emulation In Reference To Worship As That Element Of Worship Which Imitates To The Highest Degree Possible, The Personage And Works Of Christ. Ultimately, In Every Way, The Goal Of Worship Is Truly Expressed Best Through Emulation. Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Worship Thus Our Worshipful Desire Should Be To Be Like Christ. We Can Do This In Several Ways....

I. Live A Life Of Love (vs1)

"Genuine, Sincere Love Cannot Be Faked. We Must Love Like Jesus Loved."

II. Live A Life Of Holiness (vs 3)

"Do Not Fulfill The Lusts Of Human Passions Or Arrogant Pride."

III. Live A Life Apart From Worldly Influences (vs 4-7)

" Friendship With The World Is Hatred Towards God. Jesus Was Not Influenced By The World Or Ir's System Of Doing Things."

IV. Live A Life That Pleases The Lord (vs 8-10)

"Find Out What Pleases The Lord; Not Just What To Do But How To Do It. Doing The Right Things For The Right Reasons."

V. Live A Life Of Spiritual Illumination (vs 11-14)

"Our Life Must Reveal Christ Through Attitude And Action."

VI. Live A Life Of Wisdom (vs 15-21)

"Know God's Will, Walk In The Spirit, Encourage One Another, Be Thankful, And Submit To The Brethren."


Sunday, November 11th, 2012



MISSIONS CONVENTION: Guest Speaker: Herb Ley President Of The Wellsboro Teen Center

Service Time: 10:30 a.m. Missions Banquet: 6:00 p.m.


Sunday, November 4th, 2012



PSALMS 150, ROMANS 8:15-16, REVELATION 4:6b-11

The First Three Elements Of Worship Are Reverence, Devotion And Respect. Today We Will Discuss The Fourth Element Of Worship Which Is Honor. We Will Define Honor In Reference To Worship As That Element Of Worship Which Proclaims The Glories And Wonders Of God And Recognizes And Acknowledges His Divine Nature. What We Say In Our Hearts To God Must Also Be Said With Our Voices And Our Instruments. Our Personal Expressions Towards God Through Language And Song Are Essential To The Worship Experience. That Expression Takes Three Basic Forms, Each Experienced In Succession.

I. Praise (Psalms 150)

"Praise Is Our Exaltation Of God. It Is Our Proclaiming What He Has Done, With Word And Instrument. It Is Our Personal Expression Of Love And Admiration For God Himself."

II. Worship (Romans 8:15-16)

"Worship Is Our Acknowledgement Of Who God Is. Worship Enables Us To See God For The Loving Father He Is. We Cry Abba Father In Our Spirits As We Worship Him. Our Grateful Hearts Understand That God Is Our Redeemer And Deliverer.

III. High Worship (Revelation 4:6b-11)

"High Worship Is Our Humble Recognition Of His Holy Presence. It Is The Ability To Behold His Glory In The House Of God. High Worship Takes Us Beyond The Praise And Worship Of Proclamation And Acknowledgement Of Who Gos Is And What He's Done. High Worship Brings Us To Bow Down Before His Awesome Presence As If We Were Standing On Holy Ground."


Sunday, October 28th, 2012




The First Two Elements Of Worship Are Reverence And Devotion. Today We Will Discuss The Third Element Of Worship, Which Is Respect. We Will Define Respect In Reference To Worship As That Element Of Worship Which Creates Respect For God And Brings Respect From Man. We Respect God Because Of HOW He Did What He Did; Coming As A Servant To Teach Us How We Ought To Love One Another. As We Treat Others This Way, We Will Earn Their Respect And Trust, Opening The Door For The Gospel. Respect Is Learned And Earned In The Following Way's....

I. By Considering Others More Important Than Yourself (vs 3-4)

"This Is Not Easy To Do. We All Know People Who We Consider Lower Than Ourselves. It Is Hard For Us To View Some People As Better Or More Important Than We Are. It Is An Act Of Worship To So Respect Others That We Put Their Needs Above Our Own. This Is What Christ Did."

II. By Following Christ's Example (vs 5-7a)

"Servant-hood Is The Key To Fulfilling The Purpose Of Worship. We Become True Worshipers When We Consider Ourselves To Be Nothing Compared To Other People And To God. We Are Only Doing Our Duty As Servants Ought. This Was Christ's Attitude And His Example."

III. By Viewing Humility As An Attitude Of Worship (vs 8)

"Humility Must Be A Part Of A Worshipful Attitude. We Humble Ourselves Before God In Order To Show Respect. Humility Towards God And In Life Enables Us To Be Obedient Servants Without Pride Or Arrogance. This Is The Kind Of Worshiper God Seeks."


Sunday, October 21st, 2012



ROMANS 12:1-2

The Second Element Of Worship Is Devotion. We define Devotion To God As A Total Commitment Of Everything We Are And Everything We Have Towards The Purpose Of Loving God. We Make Ourselves Living Sacrifices Of Body And Soul To Pursue The Will And Purposes Of God. This Effort Is The Very Heart Of Our Worship Of God. Devotion To God Is Manifested Through Our Life In Three Different Ways

I. Devotion Is Manifested Through Sacrifice (vs 1)

"Devotion To God Can Be Measured. It Is Measured By Personal Sacrifice. Worship Is About Loving God. If You Love Someone, There Is Nothing You Would Not Do For Them; Nothing You Would Not Sacrifice For Them. That Is The Kind Of Love Christ Had For Us And The Kind Of Love We Must Have For God. This Is What Makes Us True Worshipers."

II. Devotion Is Manifested Through Holy Living (vs 1-2a)

"Holy Living Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road. It Is Where Our True Devotion And Love For God Is Tested. Are We Worshiping God With Our Lips Or With Our Lives? This Devotion Is Measured Every Day As We Renew Our Commitment To Love, Self Sacrifice And Holiness."

III. Devotion Is Manifested Through Following God's Will (vs 2b)

"Before One Can Follow God's Will One Must Know God's Will. Those Who Are Truly Devoted And Committed To God, Know God's Will For Their Own Lives And Are In The Process Of Fulfilling It. The 'End Game' Of Worship Is The Fulfillment Of God's Will In Ones Life. Jesus Said 'I Always Do The Will Of My Father In Heaven'. True Worshipers Must Strive For This Goal."


Sunday, October 14th



JOHN 4:24

Our Definition Of Worship Includes 5 Elements: Reverence, Devotion, Respect, Honor And Emulation. Today We Are Going To Discuss The First Of These Five Elements Of Worship: Reverence. We Will Define Reverence As The Object Of Our Worship. In Other Words, The Object Of Our Worship Must Be Worthy Of Our Reverence, And Worthy Of Awe And Amazement. The One We Worship Must Be Worthy Of Worship. We Worship The Living God Because He Is Worthy In The Following Ways...

I. He Is Worthy Because Of Who He Is

"Who Is The Living God? First Of All He Is The Only God There Is. The Only God Who Is Alive. As The Only God, He Is Defined By His Divine Nature. His Holy Attributes Makes Him Worthy Of Worship And Reverence."

II. He Is Worthy Because Of What He Has Done

"As The Only God, He Proves His Supreme Power And Wisdom By What He Has Done In The Natural World. His Awesome Creation In The Universe, Earth And Created Beings Is Awesome And Makes Him Worthy Of Reverence."

III He Is Worthy Because Of What He Represents

"The Living God Is The Representation In Fact And Reality Of Life And Light. Without God, Neither Would Exist, Regardless Of The Foolish Counter Teachings Of The So Called Wise And Intelligent Of This World."

IV. He Is Worthy Because Of Who He Is To Us

"Finally, God Is Worthy Of Reverence Because He Is God Our Father. We Are His Number 1 Best Miracle In All The Universe. We Are Made In His Image And Thus We Are Apart Of Who He Is; Worthy Of Our Worship.'


Sunday October 7th




Special Guest Speaker: Rachel Linscott

Worship Is Defined In Websters Dictionary In This Way: Worship Means To Honor Or Reverence A Divine Being Or Supernatural Power. To Regard With Extravagant Respect Or Devotion: To Emulate Or Desire To Be Like. As Christians We Must Understand That True Worship Of God Begins By Truly Loving God. Our Understanding Of Worship Includes The Concepts Of Our Definition: Reverence, Devotion, Respect, Honor And Emulation....

I. Reverence: The Object Of Our Worship (John 4:24)

"The Object Of Our Worship Of Course Is The Living God. There Is Only One God Who Is Alive. All Others Are NOT Gods. Reverence Can Only Be Given To One Who Deserves It. Why Does God Deserve Our Worship? Because Of Who He Is And What He Has Done."

II. Devotion: The Heart Of Worship (Romans 12:1-2)

"The Heart Of Worship Is Devoting Ourselves Totally To God. As Living Sacrifices We Say To God..'I Love You So Much That Nothing Else Is More Important Than My Relationship With You.' "

III. Respect: The Purpose Of Worship (Philippians 2:3-7)

"We Show Respect To God By How We Live Our Lives. If We Make Ourselves Servants Of Others, We Are Fufilling The Very Purpose Of Worship. Doing Unto Others As We Would Have Them Do Unto Us. The Greatest Expression Of Love Is To Serve Someone Else, Selflessly. This Is Worship Being Lived Out In Our Lives."

IV. Honor: The Act Of Worship (Psalms 150)

"We Honor God With Our Praise. We Acknowledge God With Adoration. What We Say In Our Hearts To God Must Also Be Said With Our Voices And Our Instruments. Our Personal Expressions Towards God Through Language And Song Are Essential To The Worship Experience."

V. Emulation: The Goal Of Worship (Ephesians 5:1)

"Ultimately, In Every Way, The Goal Of Worship Is To Be Like Christ. Worship Is Truly Expressed Best Through Emulation. Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Worship. Our Worshipful Desire Is To Be Like Jesus."


Sunday, September 30th


REVIVAL with Richard Rochkind

Service Time: 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (supper and service)


Sunday, September 23rd, 2012



HEBREWS 12:18-29

It Is Very Easy For Those Of Us Who Believe, To Take For Granted What God Has Done For Us. Perhaps It Is Because We Do Not Have A Great Enough Vision Of What It Is That God Has Included Us In? Perhaps It's Because Our Vision Is Clouded By The Troubles And Worries Of The World. In Hebrews Chapter 12 The Writer Clearly States What God Has Done For Us And What We Have Come To......

I. We Have Come To The City Of The Living God (vs22)

"A New Home That Is Eternal Where The Presence Of God Resides."

II. We Have Come To Thousands Upon Thousands Of Angels (vs 22)

"The Evidence Of A Spiritual World We Have Only Imagined."

III. We Have Come To The Church Of The First Born (vs 23)

"Those Who Have Become The First Generation Of A New World Order."

IV. We Have Come To God The Judge Of All Men (vs 23)

"The God Of Mercy, Whom We Have Loved."

V. We Have Come To The Spirits Of Righteous Men Made Perfect (vs 23)

"All Those Who Have Gone Before Us Who Are Waiting For Us."

VI. We Have Come To Jesus, The Mediator Of A New Covenant (vs 24)

"A New Contract With God That Makes Us A Part Of Jesus' Family."

VII We Have Come To The Sprinkled Blood (vs 24-28)

"A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken."


Sunday, September 16th



Guest Speaker: Don Russel

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, September 9th, 2012



MARK 9:38-41

'Whoever Is Not Against You Is For You'. Jesus Spoke These Words To The Disciples In Response To Their Rejection Of Someone Who They Did Not know Who Was Doing Miracles In Jesus' Name. Jesus Response Indicates That The Disciples Needed To Receive The Help Of Anyone Who Is Sensitive To Their Cause. It Is The Same Today. Be Prepared To Bless Those Who Help The Cause Of Christ.....

I. Those Who Support With Prayer (James 5:13-16)

"Prayer Is Powerful And Real. Missionaries Often Ask For Prayer Before Anything Else Because They Know They Need God's Power To Do The Spiritual Work Before Them. All The Saints Need Prayer And God Will Bless Those Who Pray For The Saints."

II. Those Who Support With Finances (II Corinthians 8:7)

"Those Who Help The Saints Financially Will Themselves Be Blessed. They Will Not Lose Their Reward. We All Should Appreciate Help From Time To Time And Not Let Our Pride Rob Someone Else Of A Blessing."

III. Those Who Support With Assistance (I Corinthians 12:27-28)

"Sometimes We All Just Need A Little Help With Something. Even If It Is As Small A Thing As Helping Someone Move. God Wants Us To Be Ready To Help And To Be Helped As We Live Out Our Earthly Lives."

IV. Those Who Help With Encouragement (Acts 4:36-37)

"Encouragement Is A God Given Gift Because It's Effectiveness Is Measured By It's Results. If You Have A Gift Of Encouragement, Use It As God Leads You."


Sunday, September 2nd, 2012




There Is A Time And Place For Every Activity Of Man. According To Solomon, The Key To Being Happy Is Doing Good, Being Satisfied In Your Work And Having Your Needs Met (vs 12-13). The Best Way To Accomplish This Is To Accept The Seasons Of Life As They Come, And To Receive Everything That Comes Along As God's Way Of Revealing Himself To Us, So That We Might Revere Him (Know Him).... (vs 14).

I. God Reveals Himself In Life (vs1-3)

"God Reveals Himself In The Seasons Of Life. As We Live Our Lives From Childhood Through Adulthood, God Reveals Himself As We Struggle With Everything From Birth To Death. If We Are Attentive And Accountable While We Are Living Our Lives, God Will Help Us And Cause Us To Understand His Purposes."

II. God Reveals Himself In Emotions (vs 4-5)

"As We Live Out Our Lives We Experience An Array Of Emotions That May Bring Us To God, Away From God Or Both. God Gave Us Emotions So We Could Experience Just How Real He Is And How Awesome He Intended Our Lives To Be. In These Experiences He Plans For Us To Sense And Know His Love."

III. God Reveals Himself In Effort (vs 6-8)

"God Is Often Revealed Through Mans Own Effort And Even The Very Things He Pursues. Man Was Not Just Given Life And The Emotions To Experience That Life, But He Was Given A Free Will. He Was Created In God's Image With The Same Creative Spirit Of The Father. Even In The Fantastic Accomplishes Of Man, God's Power And Glory Are Revealed."

Through All The Season's Of Life, God Is Constantly Revealing His Purposes, His Love, And His Power And Glory. It's Up To Us To See It.


Sunday, August 26th, 2012



LUKE 12:25

The Statement By Jesus In Luke 12:25 That 'Life Is More Than Food And The Body More Than Cloths' Has Challenged People Ever Since It Was Spoken Over 2000 Years Ago.This Statement Is Amazing Because It Is Not How Most People View Their Lives. Their Emphasis Is On The Exact Opposite: Satisfying Their Appetites And Obtaining Things For Themselves. Our Text Today Shows The Attitudes Of Three Different People Who Look At Life In Different Ways.....

I. The Rich Young Man (Mark 10:17-24)

"This Young Man Was Wealthy. He Had Done Everything He Knew To Do, In Order To Please God. Unfortunately, Because He Was Distracted By His Wealth, He Could Not Follow Christ Fully. His Focus Was On His Own Kingdom Rather Than Gods. What Jesus Asked Him To Do Would Be Hard For Anyone, But This Mans Wealth Had Become His God."

II. The Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21)

"This Man Had A Plan. He Would Hoard Up All He Could And Then Relax And Enjoy His Life And The Things He Had Provided For Himself. However He Did Not Take Into Account That His Life Was Not Measured In What He Possessed. There Was No Consideration For His Life After This Life."

III. The Little Children (Luke 18:15-17)

"The Little Children Were Coming To Jesus To Be Blessed. Jesus Pointed Out To The Disciples That Their Attitude In Life Should Be As Simple As A Child's Faith. Instead Of Establishing Little Kingdoms For Ourselves Here, Jesus Wants Us To Focus Our Life On Entering The Kingdom Of God."


Sunday, August 19th, 2012




A Vow Is A Promise You Make To The Lord About Something You Will Do For God,His House, His People Or His Work. Vows To God Should Be Made With The Help Of The Lord. They Must Be Within The Realm Of God's Will And Should Not Be Taken Lightly....

I. Spoken Vows (vs 1-5)

"A Spoken Vow Is A Promise You Make To God That Others Know About. In The Old Testament The Jews Would Make Vows To God As A Sacrifice Or Penance To The Lord. The Fulfillment Of These Vows Brought Spiritual Blessing. A Modern Day Spoken Vow Is The 'Faith Promise'".

II. Inner Vows (vs 7)

"An Inner Vow Is A Vow That No One Knows About But You And God. These Vows Are Often Made Because It May Not Be Appropriate Or Necessary For Others To Know About Them. There Are Good Inner Vows Which People Make To God For The Spiritual Benefit Of Everyone Involved. There Are Also Bad Inner Vows That People Make That Come From Bitterness Or Anger And Are Not Related To God's Provision. These Inner Vows Should Be Repented Of Immediately".

III. Unfulfilled Vows (vs 4-6)

"Unfulfilled Vows Are Vows That Are Essentially Broken Promises To God. They Produce Sin And Bring With Them A Curse on Peoples Plans And Purposes. We Should Never Make A Vow, Spoken Or Intended, That We Do Not Fulfill".


Sunday,August 12th, 2012



JOHN 18:33-38, JOHN 4:4-15, ACTS 2:36-37

There Are Seekers Everywhere. People Are Looking For Answers. As Believers We Need To Be Looking For The Seeker. That Is Because We Have The Answers They Are Looking For. Seekers Have Many Questions But There Are Three Basic Questions That Most Seekers Ask. All Three Of Theses Questions Have To Do With Finding God And Or Meaning In Their Life. Anyone Who Knows God Has The Ability To Help Them Find What They Are Looking For. The Questions Were Also Asked By Seekers In Jesus Days On Earth....

I. What Is Truth? (John 18:33-38)

"This Question Was Asked By Pilot While Interrogating Jesus Before The Crucifixion. What Is Truth Or In Other Words 'What Is Real and Important In Life' Is Really A Question Almost Everyone Asks At One Point Or Another In Their Lives. It Is An Important Question Because The Answer Reveals The True Meaning Of Life And The Purpose We As People Have For Being Here On Earth. Everyone Wants The Answer To That Question."

II. How Can I Get Living Water? (John 4:4-15)

"This Question Was Asked Of Jesus By A Woman Who He Met At A Well In Sychar. Jesus Had Just Told Her Of The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit. For Believers The Indwelling Of The Spirit Is Often Revealed To Others In The Way We Live Our Lives. A Life Of Love Often Reveals The Indwelling Of The Spirit And People Are Attracted To That. Believers Should Always Be Ready To Give An Answer For The Hope That People See In Them."

III. What Must I Do? (Acts 2:36-37)

"This Question Was Asked Of Peter On The Day Of Pentecost After His First Public Sermon. What Must I Do To Be Saved Is The Ultimate Question Of A Seeker On The Verge Of Finding Both Truth And Hope. Believers Again Have The Answer To This Question. For Us The Only Question We Have Is 'Where Are The Seekers?'. We Must Be Looking For Them And Asking God To Lead Us To Them So That Their Questions May Be Answered."


Sunday, August 5th, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, July 29th, 2012



JOHN 6:27-29

Believing In Jesus Is Work. It Is Work Because You Must Keep Believing. You Must Keep Believing In Spite Of Forces In The Natural And Spiritual World Who Oppose You. It Is Mental, Physical And Emotional Work To Believe In Jesus. Satan, Our Flesh, And The World All Are Trying To Keep Us From Believing And Doing The Work Of God.

I. The Mental Work (Opposing Satan)

"The Work Of Believing Begins In Our Minds. The Mental Work Begins By Rejecting Satan's Attacks And The Demonic Assault On Our Thought Life. Fighting The Mental Battle Is Hard Work Because Satan Never Gives Up Trying To Get You To Give Up On God.."

II. The Physical Work (Opposing Ourselves)

"The Physical Work Of Believing Is Found In Obeying Christ. This Means We Must Reject The Evil Impulses Of Our Own Flesh And DO Only That Which Pleases The Lord. Our Bodies Want To Rebel Against God In Physical Ways That Include Both Action And Attitude. We Must Work To Overcome These Temptations."

III. The Emotional Work (Opposing The World)

"The Emotional Work Of Believing Goes To Our Total Trust In Jesus. We Must Love Him More Than The World And Avoid The Emotional Abuse Which The World Inflicts Upon Those Who Pursue It. By Trusting In Jesus We Can Rely Upon His Mercy And Loving Kindness To Always Be There For Us."


Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Leroy Wilson, Royal Rangers Senior Commander

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, July 15th, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, July 8th, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Melissa Peters

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, July 1st, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Paul Alexander

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, June 24th, 2012





I. What Has Jesus Done For You

A. Video

B. The Scientific Death Of Jesus

C. I Thessalonians 4:9-10

D. John 3:16

II. Are You Ashamed?

If You Had A Cure For Cancer, Would You Tell Everyone That You Know About It? Than Why Are So Many Of Us Unwilling To Share The Key To Everlasting Life? Are We Ashamed Or Embarrassed To Love The Lord?

A. Luke 9:26-27

B. Romans 1:16

C. II Timothy 1:8-9

III. What Does Jesus Want You To Do For Him?

A. Matthew 25:41-46

B. I Timothy 4:13

C. Mark 12:28-31

D. Mark 16:15-16


Sunday, June 17th, 2012



GUEST SPEAKER: Val Rommel, Pastor of the United Methodist Church Of Wellsboro

Service Time: 10:30 a.m. on the Wellsboro Green.


Sunday, June 10th, 2012



ROMANS 15:15-33 Thru ROMANS 16:1-27

Here In The Last Chapter And A Half Of Romans, Paul Spends Most Of His Time Recognizing And Honoring The Household Of God. Beginning With The Inclusion Of The Gentiles, Then The Recognition Of Hard Working Jews And Greeks, And Even Some Of His Own Relatives, Paul Honors The Saints That Have Supported His Ministry. It Is Worth Noting The Types Of People The Lord Uses In The Household Of God To Support His Work.

I. The Gentiles (15:15-16)

II. The Generous (15:26)

III. The Jews (15:27)

IV. The Helpers (16:1-2)

V. The Courageous (16:3-4)

VI. The Hard Workers (16:6,9,12)

VII. The Godly Relatives (16:7,11,21)

VIII. The Nurturers (16:13)

IX. The Wise (16:17-18)

X. The Obedient (16:19)

XI. The Hospitable (16:23)

XII. The Professionals (16:24)

Although This List Is Not Exhaustive, It Proves The Point That Everyone Can Be Used To Support And Supplement The Work Of God. Just Find Your Own Nitch And Get To Work.


Sunday, June 3rd, 2012



ROMANS 15:14, II PETER 1:5-8

Paul Finishes Chapter 15 With A Word Of Encouragement To The Saints In Rome. He Expresses His Confidence In Them That They Are Ready To Serve And Instruct Each Other In The Faith. It Should Be Our Desire That We Get To The Point Where We Can Both Serve And Instruct The Saints. Paul Shares Three Main Ingredients That Make It Possible To Do This....

I. Goodness (vs 14, II Peter 1:5)

"Goodness Is A Fruit Of The Spirit And The First Ingredient Necessary For Christian Service. Who Could Genuinely Serve Others Without The Fruit Of Goodness. Goodness Is Best Fulfilled When We Look After The Needs Of Others Over Ourselves. Goodness Must Be Expressed To Others Through Acts Of Love That Mature The Believer (Being Full Of Goodness).

II. Knowledge (vs 14, II Peter 1:5)

"The Second Ingredient For Christian Service Is Knowledge. Knowledge Of The Word Of God And The Holy Spirit (Complete Knowledge) Is Absolutely Essential If We Are To Serve Others. This Kind Of Knowledge Not Only Solidifies And Establishes Our Walk With Christ, But It Makes It Possible For Us To Share That Knowledge With Others."

III. Competence (vs 14, II Peter 1:6-8)

"The Final Ingredient Necessary For Christian Service Is Competence. Competence In Christ Is Developed By Obeying Verses 6 Thru 8 Of II Peter Chapter 1. We Must Add To Our Knowledge Self-Control, Perseverance, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness And Of Course Love. This Kind Of Maturity In Christ Takes Time And Experience To Develop. That Is Why We Must Be Careful Who We Put Into Positions Of Christian Service And What We Ourselves Volunteer For In The Church."


Sunday May 27th, 2012




Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, May 20th, 2012



ROMANS 15:1-13

Paul Shows In This Text That Those Who Are Strong In The Lord Have Two Abiding Traits That Make It Clear To Everyone How Mature They Are In Christ. Those Traits Are Patience And Hope. With These Two Traits, Or Christian Attributes, The Strong Bear With The Weak And Have The Where With All To Manage Their Own Faith Walk. These Traits Are Manifested In Several Ways.....

I. In How They Deal With Others (vs 1-2, 5-7)

"Patience And Hope Are Manifested Among The Mature By How They Deal With Other People Because They Are Not Trying To Please Themselves. They Don't Always Have To Be Right, Things Don't Always Have To Go Their Way, And Their Needs Do Not Have To Be Met First.The Mature Also Never Give Up On Anyone."

II. In How They Deal With Themselves (vs 3-4)

"Patience And Hope Are Manifested In The Mature When They Deal With Themselves By Observing The Scriptures And Applying Them To Their Lives. This Of Course Helps The Strong Stay Strong Through Both Patience And Hope."

III. In How They Deal With God (vs 11-13)

"Patience And Hope Are Manifested In The Mature When They Deal With God Because Strong Faith In God Is Primarily Made Up Of Patience And Hope. Trusting In God Requires Patience And Hope Because Abiding Faith Will Not Last Very Long (It Won't Abide) Without Theses Attributes. Our Faith Is Worked Out In Patience And Hope."


Sunday, May 13th, 2012



ROMANS 14:1-23

At The End Of Chapter 13 Paul Began To Prepare The Believers For What He Is Going To Talk About In Chapter 14. His Primary Message Is That Strong Believers Must Accept The Weak Believers And The Weak Believers Must Not Condemn The Strong Believers. Strong Faith Is Defined By Paul In This Text As Faith That Believes Without Limitations And With A Free Conscious. Here Is What Paul Is Asking Us To Do In Order To Accept And Love Each Other....

I. Don't Pass Judgment On (Because Of) Disputable Matters (vs 1-4)

"God Wants Us To Live In Peace With One Another. To Do This We Must Avoid Conflicts Over Disputable Matters. These Conflict Would Only Result In Either Judgment Or Condemnation In The Body Of Christ, Which Does Not Please The Lord."

II. Take The Right Attitude (vs 5-12)

"The Right Attitude For All Believers Is Two Fold. First, Each Person Must Be Fully Convinced In His Own Mind About What They Believe About God Based On The Word. Secondly, Everyone Should Do Whatever They Do Unto The Lord, Not To Men, For God Is Their Only Judge."

III. Don't Be A Stumbling Block (vs 13-15)

"Make Sure That What You Believe Is Not Making Someone Else Stumble, Even If What You Believe Is Right. If You Know That What You Are Doing Is Causing Dissension, Stop It. You Are Only Causing Your Brother To Sin Against You And Visa Verse."

IV. Keep What You Believe Between Yourself And God. (vs 16-23)

"SHUT UP! Pursue Righteousness, Peace And Joy In The Holy Spirit"


Sunday, May 6th, 2012



ROMANS 13:8-14

Paul Is Beginning To Speak On The Topic Of Loving And Accepting One Another. Over The Next Chapter And A Half Paul Shows The Importance Of Love In The Everyday Lives Of The Saints Because Of It's Effect Upon Their Relationships With The Other Believers. Here At The End Of Chapter 13, Paul Begins This Exhortation By Reminding Us How We Should Treat One Another So That When He Talks About Acceptance And Tolerance In Chapter 14, They Will Be Ready To Hear It. Here Are Some Important Rules To Follow When Dealing With Others...

I. Love Keeps Us Obediant (vs 8-11)

"When We Love Each Other It Fulfills The Law. It Makes Obedience To God Simple Because If We Are Always Treating Each Other With Consideration And Kindness, We Are Pleasing The Lord And Not Sinning Against One Another."

II. Love Keeps Us Focused (vs 12-13)

"When We Love Each Other We Are Totally Focused On Our Spiritual Life In The Right Way. We Cannot Error In Mercy, Wisdom, Justice, Or Temperance If Love Is Our Guide. We Will Always Do God's Will If We Are Loving Each Other Like We Are Commanded."

III. Love Keeps Us Holy (vs 14)

"When We Love Each Other We Will Not Be Trying To Figure Out How To Gratify Our Selfish Desires. Instead, We Will Be Trying To Figure Out How To Help Someone Else; How To Serve Someone Else; How To Encourage Or Honor Someone Else. When We Live Like This, We Will Be Holy, As Jesus Is Holy. Then We Will Be Ready To Accept Each Other Completely."


Sunday, April 29th, 2012




Generosity Is One Of The Trade Marks Of The Christian Faith. When It Comes To Supporting The Work Of The Gospel, There Are A Lot Of Misconceptions About Giving. Today Our Text Reveals Five Main Concepts About Giving That All Believers Should Know.

I. Giving To God Must Begin By Giving Yourself To The Lord (vs 5)

"We Must Be Consecrated To God Before We Can Even Begin To Support His Work. People Always Give To Causes They Believe In. In The Church Those Who Are Doing All The Giving Are Those Who Are Completely Committed To God And His Work On Earth."

II. Giving Is Not A Command But A Test Of Spirituality. (vs 8)

"Giving To God Tests The Sincerity And Genuineness Of Our Spirituality. God Knows You Are Serious About Your Faith When You Are Willing To Give a Portion Of Your Finances Towards His Work.

III. All Giving Begins With The Desire To Give (vs 10)

"We Must Want To Give Before We Will Give. This Is Truly A Point Of Spiritual Maturity. It Is One Point In Our Spiritual Journey Where We Actually Go From One Level Of Spirituality To Another."

IV. Giving Is Based On Means, Not An Arbitrary Amount (vs 11-12)

"After We Develop The Desire To Give We Must Understand That Whatever We Give Is Acceptable. God Wants Us To Be Responsible With Our Money And Give What We Can, Not What We Can't.

V. Giving Increases As We Recognize The Need. (vs 13-15)

"We Give To Help Minister To People. The More We Do, The More We Will. And God's Increase To Us Will Continue Also."


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Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, April 15th, 2012


GUEST SPEAKER: Paul Alexander


Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


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LUKE 24:1-12

'Why Do You look For The Living Among The Dead' Is One Of The Greatest Lines An Angel Ever Delivered. For The Women That Heard It, This Line Speaks Both To Their Lack Of Faith And To The Simplicity Of Believing What Jesus Said. Even The Disciples, When Told About What Had Happened, Did Not Believe. So Believing Is Not Always Easy, But Here's What We Are Suppossed To Do.

I. Believe What You Are Told (vs 6-8)

"The Women At The Tomb Had To Be Reminded Of What Jesus Had Said About His Resurrection. Jesus Himself Said That He Was The Way, The Truth And The Life. He Often Would Also Say To The Disciples 'I Tell You The Truth...' It Is Up To Us To Believe That He Is Speaking The Truth."

II. Believe What You Can See (vs 4-5)

"Many Times God Reveals Himself In The Physical World. People See These Things But Many Times They Ignore Them Or Explain Them Away. The Women At The Tomb Seem To Have Believed Their Own Eyes."

III. Believe What May Seem Impossible (vs 11)

"The Disciples Did Not Believe The Women Because What They Were Saying Seemed Like Nonsense To Them. Remember That They Were Told About The Resurrection Too And Saw Many Real Miracles, And Yet This Was Nonsense. We Must Learn To Believe The Impossible.

IV. Believe What You Experience (vs 12)

"Peter, Although Unbelieving, Still Had To Go See For Himself. When We Experience God It Is His Way Of Helping Us Believe."


Sunday, April 1st, 2012



ROMANS 11:11-36

Anti-Semitism Has Been An Evil In The World Since Before Jesus Came To Earth. Some Of This Hatred For The Jews Has Even Come From Those Who Claim To Be Christians. This Has Given Believers A Bad Name. In The Remaining Part Of Chapter 11, Paul Warns The Church Not To Be Conceited And Look Down On The Jewish People. He Gives Us Four Reasons Why The Church Should Not Reject Israel....

I. Isreals Redemption Should Be Our Goal (vs 13-16)

"The Rejection Of Israel Would Not Bring Them To God. One Of Our Spiritual Goals Should Be To See Israel Brought Back To Their Messiah. Our Rejection Of Israel Would Make Us An Enemy Of God Himself."

II. We Could Be Cut Off From God Ourselves (vs 17-22)

"Just As Israel Was Cut Off For Unbelief, We Could Be Cut Off For Taking The Wrong Attitude Towards Israel. Those Who Reject Israel Often Turn To Hatred And Find Themselves Outside The Family Of God."

III. The Remnant Will Eventually Be Saved (vs 23-27)

"Ultimately, Israel Will Come To See Jesus As Their Messiah. Since This Is True, We Must Work With God For Israel's Benefit."

IV. You Owe Your Salvation In Part, To Isreal (vs 28-36)

"Instead Of Resenting Or Hating Israel For Being God's Chosen People, We Must Be Grateful To Them For Making A Way For Us To Be Saved. Israel's Rejection Has Led To Our Acceptance And Now We Must Work For Their Reconciliation With God."


Sunday, March 25th, 2012



ROMANS 10:16 to 11:10

In This Portion Of Scripture, Paul Defends The Jewish Race By Proclaiming That Even Though Many Jews Have Rejected Their Messiah, God Has Again Chosen By Grace A Remnant For Himself Of Jewish Believers. It Is Our Obligation To Also Defend And Support The Jewish People So That The Remnant May Be Brought Into The Kingdom. We Do This In Three Ways....

I. Keep Proclaiming The Word To The Jews (vs 16-18)

"Even Though The Jewish People Can Be A Stubborn People, They Are Also Stubborn In Their Belief. Once A Jew Comes To Christ, That Same Steadfastness Can Also Work For The Purposes Of God."

II. Keep Supporting And Helping The Jews (vs 21)

"If God Has Not Given Up On His People, His Church Cannot Give Up On Them. God Continues To Hold His Hand Out To Them Through The Church Of Jesus Christ. We Must Take That Responsibility Very Seriously."

III. Keep Praying For The Jews (11:1-6)

"As Believers, Each Of Us Were Chosen By Grace As God Responded To Our Plea For Mercy. He Has Chosen A Remnant Of Jewish Believers The same Way. It Is Our Obligation As Believers And Brothers Of The Remnant Yet To Come Into The Kingdom, To Earnestly Pray For Them Regularly."


Sunday, March 18th



GUEST SPEAKER: Debbie Colton

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.

Fellowship Meal: 12:30 p.m.


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ROMANS 10:1-17

Here In The First Part Of Chapter 10 Paul Tells Us Exactly What It Takes To Make Jesus Lord Of Our Lives. Although Most Christians Have Reduced The Road To Salvation To The ABC's Or The Sinners Prayer, Paul Tells Us That There Is A Little Bit More To It. Salvation Is Actually A Process Of Lordship; The Lordship Of The Heart Towards Christ. It Goes Something Like This.....

I. Hearing God's Word (vs 8, 14, 17)

"Before Anything Happens, People Must Hear The Truth Of God As Revealed In God's Word, The Bible. People Hear When Believers Speak It Or When They See It For Themselves In God's Word.

II. Believing God's Word (vs 4, 10, 17)

"People Must Believe What They Hear And Read Concerning The Truth. Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God. Belief Is The Aspect Of Lordship That Is Essential To Lordship. It Makes Lordship Possible But Does Not Guarantee Lordship. Thus The Sinners Prayer May Not Be Enough For Lordship."

III. Making Christ Lord (vs 9-12)

"Lordship Involves Three Elements: Believing, Speaking And Doing. All Three are Required To Produce Lordship. Lordship Is Established When Each Element Comes From The Heart In A Desire To Love God."


Sunday, March 4th, 2012



ROMANS 9:1-33

Who Has Received The Mercy Of God? Who Has Received His Wrath? Why Are Some Receiving Mercy While Others Are Receiving Wrath? These Questions Have Been Asked For Thousands Of Years. Paul Answers Them In Romans Chapter Nine.

I. God's Wrath Was Intended For Everyone (vs 14-16)

"Everyone Deserves God's Wrath, Without Exception. The Fact That Some Will Receive Salvation Is Only Based Upon God's Mercy. There Is Nothing We Can Do To Earn His Pardon."

II. God's Mercy Is Received By Those Whom God Chooses (vs 18)

"God Always Chooses To Grant Mercy To Those Who Ask. That Is Clearly What Scripture Teaches About How God Chooses To Grant Mercy. Those Who Ask, Receive."

III. God's Wrath Is For Those Who Depend Upon Themselves (vs 31)

"Those Who Pursue Righteousness Through Their Own Effort Will Receive Wrath."

IV. God's Mercy Is For Those Who Live By Faith. (vs 30)

"Those Who Pursue Righteousness By Way Of Faith Will Receive Mercy. These Are Those Who Receive God's Mercy Through God's Promise (vs 8). Never Forget That God Makes The Rules. He Is Sovereign. He Does What He Wants Within The Self Imposed Confines Of His Holy Nature, Which Is Manifested By Love."


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GUEST SPEAKER: Rachel Linscott

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


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ROMANS 8:28-39

God Helps His Children In Many Ways. Once We Receive God's Spirit And Our Lives Are Set On A New Course, God Is There To Help Us At Every Point In Our Lives. He Is Able To Help Us In Many Ways, Some We May Not Even Know About.

I. God Helps Us To Fulfill His Purposes (vs 28)

"God Is Always Working In Everything That Happens To Us, For Our Good. This Is Because We Have Submitted Ourselves To Do His Will."

II. God Helps Us To Become Like His Son (vs 29-30)

"Because God Knows The Future And Knows How Your Life Will Turn Out, He Helps Those Who He Knows Will Finish The Race. He Helps Them To Become Like Jesus While They Are Working Out Their Salvation With Fear And Trembling."

III. God Helps Us Against Our Enemies (vs 31-34)

"Since We Know This We Know God's Power Is With Us Because We Know We Are God's Children. This Means That No One Can Be victorious Over Us, Especially Satan."

IV. God Helps Us When Trouble Comes (vs 35-36)

"God's Love For Us Moves Him To Help Us In Times Of Trouble."

V. God Helps Us Overcome The World (vs 37-39)

"God Will Help Us In Everything. We Will Eventually Overcome This Evil World Because Of God's Love For Us. His Plan Is To Save Us From His Wrath That Is Coming Upon The World."


Sunday, February 5th, 2012



ROMANS 8:18-27

We Have Been Talking About How Sin Has Ruled Our Minds And Bodies Through The Sinful Nature. We Have Seen How It Has Control Of The Unspiritual Mind And How Christians Themselves Struggle With Sin. Now Paul Shows Us What We Shall Be If We Hold On To Our Hope.

I. God's Glory Will Be Revealed In Us (vs 18-19)

"The Divine Nature Will Replace Our Sinful Nature. The Very Glory Of God Will Be In Us Through The All Conuming Holy Spirit."

II. God's Creation Will Be Renewed (vs 20-22)

"All Of God's Creation Will Be Renewed. It Will Be Released From It's Curse Of Decay, Just Like The Children Of God."

III. God's Family Will Be Completed (vs 23)

"God's Purposes For Us Will Not Be Completed Until All Of His Children Are Revealed."

IV. God's People Receive New Bodies (vs 23-24)

"We All Will Recieve New Bodies Which Will Be Free From Decay. Our Hope Is In Our Total Redemption."

V. God's Power Is Given To Us Through The Spirit (vs 25-27)

"This Is A Future Hope And A Present Reality. God Wants Us To Access The Power Of God Through The Holy Spirit As We Patiently Wait For Our Blessed Hope."


Sunday, January 29th, 2012



ROMANS 8:1-17

Condemnation Is Why The World Hates God. They Know They Are Condemned Because Their Deeds Are Evil. They Do Not Want Anyone To Hold Them Accountable For What They Do. Those Who Believe God Are No Longer Condemned But Are Set Free To Live Life As God Intended Them Too. Here Is The Truth About Condemnation.

I. Man Is Condemned By God Because Of The Sinful Nature. (vs 7, 13)

"Man Is Condemned By God Because He Does Not Have The Spirit Of God. He Lives By The Human Sinful Nature. Those Who Refuse To Repent Are Controlled By Their Own Fleshly Nature (spirit) And Are Condemned By God."

II. Man Does Not Have To Be Condemned (vs 1, 9-10)

"Man Can Be Free From The Condemnation Of God, Even If He Sins. This Is Because Of What Christ Did On The Cross And The Presence Of The Holy Spirit."

III. Sin Is What Christ Condemned On The Cross (vs 3)

"This Is Why You Are Not Condemned By God As A Believer Even Though You Still Sin. It Is Not You Who God Now Condemns, But The Sin Which Is In Your Sinful Nature. This Causes All Men To Sin, Saved Or Lost."

IV. Condemnation Is All About Fear (vs 15)

"Unbelievers Hate God Because They Fear The Condemnation That Awaits Them Because Of Their Sin. Satan Tries To Keep Believers In Fear Of Condemnation Because Of Current Or Past Sin."

V. Believers Are NEVER Condemned By God For ANYTHING (vs 1, 15-17)

"Believers Are Loved Children Of God, Not Condemned Criminals."


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GUEST SPEAKER: Tony Kiessling

Service Time 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, January 15th, 2012



ROMANS 7:1-26

It Is God's Will For Us To Understand Just How Evil Sin Really Is. This Is Because Our Spiritual Struggle Is Ultimately Over Who's Will We Are Going To Follow, Satan's Will Or God's. Romans Chapter Seven Is A Picture Of What That Struggle Looks Like. In Order For Us To Set Our Hearts Towards God And Against Satan, We Must Understand The Spiritual Realities Of Sin.

I. Sin Is Deceptive (vs 1-11)

"Sin Is Deceptive Because We Minimize It's Effects In Us And In The World. This What Satan Wants And One Of The Main Reasons People Are Controlled By Sin."

II. Sin Is Ultimate Evil (vs 13)

"Sin Must Be Seen As The Ultimate Evil In The World And The Cause Of All Our Problems And The Problems Of The World.b It Must Be Rejected."

III. Sin Is Stronger Than Your Human Will (vs 14-19)

"We Cannot, On Our Own, Resist Satan Successfully. He Is Stronger Because Our Sinful Nature Is Fighting Against Us Inside Of Us."

IV. Sin Is Satan's Will (vs 20-23)

"Sin Is Satan's Will In The World Because It Opposes God. When We Fail God It Is Satan's Will Which We Are Following. God Wants Us To Fully Understand This So We Can Be Completely Opposed To Sin."

V. Sin Is Fighting Me, Against God's Will. (vs 24-26)

"Satan Wants Your Will. He Wants Your Will To Be His Will. He Will Fight You For Control Of Your Will Until It Is Decided Who's Will You Will Follow."



Sunday, January 8th, 2012



ROMANS 6:15-23

All People Are Slaves By Choice. You Are Either A Slave To Sin By Choice Or You Are A Slave To God By Choice. We Choose When We Offer Ourselves To One Or The Other To Obey Their Desires. We Also Reap The Benefits Or Disadvantages Each Provides.


I. Sin Leads To Impurity And Increasing Wickedness (vs 19)

"Sin Produces Filthy Lives"

II. Sin Leads To Shame And Disgrace (vs 21)

"Sin Produces Unhappiness And Hopelessness

III. Sin Leads To Spiritual Death (vs 23)

"Sin Lasts Only For A Short Time"


I. Righteousness Frees Us From The Disadvantages Of Sin (vs 22)

"Righteousness Produces True Freedom (I Cor 10:23)."

II. Righteousness Leads To Holiness (vs 19)

"Righteousness Draws Us Closer To God And True Fulfillment (Joy)."

III. Righteousness Leads To Eternal Life (vs 23)

"Righteousness Lasts Forever"


Sunday, January 1st, 2012



ROMANS 6:1-14

Now That The Spiritual Effects Of Sin Have Been Eliminated For Those Who Accept The Gift Of God, It Is Up To Us To Recognize That Sin Is Dead. Since Sin Is Dead, We Must Be Dead To Sin. This Is How We Die To Sin....

God's Part....

I. Our Old Self Is Dead (vs 1-6)

"Our Sinful Self Died With Christ"

II. We Are Now Free From Sin (vs 7)

"The Spiritual Effects Of Sin Are Over"

III. We Are Alive In Christ (vs 11)

"We Are God's Property"

Our Part....

IV. Do Not Allow Your Body To Enjoy Sin (vs 12-13a)

"Do Not Do What Your Body Wants. God Is In Charge.

V. Offer Your Body To God To Do His Work (vs 13b)

"Become A Servant"

VI. Sin WILL NOT Be Your Master

"Grace Will Help You When You Fail"


Sunday, December 25th, 2011



LUKE 2:1-20

"How Ordinary People Helped Proclaim The Birth Of Christ". Observations Fron The Christmas Story.


Sunday, December 18th, 2011



ROMANS 5:15-21

Last Week We Talked About The Effect Sin Has Had On The World And Our Spiritual Condition. God Has Given Us A Great Gift So That The effects Of Sin Would Be Totally Nullified. That Gift Manifests Itself In Four Specific Ways....

I. The Gift Of Grace (vs 15)

"God's Grace Is A Gift We D Not Deserve. Unmerited Favor Is The Common Definition Of Grace And Refers To Our Spiritual Condition As A Result Of Our Personal Choice To Sin. Our Redemption Must Begin With The Gift Of Grace."

II. The Gift Of Justification (vs 16)

"God's Grace Makes The Sin Problem Disappear. We Are Looked Upon By God Just As If We Had Never Sinned. Jesus Sacrifice Enables Us To Rid Our Spirits Of The Curse Of Sin Forever."

III. The Gift Of Righteousness (vs17)

"God's Righteousness Replaces Our Sin. The Process Of Our Redemption Includes Making Us Over Again Into New Sinless Beings. It Is The Only Answer To Solving The Problem Of Sin, Which Otherwise Would Bring Us Spiritual Death."

IV. The Gift Of Eternal Life (vs 18-21)

"The Result Of This Total Transformation Is The Ability To Live Forever. Since The Curse Of Death Is Removed Because Of The Eradication Of Sin, We Are Now Left With The Ability To live Forever. This Is The Natural Result Of no Sin And The way It Was Before Sin: Eternal Life For Everyone Who Receives The Gift Of God."


Sunday, December 11th, 2011



ROMANS 5:12-21

Here Are A Few Facts About Sin That May Help You Explain The Spiritual World To People Who Have Questions About It. Seekers Often Want Answers To Why Things Are The Way They Are And What God's Role Is In The World Today. An Understanding Of Sin Will Help Clear Up A Few Things For Them...

I. Sin Entered The World Through One Man (vs 12)

"Adam's Sin Threw The World Into Spiritual Darkness."

II. Sin Brought Death Into The World (vs 12)

"Before Sin There Was No Death. Sin Corrupted Man And Brought Death."

III. Sin Does Not Count Against Us Without An Understanding Of The Law. (vs 13)

"God Will Not Condemn Us If We Do Not Know Right From Wrong."

IV. Sin Kills Us When We Understand The Law. (vs 14)

"Once We Understand The Law, We Understand That We Are Sinners."

V. Sin Brought Evil Into The World (vs 15)

"Because Of Sin, Man Is Evil And Brings Evil To Other Men."

VI. Sin Brings Condemnation And Judgment (vs 16)

"As Long As Sin Rules, Man Will Be Judged And Condemned By God."

VII. Sin's Increase, Increases God's Grace All The More. (vs 20)

"Sin Does Not Have To Rule Over Man."


Sunday, December 4th, 2011



ROMAN'S 5:1-11

If We Have The Faith Of Abraham, Then We Truly Have Much To Rejoice In. Our Faith Will Produce Joy Over Our New Spiritual Circumstances. Here Paul Quickly Reminds Us Of A Few Things We Can Rejoice In Now That We Have The Faith Of Abraham.....

I. Peace With God (vs 1-2)

"We Can Rejoice That We Are No Longer Enemies Of God (vs10). Peace With God Should Bring Rejoicing Over Our Renewed Fellowship With God. The Intimacy Which All Christians Can Experience With God Will Always Produce A Joyful Spirit."

II. Our Sufferings (vs 3-4)

"Suffering May Seem Like A Funny Thing To Rejoice Over But Paul Is Referring To The Everyday Struggles With Life. These Struggles Teach Us Not Only To Trust God But That Those Very Struggles Will Ultimately Develop Our Spiritual Character. This We Can Rejoice In."

III. God's Love (vs 5-8)

"God's Love Is What Separates Us From God's Wrath. Many People Blame God For The Way Things Have Gone In Their Life. They May Reject God Because Of The Problems In This World And The Things They Cannot Understand Or Accept. However, It Is God's Love That Defines His Nature And Which The Lost Cannot Grasp. This Keeps Them From Seeing Past Their Issues And Accepting God. Yet It Is God's Love That We Believers Celebrate And Rejoice In."

IV. Our Salvation (vs 9-11)

"We Rejoice In Our Salvation. We Are Saved Out Of A Dying World. We Are Saved To Join The New Kingdom. We Are Saved To Go Into The family Of God. We Are Saved To Bring Others Into The Light Of God. In All Of This We Rejoice."


Sunday, November 27th, 2011



ROMANS 4:1-25

The Idea That We Cannot Do Anything To Change Our Own Spiritual Condition Except To Let God Change It For Us, Is Hard For The Human Ego To Accept. In Chapter Four Paul Explains, In Detail, How God Used Abraham To Bring His Righteousness To Man. Through Abraham's Belief, God Made A Way To Justify Anyone Who Believes. Abraham's Faith Is Our Example....

I. Abraham's Belief Is In God's Word (vs 1-3)

"Abraham Believed In what God Said. He Took Him For His Word. God Gave Him A Promise And Abraham Believed It Would Come To Pass."

II. Abraham's Belief Is In Hope (vs 18)

"Abraham Hoped In God. Even Though It Seemed Hopeless, Abraham's Belief Included The Hope Of The Impossible Happening."

III. Abraham's Belief Is In God's Power (vs 21-22)

"Abraham Was 'Fully Persuaded' In His Belief In God's Power. That Is Why He Was Credited With Righteousness."

IV. Abraham's Belief Is Rewarded (vs 5-17)

"Abraham's Belief Was Rewarded With The Forgiveness Of His Sins, And His Justification Before God."

V. Abraham's Belief Is Our Belief (vs 23-25)

"This Is How Our Belief In God Should Work. It Should Mirror Abraham's Belief. We Believe God's Word And Put Our Hope In Him. We Believe In The Power Of God To Do The Impossible And To Fulfill His Promises To Us. If We Do This, Then We Are Truly Abraham's Descendants In The Faith And Will Receive An Eternal Reward."


Sunday, November 20th, 2011



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday, November 13th, 2011



Rev. Roger Lee

U.S. Missionary with Youth Alive

Service Time: 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 Banquet


Sunday, November 6th, 2011



ROMANS 3: 21-31

Now That Paul Has Clearly Established The Sinfulness Of Man And The Futility Of Obeying The Law For The Sake Of Righteousness, He Moves On To The Beginning Of His Presentation Of The Gospel. He Proclaims A Righteousness Which Is Established By God And Which Has Nothing To Do With Mans Will Or Effort. This Righteousness Comes To Man In Several Different Ways....

I. It Comes Through Faith (vs 21-22)

"The Righteousness Of God Comes To Man First And Foremost Through The Atoning Sacrifice Of Jesus Christ. His Sacrifice For Us Makes Salvation Possible. We Must Only Accept It As Our Own, By Faith."

II. It Is By Grace (vs 23-24)

"This Righteousness Also Comes To Man By The Grace Of God. That Grace Is Manifested As The Redeeming Of Our Souls. God Is Taking Back What Rightfully Belongs To Him."

III. It Is Free (vs 23-24)

"This Righteousness Of God Is Also Free. Free To Everyone. Free To All Those Who Have Sinned And Fallen Short Of The Glory Of God."

IV. It Is Just (vs 25-26)

"Righteousness Can Come To All Sinners, Of All Time, Past And Present. Jesus Died To Recreate Us Into A New Race Of People, So It Can Be Just As If We Had Never Sinned."

V. It Is Not From Man (vs 27-31)

"Since This Righteousness Is A Gift From God To Man, Man Cannot Earn It Or Take Credit For It. It Is God's Righteousness Given To Us."


Sunday, October 30th, 2011



ROMANS 3:1-20

Every Person On Earth Is Accountable To God. We Must All Give An Account Of Our Lives When We Face God At The End Of The Age. Although There Are Many Who Do Not Know God, Very Few Do Not Understand That They Will Have To Deal With God About Their Life Once It Ends. Paul Makes It Clear That There Are Several Reasons Why We Must Give An Account....

I The Faithfulness Of God (vs 1-4)

"God's Faithfulness Makes It Impossible For Anyone To Escape Being Accountable To Him For How We Live Our Lives. This Includes Everyone. For Those Who Have Pursued Evil, God Will Remember. For Those Who Have Pursued The Lord, God Will Also Remember."

II. The Righteousness Of God (vs 5-8)

"The Righteousness Of God Requires The Lord To Hold Man Accountable. Because God Is Perfect, Those Who Come To Him Must Meet That Perfect Standard To Be Included In The Family Of God And Have Fellowship With Him."

III. The Unrighteousness Of Man (vs 9-18)

"Man's Unrighteousness Forces God To Hold Man Accountable For His Sinful Actions. Paul Is Clear Just How Corrupted Man Is And How Far He Has Fallen Away From Having Fellowship With God."

IV. The Law Of God (vs 19-20)

"Once God's Perfect Law Has Been Broken, Even By Just One Offense, God Must Judge The Person Who Broke His Law, Or His Perfect Righteousness. We Are God's Offspring And Are Accountable To Our Heavenly Father For Everything We Do. He Is The Faithful And Righteous Judge That All People Must Face At The End Of The Age."


Sunday, October 23rd, 2011



ROMAN'S 2:17-29

God Requires Both Jew And Gentile To Have A Circumcision Of The Heart. He Wants Them To Be Devoted To Him In Mind, Heart, Speech And Action. This Means A Total Submission Of Our Will's Without Hypocrisy In Our Lives. A Circumcision Of The Heart Means Devotion To God In Four Areas....

I. Devotion To God In Mind (vs 17-21)

"We Must Be Devoted To God In Our Knowledge Of His Word. We Must Know What He Requires Of Us As Believers And We Must Be Clear On What His Will Is."

II Devotion To God In Speech (vs 21-24)

"Proclaiming The Truth Of God Is The Next Natural Step To Being Devoted To God. We Must Be Willing To Share What We Have Learned From God And His Word As A Sign To Those Seeking The Truth."

III. Devotion To God In Deed (vs 25-27)

"The Speech And The Actions Of Those Devoted To God Do Not Contradict Each Other. We Must Live Out What We Proclaim. Otherwise, Those Who Observe Our Duality Will Blaspheme God."

IV. Devoted To God In Heart (vs 28-29)

"If We Do All These Things We Will Develop A Heart That Is Totally Devoted To God. This Is a Heart That Is Circumcised. A Heart That Is Separated Unto God And His Glory."


Sunday, October 16th, 2011



ROMANS 2:1-16

After The Shocking Details Of Those Who Became Reprobate In Chapter One, Paul Begins Chapter Two By Warning The Church About Showing Contempt For God's Tolerance. God's Patience Leads To Repentance, And All Those Saved, Or Are Going To Be Saved, Have Come To The Lord Because Of This Kindness. Man Shows Contempt For God In The Following Ways.....

I. When We Pass Judgment On Someone Else. (vs 1-4)

"God Wants Us To Remember That The Same Patience, Tolerance And Kindness That Lead To Our Salvation, Will Also Save The Homosexual, Prostitute, and Drug Addict. Our Judgment Of Those In Sin, Or Struggling With Sin, Shows Contempt For God's Mercy."

II. When We Refuse To Repent (vs 5-11)

"This Admonition Is For Every Human Being, Saved Or Lost. We Show Contempt For God When We Refuse To Acknowledge Our Sinfulness And Stubbornly Refuse To Repent. Many Christians May Fall Into This Category Because They Refuse To See Their Sin, Which Takes For Granted The Patience Of God."

III. When We Act Self-Righteously (vs 12-16)

"The Jews Believed That Because They Were Abraham's Descendants, They Could Live Self-Righteous Lives And God Would Look The Other Way. Jesus Rebuked The Religious Leaders Saying That The Prostitutes And Tax Collectors Were Getting Into Heaven Before Them. Their Contempt For God's Love And Mercy Was Inexcusable. Although They Obeyed The Letter Of The Law, They Ignored The Spirit Of It."


Sunday, October 9th, 2011



ROMANS 1:18-32

It Is Important For All Believers To Understand How Mankind Has Become So Disconnected From God. How Sin Has Kept Entire Families From Knowing God For Generations; And Why So Many People Today Reject The Living God. Paul Wants The Believers To Understand The Utter Sinfulness And Hopelessness Of Man's Spiritual Condition (Without A Savior). Thus He Proceeds To Explain Mans Road To Depravity, One Step At A Time.....

I. The Suppression Of The Truth (vs 18)

"Man Rejects And Suppresses God's Truth To Fulfill His Own Lusts"

II. Denying God Glory And Thanksgiving (vs 21)

"Man Becomes Futile In His Thinking And Develops A Dark Heart."

III. Exchanging The Glory Of God For Idols (vs 23-25)

"Man Exchanges The Truth For A Lie"

IV. The Degrading Of The Physical Body (vs 24-27)

"Man Develops Shameful Lusts"

V. The Development Of A Depraved Mind (vs 28-31)

"Man Refuses To Retain The Knowledge Of God"

VI. Living And Approving Of A Sinful Life (vs 32)

"Man Rejects God's Righteous Judgment"

* Because Man Has So Rejected God's Authority, The Church Has Got To Deal With The Rebellion And Sinfulness Of Each Generation.


Sunday, October 2nd, 2011



ROMANS 1: 8-17

At The Beginning Of His Letter To The Romans, Paul Has Made It Clear That Believers Belong To God. As He Continues, He Also Makes It Clear That The Reason That They Do, Is Because Of The Gospel. Paul Preaches The Gospel From Three Basic Motivations, Which We Should Remember And Imitate.

I. Paul Is Obligated To Preach The Gospel (vs 14)

"Paul Is Obligated To Preach The Gospel To Everyone, Both To The Greeks And The Non-Greeks, The Wise And The Foolish. In Other Words It Does Not Matter Who They Are Or What Their Economic Or Social Standing Is. It Doesn't Matter How Smart They Are Or What Their Social Standing Is. God Wants Everyone To Come To Salvation."

II. Paul Is Eager To Preach The Gospel (vs 15)

"Paul Is Not Just Obligated To Preach The Gospel; He Wants Too. It Is The Driving Force In His Life. Paul Cannot Imagine Anyone Not Having The Opportunity To Hear And Respond To The Gospel. It Is His Passion."

III. Paul Is Not Ashamed To Preach The Gospel (vs 16)

"Paul Knows That The Power Of The Gospel Is A Changed Heart And Life. He Knows That God Will Reveal Himself To Everyone Who Hears And Believes. The Message Is Simple, But The Results Are Life Altering With Eternal Consequences."


Sunday, September 25th, 2011



ROMANS 1:1-7

Romans Was Written By The Apostle Paul To The Gentile Believers At The Church Of Rome. His Goal Was To Help Them Completely Understand The Gospel And All The Ramifications Of Their Salvation And Sanctification. It Was Written About A.D. 57. Paul Begins This Book With A Recognition Of The Believers Position In Christ, Mainly That We Belong To Christ. We Belong To Him As A Child Belongs To His Parents. God Owns Us Not As An Object, But As A Valued And Loved Member Of His Immediate Family. A Member He Himself Has Sought Out.

I. We Belong To God By Faith (vs 5)

"Because We Have Believed God And His Promises (Which Come To Us By His Mercy Through The Calling Of The Apostles), We Belong To God. We Are True Children Of Abraham And Are No Longer Our Own (A New Birth Into A New Family). We Have Chosen God's Mercy And We Belong To The Family Of Faith."

II. We Belong To God By Calling (vs 6)

"Because Of This Mercy We Are Among Those Who Have Answered God's Call To Belong To Him. God Is Wanting All Men To Come To Repentance. Those Who Do Receive The Mercy Of God And Are Among Those Called (Separated Out Or Set Apart) To Belong To Him."

III. We Belong To God By Relationship (vs7)

"We Are Loved By God. This Is The Key Element Of All Strong Relationships. God Loved Us First And Taught Us How To Love. Because Of This We Submit Ourselves Under His Loving Care As Good Children Always Do With Their Parents."

* These Three Concepts Are Introduced In Chapter One An Are Elaborated On Throughout The Book Of Romans.


Sunday Morning, September 18th, 2011




Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, September 11th, 2011



I JOHN 5:18-21

John Ends His Epistle By Reminding Believers To Rely On The Power Of God And Not To Worry About The Power Of Satan. As Believers Continue To Trust In Jesus, God Will Provide Them With The Power To Overcome Satan, And Even Their Own Flesh, In Order To Receive Eternal Life. John Wants Them To Remember Three Things....

I. Sin Has No Power Over The Believer (vs 18)

"Sin Cannot Harm Or Destroy The Believer. They Are Protected By Jesus And They Will Not Want To Sin. The Power Of God Will Help The Believer To Overcome Their Own Flesh And Be Victorious Over Sin."

II. The Devil Has No Power Over The Believer (vs 19)

"Although Unbelievers Are Under The Power And Influence Of Satan, The Believer Is Part Of The Family Of God And Understands That Satan Is The Enemy Of Their Souls. Believers Are Not Deceived By Satan And Do Not Have To Be Under His Power And Influence. They Are Under The Power And Influence Of The Holy Spirit."

III. The Son Of God Has Given Believers The Power To Know God (vs 20-21)

"Believers Know Who The Real God Is. They Understand What Truth Is And Are Not Deceived When False God's And Their Prophets Appear. The Power Of God Reveals Truth To Them Through The Holy Spirit. Through The Truth Believers Have Power Over Both Sin And Satan."


Sunday Morning, September 4th, 2011



I JOHN 5:16-17

Here John Deals With The Subject Of Sin. He Talks About Three Kinds Of Sin. The Sin That Does Not Lead To Spiritual Death, The Sin That Does Lead To Spiritual Death And The Sin That Can Be Forgiven. The Difference Between The Three Is A Matter Of Spiritual Condition.

I. The Sin That Does Not Lead To Spiritual Death: Repentant Sin. (vs 16)

"The Sin That Does Not Lead To Spiritual Death Is Any Sin That Can Be Or Has Been Repented From.This Would Include Any Sin That A Person Commits While They Are Still Alive."

II. The Sin That Does Lead To Spiritual Death: Unrepentant Sin. (vs 17)

"The Sin That Does Lead To Spiritual Death Is Unrepentant Sin. This Is The Only Sin In The Bible That We Are Told Cannot Be Forgiven. That Sin Is The Sin Of Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit or Dying In Your Unrepentant Sin."

III. The Sin God Forgives (vs 16-17)

"All Sin Done While You Are Alive Can Be Repented Of And Then Forgiven By God. As Believers It Is Our Obligation To Pray For Those Who Are Unsaved And Living In Sin. We Are Also Obligated To Pray For Other Believers Who Are Struggling With Sin. But We Should Never Pray For Someone Who Has Died In Their Sin, That God Would Forgive Them And Give Them Life (vs 16). That Prayer Is Reserved Only For Those People Who Are Still Alive."


Sunday Morning, August 28th, 2011



I JOHN 5:13-15

This Is One Of The Most Powerful Scriptures Of Faith That Can Be Found In The Bible. That's Because It Tells Us Not Only That We Can Know That We Are Saved But Also That Our Prayers Are Being Heard And Answered. The Prayer Of Faith That Heals The Sick, Delivers Those From Bondage, And Leads Us Out Of Trouble, Must Begin With An Understanding Of This Scripture And It's Basic Principles.

I. Principle One: Ask With Confidence (vs 14)

"God Wants Us To Come To The Throne Of Grace With Confidence, Knowing He Wants To Hear From Us. He Wants To Answer Our Prayers And Prove To Us That He Is Real And Very Interested In What's Going On In Our Lives."

II. Principle Two: Ask According To God's Will. (vs 14)

"God's Will Should Be The Desire Of Every Believer. If That Is True, We Should Be Able To Discern What To Pray For. If We Know What The Bible Say's And Know The Nature Of God, We Should Be Able To Trust Him To Reveal His Will To Us Through Prayer."

III. Principle Three: Ask Knowing You Are Heard (vs 14)

"If The Bible Says God Hears Us When We Pray In His Will, We Must Believe It. Belief Is What Makes The Prayer Of Faith A Prayer Of Faith."

IV. Principle Four: Ask Knowing You Have Received (vs 15)

"Knowing We Have Recieved What We Have Asked For Is What Makes The Prayer Of Faith Effective."


Sunday Morning, August 21st, 2011



I JOHN 5:6-12

Jesus Is The Son Of God. As The Son Of God He Has The Ability To Give Eternal Life To Who Ever Asks Of Him. This Is Made Possible Because He Came To Earth As A Man, Remained Sinless Through Out His Life, And Died As An Innocent Person For The Sins Of The World. This Is Called The Atonement And Can Only Be Done Through A Sinless God Man. We Know This Because Of The Three Witnesses Who Testify That It Is True.

I. The First Witness: Water (vs 6-8)

"The First Witness Is Water. This Is The Miraculous Virgin Birth, Through The Holy Spirit, Of The Son Of God. Every Woman Who Gives Birth Has Her Water Break Right Before The Child Is Delivered. The Testimony Of Christ's Virgin Birth Proves His Deity And His Ability To Adequately Take Our Place Of Punishment, For Peoples Sins, On The Cross."

II. The Second Witness: Blood (vs 6-8)

"The Second Witness That Jesus Is Our Redeemer Is Blood. This Is His Death On The Cross. It Took His Sacrificial Death On The Cross To Satisfy God's Justice That Sin Must Be Paid For (The Wages Of Sin Is Death). Jesus Was The Perfect Sacrifice For An Imperfect And Guilty World."

III. The Third Witness: The Spirit (vs 6-10)

"The Holy Spirit Is The Third Witness That Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God Who Has Saved Us From Our Sin. The Spirit Testifies Through The Word Of God, Who Jesus Is, And Through The Confirmation Of God's Spirit Within Us."


Sunday Morning, August 14th, 2011



I JOHN 5:1-5

It Is Easy To Say That You Are A Christian But Not So Easy To Prove It. Believing In God Is Not Enough. We Musy Prove Our Love For God, And That We Are A Part Of His Family. This Can Be Done In Only One Way: Obedience. Obedience To God's Commands Proves To God And To man That You Are A Genuine Christian.

I. Obeidience Proves Our Love For God ( vs 1, 3 )

"We Know That God Loves Us But The Only Way For Us To Prove To God That We Truly Love Him Is To Obey His Commandments. That Is Because God's Commandments Are Created Specifically For The True Believer Because They Imitate God's Sacrifice For Us."

II. Obeidience Proves Our Love For Each Other ( vs 2 )

"If You Really Obey God's Commands You Will Love The Other Believers. This Is Because We Are Spiritually Bound Together And The Evidence Of That Obedience Bond Is Love. That Spiritual Unity Is What Binds All True Believers Together."

III. Obedience Proves We Are Overcomers ( vs 4-5)

"True Believers Overcome The World, And Satan Himself, Through Obedience And Love. Our Overcoming The World Can Only Be Done Through Obedience. Otherwise We Will Only Be Following In The Steps Of A Selfish World."


Sunday Morning, August 7th, 2011



Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, July 31st, 2011



GUEST SPEAKER: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, July 24th, 2011



I JOHN 4:7-21

God Reveals Himself To The World By Showing Man That He Is Love. God's Kind Of Love Is The Kind Of Love That Puts Others First. It Is The Kind Of Love That Cannot Be Betrayed. It Will Always Be There. It Is Also The Kind Of Love That The Kingdom Of God Is Made Of. It Is This Love Of God That Will Establish The Kingdom Of God Forever.

I. God's Love Is Sacrificial (vs 7-10)

"God Is Defined By Love. It Is His Nature. It Is Who He Is. God Operates From The Precept Of Sacrificial Love, Always Putting Others First (Philippians 2:3). That Is Why He Sent His Son To Die For Us. This Is How We Know What Love Is; God's Kind Of Love."

II. God's Love Is Trustworthy (vs 13-18)

"God's Love Is Also Trustworthy. He Will Never Betray The Ones He Loves. God's Kind Of Love Casts Out The Fear Of Judgment And Abandonment. We Know What Love Is Because God Shows Us That Love Is Eternal, Not Temporary Or Convenient."

III. God's Love Is Complete (vs 11-12, 19-21)

"God's Love Can Only Be Fully Expressed When It Is Shared. It Is Made Complete, Or Fully Expressed, When It Is Given To Others. God's Kind Of Love Is Defined By The Sacrificial And Eternal Care And Adoration Of Others."


Sunday Morning, July 17th, 2011



JOHN 4:1-6

When It Comes To The Truth Of God, Things Are Very Black And White. God Has A Name And He Has A Specific Character And Nature That Are Distinctive To His Own Identity. That Is Also What Makes Truth, Truth. Those Who Are From God And Agree With The Truth Will All Recognize Several Things...

I. They Recognize Who Jesus Christ Is (vs 1-2)

"All Those Who Are From God, Know Who Jesus Is. They Have Not Reduced Him To A Good Man But Recognize His Deity And Place In God's Plan For Man's Redemption."

II. They Recognize The Holy Spirit (vs 4)

"Those Who Are From God Recognize The Holy Spirit. They Operate By His Power And Have Him In Their Spirits. The Spirit That Is In Them Is More Powerful Than The Devil Himself."

III. They Recognize The Word Of God (vs 6)

"Those Who Are From God Recognize His Words. They Know The Voice Of God And Recognize His Precepts. The Sheep Always Know The Voice Of Their Shepard (John 10:27)."


Sunday Morning, July 10th, 2011



GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Melissa Peters

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, July 3rd, 2011



I JOHN 3:11-24

There Are Times When All Believers Do Not Feel Very Spiritual. It Is Almost Always Because We Have Disappointed God, Ourselves, Or Others By What We Have Done Or Failed To Do. At Those Times A Good And Noble Heart Will Condemn Us Because We Know We Have Failed. At Those Times In Our Lives The Lord Is Quick To Remind Us Of A Few Things We Should Already Know.

I. We Know We Have Passed From Death To Life (vs 14-15)

"True Christians Will Always Love. It Will Be What Defines Them As Believers And As People. God Wants To Remind Us That This Is How We Know That We Are Approved Of By God And Are In His Kingdom: The Fact That We Still Love Others."

II. We Know We Belong To The Truth (vs 19-20)

"God Also Wants Us To Know That Even If We Do Fail Him From Time To Time, He Is Bigger Than Our Failures. Our Hearts May Condemn Us But He Does Not. We Are Still Apart Of The Truth And Live By It."

III. We Know God Lives In Us (vs 23-24)

"God Is Constantly Reminding The Believers That He Lives In Them. That Is What Makes Us More Than Just Servants; It Makes Us Family. Healthy Families Always Love Their Own Members And Never Give Up On Any Of Them. This Is How God Treats Each Of His Children. No Matter What Happens, He Loves Us And Is There For Us Because He Lives In Us. This Is Also How We Should Treat Other Members Of Our Spiritual Family."


Sunday Morning, June 26th, 2011


Guest Speaker: Brett Kennedy

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, June 19th, 2011


Guest Speaker: Rev. Jeff McCleary

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, June 12th, 2011



Guest Speaker: Dawn Wolfe, 2007 WTC Intern

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.


Sunday Morning, June 5th, 2011




I PETER 3:18, LUKE 19:10, I CORINTHIANS 15:1-2

Faith Is Unqestioning Belief That Does Not Require Proof Or Evidence: It Is Complete Trust, Confidence, And Reliance. The Amount Of Love, Faith, And Hope That You Have Is Directly Related To The Amount Of God's Peace That You Will Carry In Your Heart. If God Is With You, Whom Shall You Fear?

So Why Did Jesus Come?

I. To Die For Our Sins (I Peter 3:18,I Thesselonians 4:14 & 5:10, Isaiah 7:14, Luke 24:46-49)

II. To Save The Lost (Luke 19:10, Luke 15:4-7, Matthew 10:5-8, Mark 16:15-18)

III. To Teach Us About His Word (I Corinthians 15:1-2, John 16:33, Galatians 5:22, Matthew 11:28-30, Philippians 1:18-19)


Sunday Morning, May 29th, 2011



I JOHN 3:1-10

In John Chapter 3 The Apostle Reminds Us That We Are Children Of God. He Goes On To Describe What The Acts Of God's Children Are. If You Are Really A Child Of God You Will Be Like Your Father And Do Certain Things. This Is How We Know Who Is In The Family Of God.

I. The Children Of God Are Not Like The World (Vs 1-3)

"Obviously The Children Of God Do Not Live Like The World Lives. They Do Not Act Like The World Acts. This Is What Separates The Children Of God From Other Religions And The People Of This World."

II. Children Of God Do Not Live In Sin (vs 4-6)

"The Children Of God Are Holy. They Have A Different Spiritual Nature From The Rest Of The World. Their Nature Is Like Their Fathers. There Is No Sin In Their Born Again Spirits. That Spiritual Reality Motivates Them Avoid Sin In The Flesh."

III. Children Of God Destroy Satan's Work (vs 7-8)

"As Representatives Of Christ We Are Here To Help Destroy The Work Of Satan By Bringing Souls Into The Kingdom. Jesus Destroyed Satan's Power To Keep Us In Spiritual Bondage And God Has Called Us To Continue The Work Of Christ."

IV. Children Of God Love One Another (Vs 9-10)

"The Children Of God Are Known For Their Love. Their Father Is Love And Therefore They Must Operate In Love As They Live Their Earthly Live."


Sunday Morning, May 22nd, 2011



I JOHN: 2:18-29

After John Has Spoken About Knowing God, Loving God, And The Mission Of The Church, He Goes On To The Subject Of Remaining In Christ. He Connects This Concept With An Anointing (Divine Ability) From God To Know The Truth. This Anointing Enables Believers To Keep Their Faith In The Midst Of The Worlds Temptations And Deceptions. John Gives Us Several Things To Do To Guarantee That We Will Remain In Christ.

I. Recognize Those Who Are Not Apart Of Christ (vs 19)

"This Is Important That We Do Not Follow Their Example Of Compromise And Unfaithfulness. Those Who Are Not A Part Of The Body Of Christ Or Who Do Not Remain In Christ, Have Not Obeyed The Lord Or Submitted Their Will To Him. They Are Easily Deceived."

II. Recognize The Truth And Hold On To It (vs 20, 24)

"Keep Believing And Practicing The Things You Learned From The Beginning. Those Who Fall Away From Christ Either Forget Or Abandon The Precepts Of Christ."

III. Recognize The Spirits Teaching (vs 26)

"The Holy Spirit Has Been Given To Us To Teach Us About Christ. God Wants Us To Be Growing In Him Throughout Our Entire Spiritual Journey. This In Itself Will Keep Us In Christ And Help Us Remain In Him."


Sunday Morning, May 15th, 2011


GUEST SPEAKER: Steve Horner, Rancho De Sus Ninos, Tijuana Mexico


Sunday Morning, May 8th, 2011



I JOHN 2: 12-17

Here John Goes From Revealing God And The Mission To Encouraging Us To Love God And Not The World. John Knows That Loving The World Will Be One Of The Greatest Temptations Believers Will Ever Have To Face. He Gives Us Several Things To Remember To Help Us Avoid Loving The World.

I Remember Your Forgiven (vs 12)

"Forgiveness Enables The Believer To Make Mistakes. Our Flesh Or The Evil In The World May Cause Us To Sin, But It Will Also Help Us See The World As It Is And Create A Desire In Us To Not Be A Part Of It. God's Forgiveness Gives Us The Opportunity To Love God More Than The World."

II. Remember Where Your From (vs13)

"Our Home Is Not This World In It's Present Form. We Belong To The Family Of God And Our Love Is For Another Home, Yet To Be Revealed."

III. Remember Where Your Strength Is (vs 14)

"We Are Able To Over Come The Love Of The World Because Of God's Word. The Word Of God Teaches Us To Love Jesus More Than The World And It Helps Us To Overcome Satan."

IV. Remember What The World Really Is. (vs 15-17)

"Pride And Unbridled Lust Always Define The World. Those Who Love The World Are Filled With Pride And The Lust Of The Eye And Flesh. The Kingdom Of God Is Defined By Love And Respect For Others."


Sunday Morning, May 1st, 2011



I JOHN 2:7-11

Light Vs Darkness. This Is The Story Of The Spiritual Struggle For The Souls Of The Peoples Of The World. It Is The Believers Mandate To Bring People Out Of The Darkness, Into The Spiritual Light Where The Life Of God Is. This Can Only Happen If People Can See That They Are Walking In Darkness. People In Darkness Can Only See If A Light Is Shown To Help Them See. We Must Be That Light.

I. Do What You Have Heard (vs 7)

"John Is Encouraging The Believers To Do What They Have Already Heard. They Should Obey The Word Of God And Follow Their Spiritual Examples."

II. Allow The Light To Shine In You Through Christ (vs 8)

"John Is Telling Believers That The Light That Will Shine On Those Who Live In Darkness Is Inside Of Them. It Is Jesus Who Lives In Their Spirits. We Must Allow The Holy Spirit To Operate Freely In Our Lives."

III. Love Is The Light That Shines The Way. (9-11)

"John Say That Love Is The Light That Helps People See Jesus. Because God Is Love, That Love Is The Only Thing That Can Lead People Out Of The Darkness Of Their Lives. In Fact, If We Love Others, There Is Nothing In Us That Will Make People Stumble. Love Is Our Greatest Weapon Against The Darkness."


Easter Sunday Morning, April 24th, 2011



JOHN 20:1-23, LUKE 24: 13-49

On The Very First Easter, Jesus Appeared To Several People Throughout The Day. He First Appeared To Mary Magdalene Very Early In The Morning. Then He Appeared To Two Disciples, Late In The Afternoon, As Thy Were Walking Down A Country Road. Finally, He Appeared To Many Of The Disciples Late In The Evening While They Were Hiding From The Authorities. For All Of These People It Was Indeed An Easter To Remember.

I. In The Morning (John 20: 1-18)

"The Easter To Remember Begins Early In The Morning While It Is Still Dark. Mary Magdalene Went To The Tomb Of Jesus To Ceremonially Clean His Body. Her Encounter With Jesus Was The First Of The New Day But It Certainly Was Not The Last. She Was Moved To Tears And Then Joy As She Realized That Jesus Was Alive Again."

II. In The Afternoon (Luke 24:13-32)

"Next Jesus Appeared To Two Disciples, Late In The Afternoon, As They Walked Towards The Town Of Emmaus.One Of Them Named Cleopas, Remembered The Encounter As If His Heart Was Burning With Excitement As He Talked To Jesus On The Road."

III. In The Evening (John 20:19-23, Luke 24: 36-49)

"Finally, Late In The Evening, Jesus Appeared To A Number Of The Disciples At The End Of The First Easter Day. They Could Not Even Believe Their Own Eyes As They Saw And Touched Their Risen Lord. All Of These Encounters With Jesus Left The People Who Saw Him With An Easter To Remember."


Sunday Morning, April 17th, 2011



I JOHN 2:1-6

After John Makes It Specifically Clear Who God Is, He Now Turns To The Question Of Knowing God; Not Just In Definition But Also In Relationship. John Gives Us Several Ways That We Can Know That We Are Known By God, So That We Can Have A Genuine Relationship With Him.

I. Jesus Is Your Advocate (vs 1-2)

"Having A Relationship With God Means That Jesus Knows You Enough To Defend You Before God. Jesus Is The One Who Turns God's Wrath Away From Us Through His Atoning Sacrifice. If We Do Not Accept That Sacrifice, At The Judgment Jesus Will Simply Say To Us 'Depart From Me For I Never Knew You'"

II. Jesus Is Your Lord And Master (vs 3-5)

"Once We Receive Forgiveness We Can Only Prove Our Love For God By Obeying His Commandments. As We Obey, We Know We Have A Relationship With God Because God Reveals Himself To Our Hearts. He Does This By Putting His Love Inside Of Us So That We Are Transformed Completely."

III. Jesus Is Your Example (vs 6)

"Since We Know And Are Known By God, Our Priorities Must Change. Our New Goal Is To Become Like Christ In As Many Ways As Possible. This Proves That We Know Him Enough To Desire To Be Like Him."


Sunday Morning, April 10th, 2011



GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Frank Dieter


Sunday Morning, April 3rd, 2011



I JOHN 1:5-10

John Continues To Define For Believers What It Means To Know God Throughout The Remainder Of Chapter One. It Is Not Enough To Know That God Exists And That He Is The Author Of Life. We Must Understand That Any Knowledge Of God Is Incomplete Without An Understanding Of His Nature.

I. God Is Light (vs 5)

"The Idea That God Is Light Has To Do With Two Concepts; God's Illuminated Nature And His Manifest Presence. First, The Light Of God Opens Our Eyes ToThe Nature Of Spiritual Reality. We See Things As They Really Are When We Get A Spiritual Revelation Of God's Nature. Secondly, The Brilliance Of God's Light Prohibits Anyone Without The Spirit From Being In His Presence (I Timothy 6:14-16)."

II. God Is Truth (vs 6)

"Those Who Do Have Fellowship With God Are Those Who Agree With The Truth Of God (John 18:32). They Recognize That God's Very Nature Is Truth (John 14:6) And That Their Fellowship With God Depends On Their Agreement With That Truth. Therefore, Truth Is The Foundation For The Light Of God."

III. God Is Righteous (vs 7-10)

"Since God's Nature Is Light And Truth, He Must Also Be Righteous. His Nature Is Pure And Holy. These Aspects Of God's Nature Are The Foundations Of All Unshakable Reality. This Is What Makes God Who He Is And The Basis For Our Love For Him."


Sunday Morning, March 27th, 2011



I JOHN 1:1-4

John Is Writing This Book To Believers So That They Might Understand The Deeper Things Concerning Their Own Spirituality. He Is Writing This Letter To Help Them Life Lives Of Spiritual Integrity. He Wants Them To See That The God They Serve Is Real And Tangible. He Begins By Taking Them To The Heart Of Who God Is. God Is The Source And Supply Of Life.

I. Life Is Found In God (vs 1)

"The Greatest Question Which Man Has Ever Sought To Answer Is The Question Of How Life Began And Where Did It Originate? Even In The Theory Of Evolution This Question Remains Unanswered. However, For Those Of Us Who Believe In God, We Know That Life Did Not Originate In This Physical Reality. Life Is Found Only In God."

II. Life Appeared To Man (vs 2)

"This Fact Is revealed To Man By The Appearance Of Christ, God's Son, To Mankind. And It Is Proven To Man By The Resurrection Of Christ; The Only Man Who Has Ever Been Raised In Life, Never To Be Die Again. The Life Of God Is defined By It's Immortality."

III. Life Is Shared With Man (vs 3-4)

"God Is Willing To Share This Life Immortal With Mortal Man. This Is Only Accomplished, However, Through Fellowship With God. This Fellowship Is Defined By A Relationship Between God And Man, Commonly Referred To As Family."


Sunday Morning, March 20th, 2011


GUEST SPEAKER: Ranger Commander Leroy Wilson, Royal Rangers Day


Sunday Morning, March 13th, 2011


GUEST SPEAKER: Rev. Kent Fowler


Sunday Morning, March 6th, 2011



PHILIPPIANS 4:8-9, II PETER 1:5-9, ROMANS 12:1-2

The Sanctification Process That Leads To A Strong Christian Character Can Be Found In The Word Of God In Three Specific, Detailed Directives, Which If Applied In Concert With One Another, Will Lead To A Christian Life Lived With Integrity.

I. Watch What You Think (Philippians 4:8-9)

"In This Scripture, Paul Instructs Us To Be Very Intentional About What We Think About. Our Minds Are The First Area Where Our Christian Character Is Developed. It Is Also The Only Area In Our Lives That We Are Solely Responsible For Managing. No One Can Help Us Control What We Think About. We Have To Do It Ourselves."

II. Watch What You Do (II Peter 1:5-9)

"Growing In The Lord Is Another Area Where We Must Be Very Intentional If We Are To See Progress In Our Character Development. The Sanctification Process Includes Adding Many Spiritual Attributes To Our Faith Which Will Ultimately Lead To Our Christian Maturity."

III. Watch Where You Go (Romans 12:1-2)

"As We Are Intentional About What We Think And What We Do, God Will Begin To Lead Us In Where We Go. His Will Shall Become More And More Important To Us. We Must Still Be Intentional About Saying 'Yes Lord' When He Asks Us To Go And Do His Purposes."


Sunday Morning, February 27th, 2011


GUEST SPEAKER: Rachel Linscott


Sunday Morning and Evening, February 20th, 2011

Sunday Evening: Vineyard Church of Wellsboro



I JOHN 2:12-14

John Writes This Epistle To A Very Exclusive Group Of People: The Family. He Writes Instructions For Godly Living And Honoring God. He Addresses Each Family Member And Reminds Them Of How Important It Is For Each One Of Them To Know God. Each Of Us Should Try To Fulfill God's First Purpose For Us: To Be A Godly Member Of A Godly Family.

I. To The Children (vs 12-13)

"When Children Know God It Is An Awesome Testimony For Everyone Who Comes Into Contact With Them. If You Want To Enter The Kingdom Of God, You Must First Become Like Little Children In Your Faith. Children Have A Very Simple And Innocent Faith That Adults Have A Hard Time Imitating.

II. To The Parents (vs 13, 14)

" Although John Addresses The Fathers In This Passage, It Is Understood That Since A Man Is The Spiritual Covering For A Woman In The Family Unit, This Instruction Includes Mothers. The Importance Of Both Parents Knowing God In The Family Cannot Be Understated. Parents Hold The Great Responsibility Of Making Sure They Are Godly Examples And That They Raise Their Children To Know God."

III. To The Youth (vs 14)

"John Reminds The Youth Of The Church That Their Knowledge Of God Must Include Two Important Elements: The Knowledge Of The Word Of God And Overcoming The Evil One. God's Will For Our Youth Is That Their Faith Be Genuine And Uncompromising."


Sunday Morning, February 13th, 2011



ISAIAH 35:1-10

Our Hope As Believers Is That Some Day Everything Will Be Redeemed. In This Is Our Joy And Glory. God Wants Us To Look Forward To The Day When Everything, Including Ourselves, Will Be Totally And Completely Redeemed, Irrevocably Given Back To The Lord. This Text Gives Us Three Things We Can Look Forward To As Believers.

I. The Earth Redeemed (vs 1-2, 6-7)

"Places That Were Once Barren Will Be Made Fruitful Again. The Earth Will Again Be A Place Of Total Beauty, Everywhere. It Will Be A Place Prepared For The Redeemed To Live In."

II. Mankind Redeemed (vs 3-6)

"Those Waiting For Their Savior Will Be Redeemed To Complete Health, Both Spiritually And Physically. Their Faith Will Be Rewarded And Those Who Opposed Them Will Be Punished."

III. Zion Redeemed (vs 8-10)

"God Will Provide A Paradise For The Redeemed To Dwell In. Where There Was Once a Desert, A Great Highway Leading To Zion Will Be Made For God's People. And The Joy Of The Lord Will Overtake All The People. Since This Joy Is Our Hope And Our Heritage, It Should Also Be Our Present Reality."


Sunday Morning, February 6th, 2011




What Is Important? What Should We Be Focusing On As Christians? What Does God Value? How Do We Live Our Lives So That They Are The Most Spiritually Productive? These Questions Are Answered By The Apostle Paul As He Battled The Wrong Priorities Of The Jews Who Wanted Everyone To Be Circumcised. His Response To Them Was To Show The Believers What Really Counts In This Life.

I. A New Creation (Galatians 6:14)

"The First Thing That Really Counts For Something Important Is The New Creation. Without The New Birth Into Christ We Can Never Do Anything That Is Truly Eternal In Value. But Beyond That Our Attitude About The New Creation Must Be Understood And Lived Out."

II. Faith Expressing Itself Through Love (Galatians 5:6)

"We Live Out Our New Spiritual Life By Loving People In A Way That Truly Honors God. Our Faith In God Should Be Revealed To Others By The Way We Unconditionally Loves Others."

III. Keeping God's Commands (I Corinthians 7:19)

"Unconditional Love Is Not An Avenue To Pacify The Sins Of Those Whom We Are Sharing God's Love With. Leading People Into Truth Through God's Word Is The Best Way To love Someone. God Expects Us To Accept People Where They Are In Their Lives, While Leading Them To A Better Place; A Place Where God's Love Is Waiting To Heal And Empower Them."


Sunday Morning, January 30th, 2011





Sunday Morning, January 23rd, 2011





Sunday Morning, January 16th, 2011



JOSHUA 10:8-25, PROVERBS 18:21, EZEKIEL 22:30

In Order For Us To Establish The Kingdom Of God In The Hearts And Minds Of People Everywhere, We Must Be Willing To Advance The Kingdom Through Aggressive Spiritual Warfare. We Can Do That In Several Ways...

I. Taking Back Ground (Joshua 10:8-25)

"Satan Has Stolen Workers For The Kingdom Of God By Keeping Them In Spiritual Bondage. He Has Robbed God Of The Souls Of People By Enslaving Them To Sin. We Are Called To Be Spiritually Healthy Enough To Take These Things Back For God Through Intentional And Aggressive Spiritual Warfare."

II. Breaking Curses (Proverbs 18:21)

"God Is Calling Us To Break The Many Curses That Hang Around The Necks Of Men. These Curses Are Created By Unforgiveness, Secret Inner Vows, Evil Words Of Fear, Jealousy, Or Hatred, As Well As Generational Curses. These Curses Must Be Broken By The Power And The Name Of Jesus."

III. Building Hedges (Ezekiel 22:30)

"We Must Build Hedges Of Protection Around Ourselves, And Teach Others To Do The Same. We Build These Walls Of Protection Against Satan With The Word Of God, The Word Of Faith, And The Word Of Prayer. We Build Them With The House Of God, The Unity And Counsel Of The Body Of Christ, Angelic Protection And The Renewing Of Our Spiritual Fervor."


Sunday Morning, January 9th, 2011




Sunday Morning, January 2nd, 2011


MAINTAINING A VICTRIOUS LIFE (some material from Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

JAMES 4:7, PSALMS 149:1-9, I CORINTHIANS 13:1-13

The Maintenance Of Our Spiritual Victory Is The Key Element In Our Ability To Continue To Win The Spiritual Battles With The Enemy, Satan. Our Spiritual Victory Is Maintained By Doing The Things In Our Personal Lives That God Really Values. We Must Keep Doing Them In Order To Maintain Our Spiritual Victory.

I. Keep Putting The Enemy To Flight (James 4:7)

"Submit To God In Everything. Give Him Every Part Of Your Life. THEN Resist The Devil And He Will Flee From You. Keep Submitting And Keep Resisting And Satan Will Always Run Away."

II. Keep Living A Life Of Worship (Psalms 149:1-9)

"As We Worship The Lord Daily, We Are Given Great Power To Bring Deliverance To The Oppressed Around Us. God Will Inhabit Our Worship And We Will Be Undefeatable, In His Strength."

III. Keep Loving Unconditionally (I Corinthians 13:1-13)

"Unconditional Love Brings Integrity And Substance To Our Spiritual Lives And Warfare. We Must Be Who We Seek To Immolate. We Must Be Like Christ In Every Way Possible So Our Victories Are Solid, Sustainable And Genuine.


Sunday Morning, December 26th, 2010


RESOURCES FOR A VICTORIOUS LIFE (some material from Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)


God Has Given Us Several Resources To Aid Us In Our Victorious Life. These Are Obvious But Must Be Applied To Our Fight Against Satan

I. Our Spiritual Position In Christ (Ephesians 1:19-21)

"We Are An Instrument Of God's Power And Glory On Earth."

II. The Word Of God (Matthew 4:1-11)

"When Tempted, Jesus Used Only The Word Of God To Defeat Satan."

III. Prayer And Fasting (Isaiah 58:6-12)

"The Tag Team Of Prayer And Fasting Frees The Oppressed."

IV. Praise And Worship (II Chronicles 20:6-12)

"Praise And Worship Summons The Presence Of God And Angelic Warriors."

V. The Blood (Revelation 12:11)

"Christ's Blood Covers Our Sin And Protects Us While We Are Fighting."

VI. The Cross (Galatians 2:20)

"The Cross Crucifies Our Flesh So We Can Be Effective Warriors."

VII. The Name (Philippians 2:10)

"Jesus Name Is Recognized By The Demonic As Spiritual Authority."


Sunday Morning, December 19th, 2010


ENFORCING YOUR VICTORIOUS LIFE (some material from Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

ROMANS 5:1, EPHESIANS 2:1-9, 5:18

Not Only Must We Understand That By Following The Holy Spirit We Can Have A Victorious Life In Christ, We Must Aggressively Enforce That Victory In Our Own Life. We Must Be Just As Militant About Our Victorious Life As Satan Is About Keeping Us In Bondage. 'The Kingdom Of God Is Advancing And The Violent Take It By Force'. We Must Base Our Aggressive Battle Strategy, Aimed At Taking Back The Kingdom Of God, Upon Three Unchanging Biblical Realities.

I. The Finished Work Of Christ (Romans 5:1)

"The Finished Work Of Christ Makes It Clear That Sin Has Lost It's Power Over Us. As A Result, We Have Been Made Acceptable For The Kingdom Of God And Are Able To Not Only Defeat Satan But To Take Back What He Has Stolen."

II. Our Union With Christ (Ephesians 2:1-9)

"Our Power To Do This Comes From The Biblical Reality That It Is Christ's Power Through Us That Gives Us Victory After Victory. Our Union With Jesus In The Heavenly Realm Places Us Above Every Principality And Power That WE Would Come Against (Not Them Against Us)."

III. The Fullness Of The Spirit Of Christ (Ephesians 5:18)

"The Fullness Of The Spirit Of Christ Gives Us A Strategic Advantage Over Our Enemies. The Spirit Empowers God's Word As A Weapon Greater Than Our Own Efforts; It Also Makes Our Prayers Powerful And Effective, And It Opens Up Our Understanding And Capabilities In The Spiritual World As Revealed Through The Word Of God."


Sunday Morning, December 12th, 2010


FOUNDATIONS FOR VICTORY (some material from Demons And Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

COLOSSIANS 2:6-15, ROMANS 8:1-4, 33-39

We Have Spent A Great Deal Of Time In This Series Talking About What The Devil Is Doing And How He Does It. Now We Are Going To Focus On The Victory We Can Have In Christ Over The Enemy Of Our Souls. This Victory Has It's Foundation In The Cross. The Cross Has Dealt Satan A Death Blow That All Our Spiritual Exercise And Discipline Could Never Do. It Is Our Understanding Of How Satan Has Been Defeated That Is The Key To Our victory Over Him.

I. The Cross Disarmed Satan (Romans 8:33-34)

"Satan Has Been Disarmed Or Stripped Of His Power Over Us. He Has Been Stripped Of His Power To Own Us Through Sin, To Kill Us Spiritually, Or To Accuse Us Or Condemn Us Before God."

II. The Cross Displayed Satan (Colossians 2:15)

"Satan Has Been Seen For What He Is; A Lyre, A Murderer, A Thief And A Defeated Foe. We Should Not Be Deceived By Anything He Does Because We Know Him And His Battle Plan."

III. The Cross Defeated Satan (Romans 8:1-4, 37-39)

"Satan Controlled Man Through The Power Of Death, Both Spiritually And Physically, Because Of The Law Of Sin. Christ Delivered Us From That Bondage Into The Freedom Of The Holy Spirit Through His Death On The Cross. Now Satan Cannot Touch Us Again, Unless We Believe His Lies In Any Of Their Forms Or Surrender Our Lives To His Control By Living In Sin. Otherwise The Believer Lives In Victory."


Sunday Morning, December 5th, 2010


THE BATTLE PLAN (Part 3) (some material from Demons And Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

EXODUS 20:3-5, GALATIANS 3:1-5, I TIMOTHY 3:16-17, ROMANS 12:1-2

The Next Four Spirits Attack The Believers Spiritual Health. They Attempt To Pervert And Destroy The Christians Testimony And Rob Them Of Their Spiritual Joy. They Try To Take Them Away From Their First Love By Distorting Their Christian World View And Compromising Their Personal Integrity.

I. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Perversion (Exodus 20:3,5)

"This Spirit Attempts To Bind Us To Impurity And Destroy Our Worship. Perversion In All Of It's Forms, Is Simply An Idol Which We Place Before God. There Is No Greater Attack On A Persons Spiritual Health Than The Attack Of Perversion, Because It Takes Us Away From The Presence Of God And Places Us In An Environment Of Demons And Evil People."

II The Attack Of The Spirit Of Legalism (Galatians 3:1-5)

"The Spirit Of Legalism Attacks Our Spiritual Health In The Opposite Way From Perversion. It Deceives Us With Another Gospel. Anything That Is Added To The Gospel, Creates Another Gospel . Satan Wants Us to Pursue Our Own Form Of Religion, Rather Than Pursuing God."

III. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Poverty (I Timothy 3:16-17)

"The Spirit Of Poverty Is A Spirit Of Fear Which Tempts Us Into Putting Our Trust In Riches Rather Than In God."

IV. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Death (Romans 12:1-2)

"The Spirit Of Death Is The Spirit Of Cain, A Murderer Of His Brother. The Spirit Of Death Kills The Spiritual Life Of Those Bound By It Because It Rejects Spiritual Authority, Destroys Peace By Promoting Discord Among Brothers, Disrupts Worship With Conflict And Kills Spiritual Fruit."


Sunday Morning, November 28th, 2010


THE BATTLE PLAN (Part 2) (some material taken from Demons And Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

JOHN 7:37-39, PROVERBS 6:12-19, GENESIS 12:1-5, REVELATION 2:20

The Next Four Spirits That Attack Us Are Also Targeting The Church. These Spirits Seek To Wrestle Control Of The Church Out Of The Hands Of The Holy Spirit By Getting People To Submit To Them Instead Of The Holy Ghost. This Of Course Applies To Our Personal Lives As Well. These Demons Seek To Keep Us From Walking In The Spirit.

I. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Confusion (John 7:37-39)

"The Spirit Of Confusion Attempts To Stop The Flow Of The Holy Spirit In The Church And Our Lives By Lulling Us Asleep Through The Tolerance Of Sin And The Misinterpretation Or Misunderstanding Of Truth."

II. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Bitterness (Proverbs 6:12-19)

"The Spirit Of Bitterness Attempts To Hinder God's Work In The Holy Spirit By Poisoning The Body Of Christ Through Envy, Pride And Malice (James 3:13-18). People Controlled By Bitterness Have Not Forgiven, And Have Blocked The Blessing Of God In Their Lives. They Bring A Curse To The Church And Thus Block The Holy Spirits Work."

III. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Pressure (Genesis 12:1-5)

"The Spirit Of Pressure Attempts To Keep The Holy Spirit From Revealing God's Vision For The Church And Our Lives By Pressuring Us To Live In The Past Or Be Satisfied With The Present."

IV. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Manipulation (Revelation 2:20)

"The Spirit Of Manipulation Attempts To Control The Leadership Of The Holy Spirit Through Clandestine And Subversive Agendas That Pervert God's Direction For His People And Their Leaders."


Sunday Evening, November 28th, 2010

TODAY'S MESSAGE (Vineyard Church Of Wellsboro)


LUKE 1:39-45

The Advent Really Begins With The Birth Of John The Baptist. John Was Appointed By God To Come As A Messenger For Christ, To Prepare The Way For The Messiah. Finally, Hope Was Coming Into THe World: The Hope Of The Coming Savior. This Hope Was Confirmed When John Leaped In His Mothers Womb At The Sound Of Mary's Voice. That Hope Is Manifested To Us In Several Ways....

I. The Hope Of The Holy Spirit (vs 41)

"Our Spiritual Hope Is Guarenteed Through The Presence Of The Holy Spirit Within Us. It Is A Confirmation In Ourselves Of The Hope We have In Christ."

II. The Hope Of Joy (vs 44)

"Joy Is Again A Confirmation Of The Hope We Have Recieved In Christ. That Joy Is Like A River Flowing Deep Within Us, Reminding Us Of God's Promises."

III. The Hope Of Faith (vs 45)

"As We Believe The Gospel Of Christ, We Ourselves Are Anointed With The Same Holy Spirit That Came Upon Elizabeth And John. We Can Have The Same Joy That Comes From The Holy Spirit, And Our Consistant Faith In Jesus Renews The Hope Of Christmas, Daily."


Sunday Morning, November 21st, 2010


THE BATTLE PLAN (Part 1) (Some material taken from Demons And Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

I JOHN 4:3-6, II TIMOTHY 1:7, ISAIAH 61:1-3, LUKE 13:10-17

Not Only Are There 12 Specific Ways That Demons Operate, But Satan Has At Least A Twelve Phase Plan To Attack You With. Over The Next Few Weeks We Are Going To Talk About This Battle Plan And How To Defeat It. The First Four Attacks Come In The Form Of Error, Fear, Depression And Affliction. These Are All Linked Together Because The Attack Starts In Your Mind And Moves To Your Body.

I. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Error (I John 4:3-6)

"Satan's First And Greatest Weapon Is The Lie (John 8:44). This Is Where All Strongholds In A Persons Life Begin. Satan Gets In Initially Through Some Lie Which We Believe. This Spirit Of Error Can Begin Simply With Gossip And Slander Or Manifest Itself Through Some False Belief System Such As Secular Humanism, New Age Philosophy Or Cult Theology."

II. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Fear (II Timothy 1:7)

"Fear Is Like A Magnet To Demonic Activity Because It Is The Opposite Of Faith. When The Spirit Of Fear Is Listened To, The Spirit Of Torment Comes With It. We Begin To Fear People, Life, Death, Satan And The Future. Only Perfect Love Can Cast It Out."

III. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Depression (Isaiah 61:1-3)

"Many Times The Circumstances And Anxieties Of Life, Which Are Not Given To God, Attract The Spiit Of Depression. This Spirit Of Heaviness Can Rule Your Life If You Do Not Cast Your Cares On God."

IV. The Attack Of The Spirit Of Affliction (Luke 13:10-17)

"Physical Illness Can Easily Be Caused By A Spirit Of Affliction. If We Give A Foothold To Satan In One Or More Areas Of Our Life, A Spirit Of Affliction Can Set Up House In Our Bodies."


Sunday Morning, November 14th, 2010


MISSIONARY SERVICE with Rev Jack And Georgia Belin


Sunday Morning, November 7th, 2010


THE OPERATION (some material from Demons & Spirtual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

LUKE 11:24-26

Our Spiritual Warfare Is Against The Principalities And Powers, Against Rulers Of Darkness And Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness (Ephesians 6:12). These Authorities Are Demonic In Nature (Fallen And Defeated Angels). They Have Specific Personalities And Operate In A Set Manner, Because Of Who They Are And What Their Goal Is. Therefore All Demons Operate In A Similar Fashion....

I. Demons Operate Inside And Outside The Body (vs 24)

II. Demons Travel At Will (vs 24)

III. Demons Need A Human Host In Order To Rest (vs 24)

IV. Demons Can Communicate Through Human Vocal Cords (vs 24, Mark 5:7)

V. Demons Are Individuals In Personality And Identity (vs 24)

VI. Demons Consider The Human Body Their Home (vs 24)

VII. Demons Plant Thoughts And Influence Human Health (vs 25)

VIII. Demons Remember, Think And Plan Strategy (vs 25-26)

IX. Demons Communicte And Work With Each Other (vs 26)

X. Demons Have Different Levels Of Evil (vs 26)

XI. Demons Are A Problem To All Christians (Ephesians 6:12)

XII. Demons Use False Doctrine To Open Doors To Believers. (I Timothy 4:1)

All Demons Use Temptation And Deception To Gain Access To Our Spiritual Life Through Our Weak And Susceptible Flesh. Once We Begin To Submit Our Will To Them, They Start Operating In Our Lives Through The Footholds We Have Given Them. Those Footholds Eventually Become Strongholds As We Continue To Yield Our Spiritual Authority To Them By Doctrinal Deceptions Or Giving In To Temptation.


Sunday Morning, October 31st, 2010


HIDDEN FEES Guest Speaker Jacob Allen


You Also Like Living Stones Are Being Built Into A Spiritual House To Be A Holy Priesthood, Offering Sacrifices Acceptable To God Through Jesus Christ.

I. My Story

a. Where I Began In Elementary School

b. My Goals

II. My Little Thought Process On Wednesday The 20th

a. What Changed My View

b. Hidden Fees

III. If We Have Nothing To Lose Than We Have Everything To Gain, But If We Have Things, Then We Have Something To Lose, And Therefore Something To Spend Our Time Protecting, Instead Of Focusing On Who Is Important.

Luke 14:7-11

When he noticed how the guests picked the places of honor at the table, he told them this parable: When someone invite you to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor, for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited. If so, the host who invited both of you may come and say to you, give this man your seat. Then humiliated, you will have to take the least important place. But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, friend, move up to a better place, then you will be honored in the presence of your fellow guests.For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted.


Sunday Morning, October 24th, 2010


THE INTANGIBLES (some material from Demons & Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips)

PHILIPPIANS 2:3-8, ROMANS 12:11, HEBREWS 12:5-13, JOEL 2:28, LUKE 9:1-6

Once We Place Ourselves In A position To Win Spiritual Battles By Avoiding Wrong Thinking, Bad Decision Making, Inappropriate Relationships, And Sinful Living, We Must Prepare Ourselves For Spiritual Training. Our Training Begins With The Intangibles. Spiritual Things We Develop Within Ourselves That Will Help Us Be Great Warriors For God.

I. Spiritiual Submission (Philppians 2:3-8)

"Before We Can Have Spiritual Victory In Any Battle We Must Come Under The Authority Of God. We Must Be Humble With A Teachable Spirit."

II. Spiritual Passion (Romans 12:11)

"We Must Have The Zeal And Fervor To Take on The Things Of God. Our Passion For Him And His House Must Be Unquestioned."

III. Spiritual Discipline (Hebrews 12:5-13)

"Without Spiritual Discipline, Any Warfare We Take On Will Be Short Lived. We Will Not Have The Fortitude And Determination Needed To Find Success."

IV. Spiritual Vision (Joel 2:28)

"We Must Believe In The Supernatural And That God Wants To Work Through Us For His Glory And The Spiritual Health Of Others."

V. Spiritual Power (Luke 9:1-6)

"Our Power In Spiritual Warfare Comes Directly From God. He Gives It To Us To Be Victorious In Battle And To Bring Freedom To Those In Bondage."


Sunday Morning, October 17th, 2010


SATAN''S STRATEGY (some material from Demons & Spiritual Warfare by Ron Philips)


Being Victorious In Spiritual Warfare Begins By Understanding The Basic Strategy Of Satan In His War Against Humanity And All Believers. His Goal Is To Keep Mankind Under The Bondage Of The Curse Of Sin. Therefore His Constant Effort Is To Keep Us Captive To Wrong Thinking, Wrong Decisions, Wrong Relationships, And Ultimately, Wrong Living. These Are The Primary Areas We Must Have Victory In If We Are Going To Be Free To Pursue God's Will And God's Work. Those In Bondage To Satan Have Become Captive To His Power Because Of Sin In One Or More Of These Areas.

I. Wrong Thinking (Ephesians 4:1-19, II Corinthians 10:5)

"Most People's Bondage To Satan's Power Begins Simply With Wrong Thinking. It May Be Rooted In Pride Or Selfishness But It Ultimately Translates Into Not Understanding Or Accepting Truth."

II. Wrong Decisions (Joshua 24:15, Proverbs 16:16)

"Wrong Thinking Always Results In Wrong Decisions. People Usually Suffer From Their Poor Choices But Eventually Those Choices Will Lead To Some Form Of Spiritual Bondage."

III. Wrong Relationships (Proverbs 13:20, I Corinthians 15:53)

"Some Poor Choices Are, Of Course, In The Area Of Relationships. Other People Can Assist Us Or Even Enable Us In Our Spiritual Bondage Because Often They Are In More Bondage Than We Are."

IV. Wrong Living (Galatians 5:20, Romans 1:17)

"All Of This Combines To Produce A Sinful Lifestyle That Usually Leads To Spiritual Bondage. If Christians Do Not Watch Their Lives,They Will Develop Demonic Strongholds Which Keep Them From Living A Victorious Life And Producing Spiritual Fruit."


Sunday Morning, October 10th, 2010



MATTHEW 18:1-20, I CORINTHIANS 2:15, Jame 2:12-13, I PETER 4:17

God Expects The Church To Be Mature Enough To Manage It's Own Spiritual Affaires. We Should Be Able To Make Sound Spiritual Judgments About Any And All Issues That Come To Our Attention In Our Own Personl Lives And As A Church. Here Are A Few Guidlines We Need To Follow In Order To Judge With Wisdom.

I. Our Judgment Must Be Reserved For The House Of God. (I Peter 4:17)

"God Will Judge The Wicked. We Must Judge Ourselves. As Leaders Of God's House And As Believers Inside A Healthy Church, We Must Be Willing To Make The Spiritual Judgments Neccessary To Keep The Church A Healthy Body, Both Personally And Corporately."

II. Our Judgment Must Be Accurate According To The Facts (Matthew 18:-20)

"God Expects Us To Be Righteous In Our Judgments. That Means We Must Not Be Quick To Judge Without Knowing All The Facts. We Must Not Jump To Conclusions Or Be Prejudicial In Our Assesment Of The Situation."

III. Our Judgment Must Be Spiritual (I Corintians 2:15)

"We Must Be Certain That The Issues Before Us Are Important And Not Trivial. They Must Pertain To The Spiritual Health Of Believers Or The Church. They Must Be Worthy Of Our Spiritual Attention."

IV. Our Judgment Must Be Full Of Mercy (James 2:12-13)

"In Our Judging, We Must Remember That We Ourselves Will Be Judged And That We Will Be Judged In The Same Way We Judge Others. Most Of Our Spiritual Judgments Will Be Personal And Some Pertain To The Health Of The Church. Whatever The Situation, We Must Be Merciful And Understanding In Our Judgments."


Sunday Morning, October 3rd, 2010



PSALMS 107:1-32

God Reveals Himself To Those Who Cry Out To Him. He Hears The Prayer Of The Desperate, The Rebellious, The Sinful And Those In Trouble. Anyone Who Humbles Themselves And Seeks The Lord, Regardless Of Their Spiritual Condition, The Lord Will Save, Deliver And Reveal Himself Too. We All Know Someone Who Fits In One Of These Categories. When They Are Ready To Seek God, We Have To Be Ready.

I. The Desperate (vs 4-9)

"This Includes People Who Are Very Independent And Tend To Do Things On Their Own, In Their Own Strength. When They Come To The End Of Themselves, They Often Seek God In Their Desperation."

II. The Rebellious (vs 10-16)

"This Inludes People Who Have Heard The Word Of God But Rejected It. Some May Be Family Members Who Have Heard Their Christian Relatives Speak About God Their Whole Lives. When Hard Times Come, They May Just Remember The Words Of God Spoken By Those Who Love Them."

III. The Sinful (vs 17-22)

"This Of Course Includes Those Who Are Living Foolish Lives Because Of Sin. These People Usually Suffer As A Direct Result Of Their Sinful Activities. Often, They May Have Near Death Experiences Or Traumatic Life Controlling Issues Which Ultimately Lead Them To Seek God."

IV. The Troubled (vs 23-32)

"This Includes People Who, Through The Course Of Their Lives, Find Themselves In Trouble And In Need Of God's Loving Kindness. As Servants Of God, We Must Be Faithful To Look For, And Help Those Who Are Seeking God, No Matter What The Reason."


Sunday Morning September 26th


REVIVAL with Evangelist Steve Dancer


Sunday Morning, September 19th




Sunday Morning, September 12th, 2010



GENESIS 45:1-8

Last Week We Talked About What To Do In The Day Of Trouble. Today We Are Going To Look At A Man In Genesis Who Had More Trouble Than Anyone Deserves To Have, And What His Attitude Was Towards It.

I. Joseph Kept Loving During His Trouble (vs 1-3)

"Even Though Joseph's Brothers Sold Him Into Slavey, And Lied To His Father, And Brought Him To A Place Where He Would Eventually Spend 13 Years In Prison, Joseph Continued To Love Those Who Had Mistreated Him."

II. Joseph Forgave During His Trouble (vs 4-5)

"Forgiveness Is An Act Of Love. Joseph Was Able To Forgive His Brothers And Not Hold Their Sin Against Them. Because Of This Joseph Was Able To Be Generous To His Brothers And Father; An Act Of Love Not Possible When Unforgiveness Is Present."

III. Joseph Saw God's Purposes During His Trouble (vs 5-7)

"God Gave Joseph The Ability To Understand His Purposes For All The Trouble He Had To Go Through. God Helped Him See, In The End, What His Purposes Were; To Save Many People From Death, And To Save A Remnant Of The People Of God By Preserving The Lives Of The Patriarchs."


Sunday Morning, September 5th, 2010




There Are Times When Trouble Seems To Find Us Even When We Have Lived A Righteous Life Before God And Man. In Fact Sometimes Trouble Comes Our Way Because We Are Living A Righteous Life. What To Do, What To Do?

I. Seek The Lords Assistance (vs 1-3)

"In This Psalm David Is Describing A Time In His Life When He Is Being Attacked Unjustly. David Turns To God For Assistance And Asks God To Fight For Him."

II. Seek The Lord's Justice (vs 4-8)

"Many Times We Want To Take Matters Into Our Own Hands And Repay Those Who Are Troubling Us. Here David Asks God To Repay His Enemies With Some Trouble Of Their Own."

III. Seek To Continue To Be Godly (vs 12-18)

"Even In The Midst Of Betrayal And Attack We Must Keep Our Testimony And Godly Attitude, Especially Towards Those Who Are Mistreating Us."

IV. Seek The Lord's Vindication ( vs 24-28)

"It Is Always Tempting To Defend Ourselves When We Are Being Attacked, And We Should Do So, In A Proper Manner. But If Our Cause Is Just And We Have Acted Righteously, We Must Wait On God's Vindication, Which Will Come."


Sunday Morning, August 29th, 2010




Those Of Us Who Have Confessed Jesus As The Lord Of Our Lives, Have Been Made Alive In Christ Through The Holy Spirit. This Spiritual Condition Has Several Benefits And Obligations Connected To It....

I. We Have Been Brought From Death To Life (vs 4)

"When We Accept Christ As Our Lord And Savior Our Spirits Are Made Alive By The Holy Spirit, Whereas Previously We Were Dead Spiritually. This Means We Are Now Able To Experience God On A Personal Level, Which Was Not Possible Before Our Conversion From Death To Life."

II. We Have The Blessings Of The Heavenly Realm (vs 6-7, Ephesians 1:1-3)

"The Blessings Of The Heavenly Realm Include All God's Promises To His People Such As Divine Guidance, Spiritual And Physical Protection And Provision, Supernateral Intervention On Our Behalf And For Our Benefit; Confidence In Our Spiritual Abilities Here And The Security Of A Better Future In Heaven.

III. We Have The Privilege And Obligation Of Doing God's Work ( vs 10)

"With These Awesome Benefits We Are Equipped And Prepared To Do God's Supernatural Work In This World. God Has Given Us These Gifts And Blessings So That We Can Be His Workman, Representing Jesus On Earth To Those Who Are Seeking The Truth. God Wants Us To Reproduce Spiritually So Others Can Go From Death To Life And Experience God And The Benefits Of Being In His Family.